You Can Never Be Bored With Board Games

Board games, also known as tabletop board games, have been played by various cultures and societies throughout history. Due to trade and travel, these items became available to people across borders, and they have gained popularity and, at the same time, evolved through the years.

Quick History

Did you know? Researchers consider Backgammon to be one of the earliest board games in the world. It has existed for more than 5,000 years. So yes, it’s even older than Chess. It originated in ancient Mesopotamia, and evidence had shown that they used dice made of human bones when people played this game.

Such games became more prevalent in the 19th century. With more middle-class families having free time in the evening and the weekends, they have incorporated fun and entertainment into their lives. In addition, people used these activities to create a stronger bond with family and friends.

Furthermore, these were used to help develop the literacy skills of children and provide moral instruction. Some research has shown that involving children in these activities helped improve their mental acuity and sociability.

In the past, the classical ones were divided into four categories of the game. There were race games, space games, chase games and games of displacement. But nowadays, the sky’s the limit to the overall theme, design and rules involved.

What About Now?

In recent years, they have developed in so many ways, making them a go-to hobby. But, of course, the best time to play these is when you are with your family and friends. Some games can accommodate as few as two people, and some can accommodate an entire family, making it a staple activity during gatherings and parties.

Board Game Classifications

There are numerous ways to classify these types of games. There are also times that these can belong in several categories. Here’s a list of the most common board games:



The first games that will come to mind will be Monopoly and Scrabble. Monopoly first hit the market in 1935, and the premise of this game is to buy properties and become a real estate titan. So you will be buying and trading properties, and to win, you have to bankrupt your opponents.

Scrabble, on the other hand, is a word game that has been played for many years. Two to four players can play, and each player will be given a set number of wooden tiles to begin. Next, each letter is given a specific point value. Afterwards, you will now create possible word combinations to have the highest point.

By the way, you are not allowed to use a dictionary, but you can use it to check if the word exists or not. You can keep track of your record by having a pen and paper nearby. Once a player has used their tiles, the game ends, and all points are tallied. The one who ends up with the most points is the winner.



Those under this category will demand skill and patience from players. Chess and Backgammon are the most popular ones under this classification.

Chess is a classic, and it can only accommodate two players at a time. You and your opponent will have 16 pieces each, and you need to manoeuvre around a 64-square game board. The ultimate objective is to checkmate the opponent’s king piece.

Each piece will have a dedicated move, so pawns, rooks, bishops, knights, a queen and a king move differently. So when making a move, always take a step back, assess the current situation and execute your plan.

Backgammon is the same as ChessChess, and it can only accommodate two players. But, instead of having 64 squares, it consists of 24 triangles with alternating colours, and a bar runs down in the middle of the board. In addition, you need to move a set of 15 checkers around the board, and the moves are dictated by rolling two dice. The first player who can remove all of their checkers will be the winner.

For Kids


Boggle and Jenga come to mind because activities help develop critical thinking and creativity, encouraging team building among children. For Boggle, it consists of 16 six-sided letter dice and a 16-square tray. First, you need to scramble the letters by giving them a good shake. Then, once everything is settled, start the sand timer and write down all the possible words you can find.

Some words can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The most important rule is that the words must be three letters long. When the time is up, compare your words with the other players. Words that appear more than once are crossed out, and you can only score points if they are not duplicated.

Jenga, on the other hand, is very straightforward. First, you need to build a tower from the 54 wooden blocks. Then, each player will take turns removing one block from the lower part of the tower and placing it on top. As the building grows taller, it becomes more unstable. When the tower tumbles, the loser will be the last person to place a block, and they will need to do a penalty.

For Families


A friendly competition with family and friends is always fun, and Uno and Cranium are at the top of the list. For Uno, one deck contains 108 cards. There are four colours, red, green, blue and yellow, and each colour has 25 cards. Plus, there are eight unique action cards like Skip, Reverse, and more.

Each player will take a turn matching a card by number or by colour. Then, they replenish their hands by pulling from a “draw” deck until there are no more cards. When you have one card left, you need to shout “Uno”. The first player to discard all of their cards wins and avoids a penalty.

For Cranium, each team must go all the way around the board and complete all designated activities. Each colour indicates which of the four card categories you need to choose from to proceed. If your team can successfully solve and meet the challenge, you get to roll a die and move that number of spaces.

If you cannot solve or complete the challenge, you are stuck until your next turn, and you have to try the same category again. This board offers different levels of difficulty.

Multiple Players


You need to be active and creative when doing these activities, and Pictionary and Taboo come to mind. For Pictionary, teams will take turns drawing and guessing as many words or phrases within a time limit. The Pictionary board has different coloured squares, and each denotes an extra level of difficulty.

There are easy words such as island and difficult words such as a sand trap. The first team to make it to the finish line wins. The taboo, on the other hand, is a game of forbidden words. The objective is to get your teammate to say the written word in one of the cards without saying it or any of the “taboo” terms listed with it.

A one-minute hourglass and a buzzer will be used by the opposing team to alert and distract you.

For Adults


There are specific activities that only adults can play, such as Cards Against Humanity and Trivial Pursuit. Cards Against Humanity is a deck of black cards with open-ended statements, and some have questions. White cards, on the other hand, have a variety of inappropriate and funny words and phrases.

Each round, a player acts as a judge and plays one of the black cards. Then, everyone else will select a white card and submit them to the judge. The judge then reads all of the combinations aloud, and the group chooses a favourite.

Trivial Pursuit, on the other hand, has 2,000 questions covering a variety of themes and subjects. Players will travel around a wheel-shaped board, and they will answer the questions for the different categories. The target is to be the only player to make it to the centre of the board, and you need to answer one final question to win.

There’s a variety of board games to choose from out there. When playing board games, you need to have the players, the space and the equipment. Some will even require a rule book. Therefore, you need a table that can give you the ample space you need to accommodate everyone and have a fun game night.

An ordinary table can suffice, but having a dedicated table can make your gaming experience way better. So if you want to play popular tabletop games, card games, or maybe socialize or share a meal with family and friends, you may want to check out a game table.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your First Board Game Table


Nowadays, there are so many types of tables that serve many different purposes. Of course, you can also purchase tables at a low price, but if you want a table that can weather the test of time, you may want to invest more. So, the first thing you should consider is your budget. How much are you willing to invest in a board game table?


The type of materials used can literally and figuratively make or break your game night. Of course, top-quality hardwood such as walnut, cherry, white oak and maple are the best options out there. Why? Because they offer the durability and texture you need.

Furthermore, speed cloth and velveteen fabrics are stylish and durable. These kinds of materials adapt to any modern home design.


Board game tables are more than just centrepieces. They accent your hobbies and interests, and they become a part of your life. So make sure to check the design and features before making a purchase.

Some woodshops now offer a customizable layout. So you may want to check out shops that provide bespoke designs to meet your desired look. Some even offer features such as the following:

  • removable table topper
  • cup holders
  • leaf keeps
  • dm shelves
  • dice bins
  • game shelves
  • dice bin covers


Playing games is an integral part of keeping the balance in work and life. It helps you destress, have fun, and it’s an excellent way to build connections and relationships with family and friends. So check out the games listed above and enjoy playing them!

Also, if you are searching for a board game table that can provide both the substance and elegance you desire to have in your home, you can check out this website for more details. They also have a wide array of customizable bookshelves, leaf keeps, D.M. shelves, dice bin covers and more.

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