Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Getting That Cavity Filled

Everyone is always so anxious about being in a dentist’s office. It feels like an invasion of personal space when the dentist leans over and puts their hands right in your mouth. You feel very vulnerable lying back in the chair and for some people, having a needle stuck in your skin is a major phobia. Furthermore, the dentist can be costly, which is a big turn off. Your teeth are for life, and the importance of dental hygiene shouldn’t be underestimated. Cavities are common, and almost everyone has had it at some point. Leaving it untreated could lead to more severe repercussions. In this article, you will know why you should not put off getting that cavity filled.

How Do Cavities Happen?

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Cavities happen when sugary and acidic food particles are left on the teeth for an extended time. Over time, they create a breeding ground for bacteria, which will grow, multiply, and eventually damage your tooth enamel, thus causing a hole.

Common cavity symptoms may include toothaches, pain with hot or cold liquids, swelling, or visible holes in your teeth. Some people don’t even get any of these symptoms. This is why it is essential to have regular visits to the dentist. You can’t stay very long without having a cavity filled.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Getting That Cavity Filled

Fillings are the most common way to treat a cavity to prevent the affected tooth from further decay. Due to the advancements made in dentistry, getting a filling is now nearly painless.

Expensive Root Canals

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If you put off getting fillings, you will eventually have to get a root canal. Root canals involve the removal of the pulp and soft tissues inside the tooth. They are being performed as the only solution left, after the bacteria compromise the nerves inside your tooth, eventually leading to complete nerve damage. You should try to avoid and prevent the infection of your nerves at all costs, since it’s both costly, painful and leads to even more serious consequences. If you avoid filling your tooth on time, you can expect a more expensive treatment compared to getting fillings, with probably a lot more pain.

You May Lose A Tooth.

If the tooth’s damage is so severe that a filling or root canal won’t be able to treat it, the tooth may need to be removed and replaced with an implant. This is the final and the worst stage your tooth can get into. Every person’s goal should be keeping all of their teeth healthy and making them last a whole lifetime. Getting an implant is even more painful than getting a root canal and it certainly consists of a lot of anesthesia, therefore more needles in your mouth. Enough reasons to stop the problem at the very beginning? Sounds like there are far more serious consequences of not taking care of your teeth on time, than experiencing little discomfort at the dentistry clinic.

The Cavity Will Get Bigger

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Cavities typically worsen the longer you avoid treatment. The worse they get, the harder will be for your dentist to fix them. He might fight for your teeth if he’s patient and calm enough, but it’s much more simple to take extra care about your hygiene and to treat the cavity while it’s still small and simple to fix. By putting off that filling you need, the decay will continue to spread through your tooth into your nerve, thereby causing the mother of all toothaches! Not only that, but it will make you regret every time you postponed a regular check up. Why would you learn it the hardest way?

You Might Forget About It.

Suppose you forget to schedule an appointment to get your cavity filled. In that case, you might not remember you even have a cavity until a sudden tooth pain renders you unable to eat, sleep, or live without extreme discomfort. Imagine having an extremely important meeting at work or a presentation to discuss, and suddenly becoming disabled to do anything else than sitting in pain. This is definitely not the situation you’d want to experience. The pain itself, can often be excruciating, to the point where you need medication – pain killers to be able to function normally.

It Costs More Time and Money Later.

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Your cavity may damage your tooth so badly that you need a dental crown, a root canal, or even an extraction to preserve your oral health. All of these procedures take more time and cost significantly more than a filling. Investing in your dental health now will pay off massively in the future. Think of a filling as a great investment in your health, and a fantastic way to take care of yourself and to focus on other life problems instead of spending hours and hours at your dentist’s office. You need to understand and keep in mind that prevention is better than repression, which can also be applied to this topic. If you could have a choice in a complicated situation and that choice consisted of both saving your money and your time, wouldn’t you be the first person at the line?


Many people suffer from dental anxiety, which is a fear of having their teeth worked on, so they avoid visiting the dentist. But, if your cavity is left untreated, these issues can lead to infection, further decay, and pain. Not to worry, the procedure is quick and easy; it typically takes less than an hour to complete a single filling. The numbing gel or local anaesthetic is more than enough to make the process comfortable. Depending on the tooth’s condition, your dentist may use a composite material or something else such as amalgam or resin. After you’ve had a cavity filled, you must take care of it. Fillings are strong but are still susceptible to damage. We provide a wide range of family dentistry services, including cleanings, restorative procedures, and cosmetic dentistry. For great oral health, make an appointment today!

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