How to Prepare Studying Room for Child – 2024 Guide

Did you decide not only to prepare the child for school but also to create comfortable and convenient learning conditions for him? We asked practicing interior designers what to look for when preparing a nursery for the start of the school year.

Educational part


The task is very clear. Whatever one may say, even if the child does not have his own room, for classes you will have to find or create a quiet, dedicated place, away from the computer, TV and home bustle.

You won’t need so many: a chair, a table (or a desk), a table lamp, drawers, and shelves.

We must be prepared for the fact that even having an ideal corner for classes, a small student will often study in the kitchen or in the living room – where help is closer.

One way or another, one cannot do without a stationary “education station”, even a small one, if only because all school’s or education’s objects simply need to be kept in one place. This is the only way to teach a child to cope with one of the most difficult tasks: to navigate their educational assets, quickly find what they need, not to get confused, not to lose, not to forget.

In addition, lessons in the kitchen are temporary, there is a chance that over time a person will start doing them on his own. Let’s look at the rules for the correct organization of a student’s workplace.


It is not always possible to allocate an extra room for different activities, so use the zoning tricks. Divide the nursery into three parts: study, play and recreation area. If the room is small, then it will be enough to equip the study and sleeping parts.

Try to make the study area not too bright: this will distract the student from the process. It is not at all necessary to make cosmetic repairs or change furniture: it is enough to remove toys from the field of view, replace colorful curtains with plain ones, and cover a bright table with a neutral tablecloth.

But take it into the account, that designers recommend creating a separate study room so that the child is not distracted by toys and develops a learning habit. In a student’s room, it is necessary to provide a comfortable workplace with a chair, a book rack, and a bed – this is a classic combination of furniture, completely subordinated to the needs of the child.

The choice of furniture.


Of course, the most important issue when decorating a room for a student is the arrangement of a comfortable workplace. Designers recommend not just tables, but desks that change the angle and height, as well as a chair with an anatomical back.

When choosing a table, pay attention to its height and the height of the child. The table is suitable for the child if the edge is at the level of the sitting child’s chest and the legs are at right angles. The optimum depth of the working surface should be at least 60-80 centimeters, and the width should be 120-160 centimeters.

The designer advises choosing an anatomical chair that repeats the silhouette of the child’s back and that will grow with the child until high school. Choosing the right furniture will help you avoid common ailments such as stoop, scoliosis, and poor eyesight. can help you with finding the most appropriate for your child’s chair.

Speaking of materials when buying children’s furniture, is recommended to pay attention to the product certificate – it must comply with standards for the manufacture of children’s furniture. Often, cheap plastic or impregnated furniture is unsafe for children due to the fumes of harmful substances. Natural wood is considered as the best material for a nursery.

It is also important to provide a sufficient storage system around the study area so that all textbooks and notebooks are within reach of the child. So you can teach him to keep order. Shelves, drawers and textile storage boxes – these and other furniture “helpers” will keep your school supplies in order. For easy search and use of things, divide them into categories:

  • essentials – a diary, drafts, writing materials – leave on the desktop or in the top drawer;
  • second necessity – notebooks, textbooks, atlases – place on the shelves or in the middleboxes;
  • non-urgent – scissors, glue, kits for creativity – can be safely sent to distant boxes.


According to our designers, natural light is very important in the working area. The designers remind us that if the child is right-handed, the desk should be placed on the right wall from the window. However, one cannot do without a table lamp. When choosing it, you need to pay attention to whether the light covers the entire work surface, whether it “presses” too much on the eyes and whether it stands firmly on the table.

Also, it is also important to choose the right light bulb in the lamp. For example, with a warmer yellowish light, the eyes get tired quickly. A lamp with a cold color (over 4000 K) will be too harsh. Therefore, it is better to choose lamps of warm white light – as close as possible to natural light. By the way, if the lamp works all day, it will heat up. Therefore, give up halogen and incandescent bulbs.



Designers assure that the color that makes you more focused is green. It is no coincidence that the offices of managers and libraries are made in brown and green colors. However, the designer, of course, does not recommend creating the entire interior in green. Better to make color accents on walls, furniture, or textiles on windows.

Our designers do not recommend using too bright and variegated shades that can distract the child around the student’s working area. In addition to green, Elena also calls blue and yellow ideal colors for decorating a schoolchild’s interior. You can visit here and find more great ideas on how to decorate the interior.

Useful details

Special organizers, which can be created using magnetic or slate paint, cork boards, or fabric, will be an excellent assistant to the child in matters of adherence to the daily routine. There you can both write down homework, make reminders, and store important notes, for example, on magnets.

Most importantly, if you are starting a renovation in the nursery, involve your children in this! So they will be able to bring a piece of creativity to the creation of the interior of their room and show their individuality.

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