Study in Australia: Reasons Why It Became an Ideal Study Destination – 2024 Guide

Working and settling in Australia is always the dream of many students around the world. Considered as a country with the top education in the world, Australia is one of the favorite study abroad destinations for you. The vibrant cities, post-graduate work opportunities, and a friendly living environment and a temperate climate have helped this country increasingly attract a large number of students to study.

If you are wondering whether you should choose to study in Australia or not, let’s find out in this article about the reasons why this country has become one of the ideal study destinations in the world. Remember to check for the immigration consultation fee, because you will most likely need it.

World-class education


Always at the top of the countries with the best education in the world, Australia provides international students with a great opportunity to own a degree that is recognized worldwide, thereby expanding their career prospects in the future. In addition, many universities in Australia are in the top 100 globally prestigious universities according to prestigious rankings, such as The University of Sydney, The University of Melbourne, Monash University, University of New South Wales(UNSW Sydney), The University of Queensland…

In Australia, students will completely be able to choose a major course that suits their abilities. Go to, a course search website, and you can search for courses provided by schools and universities located in Australia to find out the right one. If you have no idea what course to choose, you can ask help from an education agent to recommend courses to you.

Ideal climate

The climate in Kangaroo Country is usually warm all year round, even in winter. Australian students do not need to worry too much about extreme weather conditions. As can be seen, the major cities in Australia are concentrated along the coast, so there is almost no snow in winter. On summer days, the temperature fluctuates between 15℃ and 29℃ and 6℃ to 14℃. However, there are some other areas, such as the city of Canberra, which freezes during winter due to the low temperature below 0℃ at night.

High quality of life


Always on the list of the happiest and most livable countries, according to the United Nations survey, this has made Australia an attractive destination for living for all international students. Australia’s main cities, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, and Brisbane, are five out of the 30 most ideal cities across the world for you based on criteria of quality of life, job opportunities, cost of living, and a growing network of student communities. Besides, international students in Australia can also feel secure to study and live here because the national crime rate is extremely low, only 1.1 / 100,000 people.

An opportunity to work part-time with an attractive salary

For international students studying in Australia over the age of 18, the government allows you to work overtime up to 40 hours/2 weeks and full time during holidays (summer vacation, winter vacation…). You can do the following jobs: Nail work, waiter, sales in fashion shops or supermarkets or kitchen assistants in restaurants or on farms with an average salary of AU$14-AU$20/hours. With this salary, international students can fully pay their own living expenses and even a part of their tuition fees.

Interesting experiment


Coming here, Australian students will have countless opportunities to experience and explore the interesting things in this country. Beaches, rainforests, deserts, floating islands, sunken islands, vineyards… spread across the country, providing enchanting landscapes. Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne are all good places to live, study and work, with beautiful beaches, delicious food and vast parks. A little further away are Adelaide and Hobart, which are great for those interested in cultural festivals, wine, or other arts.

Easy to apply for the student visa

In the whole process of applying for universities in Australia, the student visas application often brings international students many problems. Many students, just because they do not get a visa, they have to suspend to study abroad as expected. But the opportunity to study in Australia is always easier thanks to priority policies from the government. The Australian Government has launched a lot of universities, colleges, and even academies across the country with priority visa policy.

Support policy for international students in Australia


There is no country where international students have the same interest in Australia. All policies (pay tuition fees, enjoy social benefits, and enjoy material condition) are the same for all students; there is no distinction between international and local. Quite a lot of Australian institutions support students in the process of finding part-time jobs, consulting on how to answer interviews when applying for jobs, helping students to integrate into a new environment… (ACN, Curtin University…) For each state, government support varies, but international students are the most concerned (student scholarship policies, help with public transport costs.).

Be able to stay up to 6 years after graduation – Immigration priority

In recent years, the number of international students settling in Australia has increased steadily but mainly concentrated in three main areas: Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, which has created burdens in many aspects such as accommodation and public. Therefore, this national government has made new decisions on settlement policy to resolve the above problem.

Immigration Australia recently announced that international students studying at “regional” universities would stay for a total of 5-6 years after graduation (depending on program) and plus 5 points when calculating the settlement points in many areas. Therefore, the opportunity to continue to experience the country, find a job or settle in is easier than ever for Australian students, especially those studying in 5 major fields: Medical, psychosocial, engineering, education and information technology.

Lower cost than the UK and US


Australia is one of the countries that has the highest standard of living conditions in the world, but the tuition and living costs here are lower than those in the US and UK. International students are able to take part-time jobs during their studies to pay some of the costs. In addition, the Australian scholarship programs will also help reduce the cost of studying.

Quality Degree

Australian qualifications are recognized around the planet. When international students graduate from Australian universities, they will be highly appreciated thanks to the reputation of the high-quality educational system here. The education system in Australia is strictly regulated by the Australia federal government to maintain a high standard of education attached to the country. Once you make up your mind to study in Australia, you can be assured of the quality of the degree you will receive.

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