How to Prepare for the 2024 Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby has showcased several iconic races throughout America’s horse racing history. It’s also one of the most prestigious horse racing events in the United States that you should never miss, especially since it’s the first leg of the most coveted Triple Crown achievement.

If you’re planning to partake in this year’s Kentucky Derby, here’s helpful information to get you started.

When Is the 2024 Kentucky Derby?


The Kentucky Derby was established in 1875 and took place annually at the legendary field of Churchill Downs racetrack in Louisville, Kentucky. This event usually takes place on the first Saturday of May every year, which will be on May 6 this year.

However, the derby week will start with an opening night on April 29, 2024 (Sunday). Being one of the most prestigious horse racing events in America, it’s best to start preparing for this day and clear your schedules to maximize your experience.

Who Will Run in the 2024 Kentucky Derby?


The Kentucky Derby is a Grade I stakes race for three-year-old thoroughbreds, wherein several horses aim to be part of the 20 horses who can get to start this huge event. Before running for the Derby, they must accumulate points from 35 races throughout the United States and the world.

Only the top four of these particular races were rewarded points, and only the top 20 horses at the end could earn a spot for the Kentucky Derby. Out of all the hopeful horses, here are the top five horses that you might probably see at the starting gates of the Kentucky Derby this May.

  • Forte – Forte is on top of the list with 90 accumulated points, a staggering 30-point gap from Practical Move. He’s also a heavy favorite by a lot of experts and bettors. This horse recently won his first horse racing event, the 2024 Fountain of Youth (G2), last March 4, 2024, with a 99 recorded speed. Aside from this, he has also won four other races throughout his career, which makes it five races out of his six starts.
  • Practical Move – Next on the list is Practical Move, with 60 points so far. This horse is a bay colt who is following closely behind Forte. He also ran his first stakes race this year at the San Anita Park for the 2024 San Felipe (G2) last March 4, 2024, with 102 recorded speed.
  • Confidence Game – The Confidence Game is not far from Practical Move, with 57 accumulated points. Like the other horses in this list, this dark bay colt has already participated in two races this year, namely the 2024 Rebel Stakes (G2), which he won last February 25, and the 2024 Lecomte (G3), where he only finished as third placer. So far, he has participated in seven races, considered excellent for a three-year-old colt.
  • Angel of Empire – After the Confidence Game, Angel of Empire and Raise Cain are tied with 54 points. As one of the top participants in the Kentucky Derby, he also started running in 2024. In fact, these two events are his only stakes races so far, namely 2024 Risen Star (G2) and 2024 Smarty Jones (Ls), where he won in the first one and finished second in the second one.
  • Raise Cain – Raise Cain also has a relatively competitive record that’s on par with Angel of Empire. This bay colt has also already participated in two races in 2024, including the 2024 Gotham G3, which he won, and the 2024 Leonatus Stakes (LS) last January 21.

Where Can You Watch the 2024 Kentucky Derby?


The best way to watch the 2024 Kentucky Derby is to visit the Churchill Down racetrack. Presented by the Woodford Reserve, you can enjoy reserved seating during the event, together with food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Moreover, the ticket price varies depending on your ticket plan. You can choose from Infield General Admission, a no-reserved seat ticket with no track view; the Infield Final Turn General Admission, a no-reserved seat ticket with a good track view; and the Reserved Clubhouse and Grandstand Seating.

As of the present, the second option is currently sold out, but you can still buy from the remaining two.

However, if you can’t travel during the day, you can catch the 2024 Kentucky Derby on TVG, NBC, and the Derby Social Media.

How to Bet for the 2024 Kentucky Derby?


If you’re a bettor planning to participate in the upcoming 2024 Kentucky Derby, you must prepare a few things. To help you get started, here’s a list that could help you.

  • Find a Betting Site – If you’re betting online, this is the most crucial part. You must find a reliable site that can legally regulate your bets so that you can receive your winnings later without any problems. Also, a reliable one presents true odds that could help you find the best horse.
  • Find Your Horse – You can consider the horses mentioned in this article or do your own research. Nonetheless, you must select a horse that you need to bet on so that you can have the chance to win a bet.
  • Deposit to Your Bankroll – The money you’re about to deposit in your bankroll should be the amount you’re willing and ready to lose. Keep in mind that nothing is certain when you bet, so there’s no guarantee that you can earn back the amount you’ve just wagered. That’s why it’s also important that you prepare bankroll management to help you.
  • Place Your Wagers – Most importantly, place your wagers! Again, only wager the amount you’re willing to lose. As much as possible, try to manage your finances appropriately so that you won’t chase your losses and lose more money in the process.
  • Keep Safe and Use a VPN – VPN or a Virtual Private Network will help you add another layer of internet security, especially if you’re betting online. It helps you stay under the radar, which makes it impossible for hackers to figure out your internet address and steal your information. You usually need to purchase a VPN, but it’s a good investment to keep you safe rather than risk your safety for unreliable free counterparts.

Final Thoughts

After reaching this part, you’re most likely up and ready to go! It’s best not to waste more time and grab your tickets to participate in the 2024 Kentucky Derby. However, if you plan to stay at home, ensure you’ve registered on a betting site and have good media coverage for this year’s event. Ultimately, it’s up to you how you would want to enjoy the Derby.

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