How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Sale – 2024 Guide

It is not news that most motorcycle owners feel the need to get rid of their bikes at specific points in life. This may be out of necessity or just because they want to dispose of their old bike for a new one. A successful and safe sale of your motorcycle and other possession requires a series of adequate preparations.

Now, how do you prepare your motorcycle for sale? Well, let’s answer the question as we roll up the curtains.

Steps involved in the preparation of your motorcycle for sale

Before we dive into the steps involved in preparing a motorcycle for sale, you should know that this is not a comprehensive listing of the steps, but something more of a guide. Your particular situation may require you to take some more or some fewer steps. Let’s dive in.

1. Paperwork:


This is one of the most critical steps you need to take when preparing to sell your bike. It is arguably the most important of all the steps. The paperwork summarizes the whole deal involved in the motorcycle sale in hardcopy format. The paperwork should state the following details in clear terms:

a) Title: This is an essential part of the paperwork. It clearly states the year in which the former owner (s) bought the motorcycle, the size, the color, the model, the brand, etc.
b) The bill of sale: This legitimately transfers the ownership to the buyer. You should have two copies of this bill, one for each of the buyer and seller. This arrangement protects both the buyer and the seller.
c) The Vehicle identification number (VIN): this shows the motorcycle’s plate number. The VIN makes for easy verification. It also allows the new buyer to ride the bike on public roads.

2. Thorough cleaning of your motorcycle:

As the famous proverb goes, one is addressed how one is dressed. True for humans, this is truer for motorcycles. It is also statistically proven that grease stains mysteriously reduce motorcycle asking prices. Therefore, you want to make sure your bike is in good physical condition before you put it up for sale.

3. Take pictures:

It is also always advisable to take clear photos of the motorcycle. The lighting should be fair, and the background should be transparent. If possible, take shots from different angles. A neat and professional-looking picture could boost your asking price.

4. Repair faulty parts:


You should try and replace the damaged or worn-out parts of your motorcycle with new and better ones while preparing it for sale. Lubricate/grease worn-out parts with engine oils, change the oil and filters, check out the electrical connections and make any other needed amends. Make sure your motorcycle is fit and raring to go.

5. Check out prices:

Do a thorough market survey on used motorcycles. Find out how much similar models are sold. This will inform you of what price to peg your beauty at. Consider the potential buyer, and try not to give an exorbitant price. Be honest about the motorcycle specification too. Don’t overprice, don’t underprice.

6. Seek for buyers:

You can upload the motorcycle pictures and advertise it on various online platforms. You can also contact local motorcycle dealers, who buy and resale. Otherwise, you can meet your friends, relatives, and acquaintances and let them know your plans to sell your motorcycle.

7. Meet your buyer:


You have to secure the right, safe, and open meeting place. Proper precautionary measures have to be taken when meeting with the buyer. This is to avoid being robbed or putting one’s life in danger. You can involve the local police about this. There may be no need to meet the buyer if the transactions are carried out online.

8: Try riding on the bike (by the buyer):

It is very fair to allow the motorcycle to be test ridden before the deal is completed. However, try to get the buyer to append his signature in a document before testing the bike for security reasons. Some experts have advised sellers never to allow anyone to test their motorcycle without having a motorcycle license and current insurance.

9. Bargaining:

Please, try to keep your demands reasonable and fair. You do not want to scare away potential buyers by seeming too greedy. At the same time, do not undervalue the bike.

10. Seal the deal:


After payment, the agreement is sealed by appending appropriate signatures in documents. At this stage, the motorcycle becomes that of the buyer.

11. Say goodbye to your motorcycle:

It has served you this long. However, even the best relationships come to an end eventually. Hopefully, it will serve the new owner better.

Where can I sell my motorcycle?

There are various places and platforms one can sell an old motorcycle. The local motorcycle dealers serve as middlemen between buyers and sellers. Technology has made it possible to access platforms where you can meet ready buyers. These platforms include Zecycles, eBay, Rumble On, Craigslist, ChopperExchange, Autotrader, CycleCrunch, WhatsApp, Facebook Marketplace, etc.

Note that you can also buy motorcycles on most of these websites.

Precautions to take while selling your motorcycle.

The following precautions should be adopted during the sale of motorcycles.

  • Don’t allow the buyer to test your motorcycle without appending any form of signature or without having a motorcycle license and current insurance.
  • It is always advisable to meet the buyer in a public and safe place when selling your motorcycle. Such a site could be the police station, general markets, or any busy locations.
  • Make sure the buyer pays in full before handing your motorcycle over to him. Even though he might be someone you know, try to avoid promises of payment.
  • Sell your motorcycle during the day; avoid selling at night.
  • Beware of online fraudsters who pretend to be interested in buying the bike. Please don’t fall prey to them.

In conclusion, selling your used motorcycle may be something of a hassle. However, with proper preparation and the right precautions, the process can become much smoother. We wish you luck in your attempts. Remember, Zecycles is an online automobile showroom who are notable for the buying and selling of old bikes, and you can always visit their sites to exchange any old automobile for a fair price.

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