A Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare for ICAEW Case Study Exam

prepare for icaew case study exam

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) offers certification of ACA (Associate Chartered Accountant), which involves the ICAEW Case Study Exam. The ICAEW is a progressive learning and specialised development program. The integrated components of ICAEW help you deeply understand accountancy, business and finance.

The purpose of this exam is to investigate professional skills, technical education and professional decision-making in business. Every component of ICAEW is designed so that students can understand, put and apply theory into their practice. Its components are as follows:

knowledge, skills and experience

The case study is usually based on true conditions. It aims to examine perceptions of difficult business problems and skills to investigate financial and non-financial information. The students who want to become Chartered Accountants need to pass the ICAEW Case Study exam.

If you are finding it difficult to pass the exam, you can get help from Case Study writing services online. Such services assist you in preparing top-notch case studies to meet your exam training requirements and learning style.

How To Prepare for the ICAEW Case Study Exam?

Case Study Exam
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Here are a few step-by-step guidelines that will help you prepare for your case study exam, ICAEW. This is important to read for any student getting ready for their Case Study test. These guidelines were written by the ACA tutors, who scored 92% on the case study exams. In addition, those tutors were awarded the ICAEW Award for having the highest score.

The ACA Masters published a document on How to Pass the ICAEW ACA Case Study Exam. As an ACA student, you can follow the guidelines of this document while preparing for the case study exam ICAEW.

So, you must do the following steps:

  1. Identify the marking criteria for case studies.
  2. Identify the implications of advanced information.
  3. Find the pieces of evidence included in the exam and in the Advanced Information (AI).
  4. Get the strategy for the Case Study exam, which ensures that you will encounter every need on the ranking scheme.
  5. Practice the mock tests to prepare for your case study exams.

Step 1. Identify The Marking Criteria for Case Study Exams

The marking process of the ICAEW Case Study is unbiased. Each condition has an encoded marking key. Students will only obtain a mark for any points in their case report which are involved in the mark scheme.

The marking scheme of the ICAEW case studies is strict because it is different from that of a general academic paper. The marking method of the case study is relatively clear and easy to understand. However, it might be problematic when a valid point is made but is not included in the mark scheme.

Step 2. Identify the Implications of Conditions

Case Study Exam
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The ICAEW case study exam is more reliable because it has the same marking methodology. You will notice the uniformity in the requirements and make a comprehension through past papers.

The requirements for every case study exam are the same, as mentioned below:

R1: Observe the financial results of the company.
R2: Evaluate an economic application.
R3: Evaluate a problem or opportunity.

Step 3. Find Evidence Included in the ICAEW Case Study Exam

The format of the ICAEW case study advanced information is reliable. The requirements and mark schemes of tests are consistent. The ICAEW case study past papers include the background of the industry, accounts of past years, strategic aims and hazards.

All the exams involve the same evidence with familiar kinds of information. It is critical to mark which information came from advanced information and which came from exam displays. You will see the exam display those accounts for major scores of marking instead of Artificial Intelligence.

Step 4. Get the Strategy of the ICAEW Case Study Exam

So, now you are aware of the requirements of the Case Study Exam and the marking criteria. You need to plan a strategy for the exam to ensure that your report has all the points cleared in the marking system. Luckily, we have formed the methodology for an exam that meets your requirements.

Two students will win prizes for achieving the highest percentage globally (90% and 92%). Another student will get the highest percentage in the region (88%). Also, the students will obtain the highest percentage in their company (81%).

You can watch a free online lecture which teaches you accurately. Lectures include how to pass the ICAEW Case Study Exam and get an award-winning mark. The tutors can’t deliver lectures in writing because of the experimental nature of the paper methodology.

Step 5. Practising the Mock Tests for Preparation of Your Case Study Exams

You should be aware that practising the mock exams is very important to achieve the highest grades at this stage in your ACA journey. You should perform mock exams. Mock exams are based on your case study business under assessment settings after getting knowledge about the strategy of achieving the highest percentage.

What Is the Pass Rate for the ICAEW Case Study Exam?

The ICAEW case study pass rates documented in Exam Statistics are given below:

exam table
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How Hard Is Case Study ACA?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants is famous for its challenging training course that highlights professional expertise. In addition, it also gives information about methodological knowledge and practical experience.

The ICAEW ACA Case Study is difficult due to its wide curriculum and hard examinations. Your knowledge exists in the Case Study ACA will regulate how tough the case study is for you. Several factors could affect how difficult is the case study, such as:

  • Complexity of scenarios
  • Time limitations
  • Application of information
  • Combination of skills

The ICAEW Case Study Exam is different from other ACA exams because it requires minimum practical knowledge to pass. The students get confused when they face the question paper in the exam.  They cannot evaluate what they have learned in the past 14 tests plus more than 40 pages of advanced practical knowledge.

Moreover, the case study is comparable to the previous ACA exam because the requirements of mark schemes and the three tests are constant. You can improve your test techniques. Make sure that you check all the “boxes” on the mark scheme and fill out your ACA qualification efficiently.


The ICAEW Case Study Exam is an extensive evaluation of students’ professional accounting skills and business knowledge in practical scenarios. This remarkable landmark will help you become an ACA-qualified professional and link the ICAEW’s chartered accountant network.

You can increase your readiness for the ICAEW Case Study Exam and refine your success possibilities with the help of these guidelines. However, it is important to consult case study writers for advice at every stage of preparing case study exams. They can guide you properly to enhance your technical and professional skills for your exam.

However, if you are facing difficulty preparing for an exam and case study papers, you can avail yourself of reliable case study writing services from professionals. The Case Study exam requires commitment and in-depth preparation. Experts are familiar with the format of exams. So, you may take assistance from them to achieve the highest grades.

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