Football’s 2024 Dynamics Command New Lessons on True Team Value

A clear difference is immediately apparent when looking at this COVID-19 football season. The winds of change were already here the moment Tom Brady signed with the Buccaneers. Additionally, we have players opting out, no preseason games, and the trepidation of constant coronavirus testing. Fans and gamblers will take any football they can get. Nonetheless, football junkies had better brace themselves. Successful betting on football is never easy. The once in a lifetime online betting factors of 2024 provides the ultimate challenge, but you will have all the action available at the whole season.

Consider in college football the Pac 12 and Big Ten have already canceled. The SEC, ACC, and Big 12 are at least publicly stating their intention to play. Evidence does reveal open and functioning training camps. With a partial college football schedule, we may actually get better matchups—specifically, more conference games and fewer cream puffs. What is unknown is if there will even be playoffs and bowl games. Much of the scheduling is being done on the fly. While games could be superior, will the on-field play match expectations?

Contrarian Thought Must be Learned

Now, what does all of this ultimately mean? Handicapping and betting dynamics are significantly different than in the past. And they will be changing like never before each week. All of which necessitates flexibility. Most important of all, the upcoming season demands independent thought. Sharps and squares will affect the line like ever before. Squares will cling to name brands like Linus’ blanket. Sharps will locate the hidden value that the squares give to them. Contrarian thought is always best for betting on football. It follows that such going against the grain may be the only way to survive in 2024.

You can follow it all at during the season for updates.

Patriots Tech Lesson in Branding and Odds Pricing


New England’s dynasty ended last January in an upset home playoff loss to Tennessee. Tom Brady has taken his talents to Tampa Bay. Of great concern is what is left behind. Or in this COVID-19 season, what is NOT remaining. A total of eight Patriots have already opted out of the 2024 campaign. Correspondingly many handicappers see this as the ultimate Betting on NFL tell. What gamblers see are players giving up on New England. Would these Patriots have opted out if Tom Brady was the quarterback? Most believe that’s not the case.

This is where the great divide of the betting community comes into play. Fan-boy squares see the Patriots as viable because of coach Bill Belichick. Of course, The Hoodie is the GOAT of coaches. Belichick led New England to an 11-5 record without Brady in 2008. And much of the wagering public will cling to that. On the other hand, sharps see a Patriots team that had no game-breakers for Brady in 2019. Tennessee totally exploited this lack of weaponry in the playoffs. Offseason moves to address this issue were ineffective.

Buffalo Could Pay the Bills


From this point, gamblers will be assessing New England’s replacement in AFC East. Buffalo has made the playoffs two of the past three years. Problematic is that casual gamblers are taking notice. Last year the Bills lost only five games to the sports betting line. Such gambling value is difficult to maintain through two consecutive years. Buffalo also has a problem that has plagued New England. Lackluster offense proved their demise in their playoff loss at Houston.

Cowboys Provide Doctorate in Betting Value


To be exact, the Cowboys have not won a Super Bowl since the 1995 season. Dallas has anointed “America’s Team” over 40 years ago. That moniker has been the cloud in the sky over the Cowboys wagering value since coach Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones divorced after the 1993 championship betting profits have been fleeting. Everyone in the square’s clientele bets on Dallas. Jones’s masterful marketing gives gamblers a mirage. Subsequently, the Cowboys perpetually fall short of expectations.

For all that is legitimate optimism for the 2024 campaign. Mike McCarthy brings gravitas as head coach. The credibility that Jason Garrett never had. But McCarthy steps into a franchise that has stalled for 25 years with Jones as the general manager. Commencing with the number one draft pick CeeDee Lamb is the faith of improvement. Lamb and Amari Cooper could emerge as a top NFL receiving tandem. McCarthy has an offensive mind to make that happen. What worries sharps is that the Cowboys make a fine fantasy football team. Counter to that are doubts about their championship fundamentals.

Chiefs Face Daunting Challenge for 2024


Kansas City’s first Super Bowl title in 50 years was quite a story. Consider as an illustration quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He has emerged as a superstar and the new face of football. Mahomes brought the Chiefs from behind in all three of their postseason wins. For that reason, some gamblers see Mahomes as the ultimate one-man team. Which is rare in what is the ultimate team sport. Mahomes and the Chiefs will now try to buck history. New England is the last team to repeat as Super Bowl championed back in 2004.

Tampa Bay Expects to Buc History and Hype Machine


Fashion that the Buccaneers have only one Super Bowl championship. That 2002 season was an exception to the rule. Few NFL franchises have been more inept than Tampa Bay. Naturally, the arrival of Tom Brady blinds gamblers to that fact. Owing to a much better supporting cast is Brady expected to make a difference. Certainly, Chris Goodwin and Mike Evans are top tier receivers. However, the ground game is unproven. So too is a pass defense that was one of the worst in football last year. Supplementing skepticism is that Brady is truly bucking father time. At age 43, he is defying the laws of nature.

Cause by the hype machine is public money flowing to the Bucs. Sharps are correctly more skeptical. New Orleans remains the class of the NFC South. By reason of their horrible history is the Bucs a potential reach. Brady has Zero history with them. And Bill Belichick is nowhere to be found.

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