Exploring the Dark Side of Humanity: A Guide to True Crime 2024

Did you know that half of Americans regularly tune in to listen to true crime stories? A recent survey showed the massive extent to which Americans consume this genre. With the massive amount of listeners, the hunt for the best true crime podcasts might not be easy.

The growing fascination with this type of content might be surprising to some. However, there are multiple reasons why people are tuning in, as many look for insights into the functioning of the justice system, human psychology, and the psychology of crimes.

Crime has been a part of society since time immemorial. From the ancient Greeks to the modern world, crime has been an issue that law enforcement and citizens alike have had to contend with. True crime podcasts are especially interesting because they take us inside the minds of criminals, providing insight into their motivations and thought processes.

Understanding the True Crime Obsession

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Have you ever wondered what makes people voluntarily sit through hours and hours of true crime content regularly? To be frank, this issue has caused surveys and research as true crime has been gaining more and more popularity across the globe over time.

Imagine you’re not the one to follow true crime. What would be the very first thing to come to your mind if someone told you that they listen to true crime stories over their lunch break? You might be a bit spooked. But, there are many practical reasons behind this fascination.

The most common explanation is that true crime content helps people learn about the criminal justice system and human psychology. It also allows them to experience a surge of adrenaline because of the suspenseful nature of these stories. And, as you can imagine, this type of content offers entertainment value too.

Exploring Themes in True Crime Podcasts

True crime podcasts can be divided into a few different themes. The most popular are murder mysteries, serial killer stories, and investigations into cold cases. These types of stories often involve interviews with people who have first-hand experience of the crimes being discussed, such as victims’ families or law enforcement officials.

In addition to these popular topics, there are also podcasts that discuss more light-hearted true crime stories such as unsolved heists or the world’s strangest crimes.

What Can True Crime Stories Teach Us

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Much like people obsess over things that they can’t understand in their daily lives, true crime stories are always filled with incomprehensible human psychology, dark choices, scary situations, unforeseen fallacies, complex theories, as well as mysteries.

All of these true crime stories not only raise awareness of cases that unfortunately unfolded throughout human history but also help those individuals listening to sharpen their senses, improve their self-defense skills and become better at sensing red flags.

Many viewers and listeners alike strongly believe that supporting producers who bring true crime stories into the mainstream help raise awareness about unsolved crimes. Many also believe that it helps promote various organizations battling against crime and violence.

Truth is Scarier Than Fiction

If you think about it, we have always been fed some type of eerie, scary, and gruesome content. Even on television. Even in cinemas. You’ve probably also grown up watching crime shows on TV that aired during the daytime. If not, you’ve probably seen a horror or two.

However, true crime is based on truth, and not fiction. That in itself inherently makes it all the scarier. Sure, you might be hiding behind your jacket in the cinema during scary scenes in the horror movie, but you also know that, for the most part, it is just distant fiction.

True crime content covers stories that are unveiled in the real world. The mere fact that they played out sometime, somewhere, and for someone makes it real and it, somehow, makes the audience want to understand what we find to be unexplainable behavior.

No one should be quick to judge people who often listen to this genre. The simple fact is that most of them are also trying to grasp how to better protect themselves and how to better recognize the dangers that can hide in plain sight. This might also be one of the leading reasons why, on average, women are more likely to consume true crime content.

True Crime Podcasts to Follow in 2024

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Finding a good source of true crime with compelling storytelling can be challenging due to market saturation. That is why this article has done the work for you, covering the best podcasts in true crime. All you have to do is keep reading to find your next best podcast.

The Minds of Madness

As the name says, Minds of Madness this podcast dives into true crime stories with incredible deliverance and professional storytelling. This award-winning podcast is not a fan-favorite for no reason.

Keep in mind that it offers something that most podcasts do not. The Minds of Madness is known for its conversations and interviews with survivors of crime, psychologists, and even forensic professionals. If you are serious about true crime podcasts, this one is a must.

Murder, Mystery & Makeup

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This is a completely different take on true crime, a good take for all of those who get too scared listening to real-life horror stories. Oddly enough, this podcast will make you feel like you’re just having coffee with your friend who’s telling you about something she heard of.

Amassing millions of followers, this wholesome podcast will have you thinking of true crime theories and learning how to become a pro at makeup. Seriously, give it a go. You might be surprised at how these three things work out well together.

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