Trick or Treat Your Guests for the Halloween Party at Your Farmhouse

Are you and your friends among those who always get fascinated by the creepy bumps on a Halloween night? If it entertains you then don’t just get away with costumes and candies; dig in to create a spooky home decor to enjoy the creepiest nights of the year.

You can find tricks and treats style artwork at Widdlytinks to ramp up your spooky decor for the Halloween party. Unique vintage designs at the fairest of prices are what you should expect from their website.

Make sure that you create spooky invitations to set a party mood in advance. People know whether the party is spooky or lighthearted. Even let your guests know, whether they are expected to wear costumes or not. It will help them start their preparation, as soon as they receive your eerie invitation card.

Fabric pumpkins and twinkle lights; turn them into cute farmhouse decor on the Halloween night. Start by creating themed invitations for your guests. Don’t forget to inform them about the costume themes, if you have planned any. Let us explore how we can make the decor even creepier.

Halloween party essentials

1. Festive food surprises

  • Keep a mix of disturbing treats and appetizing main dishes to keep up the fun while keeping your guests fed.
  • You can make ghost cookies, strawberry preserve filled cake that bleeds on slicing, meatball spaghetti for the more appetizing treats.

2. Beverages

  • Skull ice cubes, cauldron servers, eyeballs are all game-changers when you decide on freaking your guests before treating them to delicious punch bowls.
  • Dry ice is always a game-changer to give your space a foggier feel while it also helps to keep the drinks at perfect temperatures.

3. Halloween dance playlist

  • Parties are incomplete without a good dance.
  • Set the mood with themed music, use classic thrillers.
  • All you need to do is create a YouTube playlist and hook it up with the speaker to get all started.

4. Halloween activities

  • Smash your party with games after you are done with the booze.
  • Activities should be arranged later during the party after all your friends are comfortable, down some beer, and friendly with each other.

5. Goodie Bags

  • Masquerade masks, candies, and vampire’s teeth; go ahead and get creative with this without spending a lot on these giveaways.

6. Lighting

  • The last thing that catches everyone’s attention is the dark and mysterious lighting with fog and colors to set the party mood.
  • Use as many candles as possible especially red and black colors and strobe lights to set the theme.
  • Add lights to specifically illuminate the centerpiece decors, and food to illuminate them while keeping everything else in the dark.

7. Entryway decor

  • You don’t want your guests to lose their way.
  • Use scarecrows, cobwebs, fog machines, and lanterns to decorate your entryway to easily separate the party house from other residential places nearby.
  • Go one step further and decorate your entryway with motion sensors so your guests are welcomed with cackles, or screams, or hanging skeletons, or a simple boo.

Halloween party decor ideas


Let us look into some really spooky Halloween decor ideas:

  • Use banners painted with little pumpkins and skulls that could read “Happy Halloween”, or “the fun begins here”.
  • Use comfortable yet wild pillows that give your guests some rest while they have had enough of a wild run.
  • Use jack-o-lanterns on tables, entryway, or near the fireplace for a styled up farmhouse ready for the Halloween night.
  • Use brooms that are adorable and holds up candies, chips, and dips.
  • Another way to use a witch’s broom is to attach metal legs with ceramic hats hanging from it; then use these hats as a serving platter for some spooky treats.
  • Black and white pumpkins are a great way to decor your farmhouse not just for the creepy party night but also for the fall season.
  • Step in and buy some vintage style sign art like “Trick or treat” colored in tones of yellow and orange.
  • Pumpkin twinkle lights are perfect to drape around your garlands for a fabulous style.
  • Use rustic red mixed with tinted black paint to cover your two-tiered stand that holds your cupcakes and goodie bags perfectly while camouflaging with your theme.
  • Customize a canvas metal rusted wall art and write signs or quotes in a way that feels inspired and thematic.
  • Use pumpkin design placements for your dining table to carry the theme there as well.
  • Spider webs illuminated with bloody red candles in rustic candle holders can add a lot to the Halloween decor.

How to create a spooky centerpiece?


A centerpiece is a must to reflect a finished themed look to your festive decor. Some tips on creating a perfect creepy centerpiece are:

  • Add apples and bowls of black grapes on the center table.
  • Add touches of gold color for a bolder statement.
  • The color theme you choose should be deep while being rich at the same time.
  • Paint some pumpkins in black, use plastic pumpkins or real ones; they will ramp up your center table into something more fun.
  • Use dripping candles in a way that is elegant and spooky at the same time.
  • Use handmade table linens and add glitters to ramp up its look.
  • Spread crows and bats all throughout the table.
  • Use ornamental cabbage and place it in a silver bowl instead of going for some typical beautiful bouquets, or go for darker colored flowers.
  • The key is to not make the centerpiece really dark, but give it some pops of color here and there.
  • Hanging decors all over the place like witch’s hat or some bats can give your farmhouse a chic look.
  • Invest in candles as they are cheap but really give a lot of illumination to the decor.
  • Use sparkly and glittery masquerade masks and stick them to the table linen for finishing the look.

October begins with pretty much every place reflecting Halloween. Get inspired to throw the best party for your friends. Choose what feels the best and creepiest to you and enjoy your festive time with your friends and family.

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