8 Best Video Games Movies Every Gamer Will Enjoy

There’s no better way to relax and recuperate than playing video games. They help you escape into new worlds, take you on an adventure and help you channel all you frustrations in a healthy way. Violence in video games may be frowned upon by people from the outside but those that play them know how much it helps them to handle the stress of life. Now, when you put movies into the mix, it’s bound to get better. You get to see your favorite characters and follow them on their quest. They become more lifelike and much more interesting. Unfortunately, not all movies do justice to the video games they’re based on which is why we’ve compiled a list of select few that do so that you have a great time!

1. Detective Pikachu

The Pokémon cartoon was great when it first aired and managed to amass an audience like never before. It inspired video games and most recently it gave us a game experimenting with augmented reality that revolutionized the entire industry. Any movie released using it as basis then is a must watch. And while Detective Pikachu has a fair share of critics, it also has its fans. After all, no movie can become the highest-grossing video game movie adaptation without one naysayer, can it?

Raking in $436 million globally, this movie boasts of a great cast and story that bring the Pokémon universe to life quite accurately.

2. Tomb Raider

The original Tomb Raider franchise with Angelina Jolie as its face did quite well for a long time. It has become a classic and today you’re unlikely to find any person who hasn’t seen it or heard about it. Rebooting it then in 2018 proved a great challenge. How can you make it even better or rather could one even do justice to the original series? Well, surprisingly the adaptation did quite well.

Playing the lead in the movie, Alicia Vikander did a decent job in bringing the character of Lara Croft to life and the cinematography and action sequence made it all worth a watch. The movie uses the 2013 video game as its starting point and from there on takes you on a memorable adventure.

3. Sonic the Hedgehog

Even before its release this movie garnered a lot of attention. Sure it wasn’t the good kind but still, that just goes on to show the anticipation among the fans.

The first glimpse of Sonic in the trailer sent the fans in a raging fit. They were unhappy with the appearance of their much loved character and in a surprising move, the studio paid heed to it and before releasing it made exponential improvements in the CGI. And, what do you know? It worked!

The movie proved a great success and a sequel is in the making. If you haven’t watched this film you’re missing out.

4. Silent Hill (2006)

This film may not be the best when it comes to the horror genre, but it is among the top few scary movies that are based on video games.

The movie was made using a small budget and released in 2006 and it did do a great job in showing the gory scenes from the game. While it doesn’t score a good rating on Rotten Tomatoes, nor great praise from movie critics, if you loved the video game you’ll find this film quite appealing.

5. Max Payne (2008)

Hands down, Max Payne is one of the best action video game series. There were huge shoes that needed to be fitted so when it came to casting, Hollywood’s A-listers Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis were approached for the lead roles.

Wahlberg plays the role of the blood lusting Max Payne while Kunis helps him to ensure punishment is meted out to those responsible for her sister’s death. Well executed, this movie is a must watch for all the video game lovers.

6. Mortal Combat (1995)

This game is a tough cookie to crack. Adapting it is not piece is cake but the filmmakers behind this production have proven their mettle. The movie makes it a point to stay true to the source material and give you a storyline you can get behind.

7. Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evil has around six movies to its name but it is this one that stands out the most. People that don’t know about the game also like the movie. They may not have heard about it prior, but they sure have learned about the movie.

You see a barren world with nothing left except flesh-eating zombies. You follow the story of Alice, a woman blessed with the telekinetic ability that is determined to take down the organization that destroyed the world. Along the way she meets other survivors and together they march on.

8. Doom

Still considered one of the best video games to date, the movie follows a group of Space Marines that go to Mars to investigate suspicious activities. There, they must fight against the genetically advanced humans or rather monsters that they’ve turned into. With a star cast like Karl Urban and the Rock, you know it’s a must watch. The best part though is that the movie stays true to the game and you get to see everything happening from a first-person perspective.

Final Words

There you go, these movies are sure to last you a long time. Sure there aren’t substitutes for playing the real game, but they entertain you nonetheless. Watching it passively seated on your comfortable couch has its perks especially if you’re tired. You get to go on an adventure without having to do anything, so go ahead and pick a movie to watch. All you need for this is a good cable connection and you’ll be set. If you’re looking for one, simply visit this website and get a WOW! plan. With a channel lineup to die for and a huge on demand library you’ll be on your way to movie bliss in no time.

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