5 Things You Should Never Put on Your Face – 2024 Guide

At times you probably feel you can conquer the world on your own. It is in our nature to believe one can do it all by himself. But things aren’t like that, especially when it comes to skincare. You probably had numerous ideas on how to make your skin look better quickly and cheaply. Even if you relied on natural products and some we sue every day, your face might not be all for it. We know what we’re talking about, so please hear us out. When it comes to facial skincare, you need to be extra careful. This part of our body is the one everyone sees, and it holds no privacy. You don’t want to make it look older or permanently irritate by using products you shouldn’t have in the first place. There are numerous examples where people tried to darken their skin and burned them in the process. Others managed to irritate it or even create an allergic reaction. Don’t use the DIY principle on your face, and check out our list of five things you should never put on your face.

1. Hair Spray

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It’s not easy to take good care of your face, considering how much misinformation circles around. There are people who claim that applying this product to your face helps with keeping the makeup on for extended periods. Not true! You should never apply hair spray onto your face under no conditions. It contains elements such as alcohol and lacquer, both of which will dry out your skin. Dehydration is not something you want for your face, as it would accelerate the aging process. What’s even worse, you can cause an allergic reaction, which can leave permanent damage to your face.

2. Deodorant

For Christ’s sake, people, you know how to use it; apply under your armpits, and prevent smelling and some sweating. Many people get the idea that their face will feel more pleasant during scorching days if they spray deodorant on it. It is not going to help; it can only make matters worse. Skin needs breathing for the most part, and if you put deodorant on your face, it will lack air. The breathing of our skin is equally important as breathing for our lungs, so don’t do anything to prevent it from doing so. If high temperatures bother your face, you better seek professional help, or you’re going to need help from Dermagical to fix medically fix damaged skin.

3. Soap

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This doesn’t make sense? Hear us out. You probably did this as a child, and that was fine. But now, when you’re older, this isn’t something you should do. It is one thing to clean your face and keep it tidy and good looking, and whole other to wipe it clean of all substances that could even be beneficial for your skin health. Bar soap can be too strong at times for your skincare, and it can’t tell the difference between good and harmful elements on your face, but wipes them all at once. Some of the nutrients that your face needs get cleaned by bar soap if you apply it. Because of this, if you were washing it with soap can make it look unnatural.

4. Hot Water

You’re not a kid anymore, so this isn’t something we need to tell you, but here we are. Getting hot water on your face from your hair when you shower is alright, but pouring hot water directly onto your face is a no no. While this is not recommended, millions of people do this as they find it relaxing and soothing; it doesn’t help your skin in any way. It will take away its moisture, stretch it and make it extremely dry. Doing this during the winter days is strictly forbidden if you love your skin even a little bit. The best way to go around this is to make the water you use lukewarm.

5. Toothpaste

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It makes sense, doesn’t it, because it is aimed to clean your teeth and not your face. People usually go for toothpaste when they develop a zit. Toothpaste is for cleaning, so why not? Well, for many reasons, some of which we’ll give you right now. Teeth and skin are very different in their built, so it’s hard to believe they can be treated with the same product. There’s a rumor that toothpaste is exemplary and should be used for dealing with zits. But, it would be best if you did not listen to these claims. For one, yes, it can be used to dry out a pimple, but in addition to this trait, it can also dry the surrounding skin and irritate it. If you leave the toothpaste for too long on your face, it can really dry the surface where you applied it. If zits are your issue, you shouldn’t leave them be; don’t use the toothpaste.


This is it, our list of five things you should never put on your face. Some of these are things we use every day, such s soap or hot water, without giving it a second thought on how it affects our skin. If you already used some of them, do not panic, as the things are all of us did. Our face can always be recovered if we didn’t push it too far. Washing it properly and starting to use the right products is the way to go. If you did make it too far, don’t try to fix it on your own. A dermatologist can always help, and even if the matter is out of their hands, you can seek further help, as we already suggested above in the article. What you shouldn’t do under any circumstances is to ignore what we wrote for you above. Our advice is honest and on the spot, without any mal intention. Please, follow it for your good; or for the good of your skin, to be precise.

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