Tenerife: 5 Reasons That Make it a Dream Family Holiday Destination

Tenerife – the sheer mention of the name awakens a sense of emotion and joy. Lively sugar-kissed beaches, salubrious climate, exotic resorts, adventurous water sports, and plentiful fun-filled activities – no wonder it is called “the island of a thousand experiences.” Traversing awe-inspiring landscapes, sunbathing at the beach, walking along the trails of lush forests, or indulging in joyous family fun, this Spanish island has much more in store than you can imagine.

But the largest of the Canary Islands is not just about fly-and-flop parties or breathtaking beauty. Here are five reasons why it is a popular vacation getaway for families.

1. All-Inclusive Hotels for a Hassle-free Holiday Experience

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When it comes to enjoying a stress-free family vacation in Tenerife, all-inclusive hotels are your best bet. Enjoy superior accommodation facilities, mouth-watering food, and unlimited local drinks without worrying about money – everything is included in the package. Check out the best all-inclusive hotels in Tenerife at makespain.com for a never-before holiday experience.

These all-inclusive hotels are a perfect choice for no-hassle family vacations where travelers just want to visit this beautiful island and enjoy some pleasant days of sun and surf. Most of these hotels are strategically located near Tenerife’s popular beaches and other local attractions, while you can also indulge in a host of in-hotel experiences with your family.

These include luxurious air-conditioned rooms with modern amenities, swimming pools, gourmet restaurants, spa & sauna, wellness & beauty center, kids’ play area, gym, tropical gardens, and of course, stunning scenic views.

So, whether you are exploring the island or simply indulging in hotel extravaganza, these all-inclusive hotels ensure complete peace of mind. However, since the resorts offer all-inclusive packages, you might not consider eating out. This way you will miss out on Tenerife’s superb local gastronomy at local restaurants and bars. Otherwise, they are great accommodation options to enjoy with your family and de-stress.

2. Explore the Gems of Tenerife Island

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The earthobservatory.nasa.gov explains that the Tenerife Island is seemingly formed by volcanic eruptions. This makes it a perfect destination to discover stunning volcanoes, breathtaking landscapes, striking cliffs, and ravines. Mount Teide at the Teide National Park is an active volcano and the primary attraction in Tenerife.

Go up on a cable car that will take you through some of the most remarkable views of Spain’s most visited national park. Hiking on Mount Teide is not recommended for families. However, you can take a Teide by Night tour and enjoy the spectacular view of sunset atop the mountain.

For unrivalled family indulgences, head off to the Siam Park. It is the best water park in the world, offering something exciting for all ages. Your kids will even love exploring the Loro Parque, which is regarded as the world’s best zoo. The Jungle Park is another excellent place to visit with children, featuring colorful flowers, luxurious vegetation and animal sightings.

Bask the sun while your kids can indulge in some beach fun at the Playa de Las Teresitas, the mand-made beach with yellow sand. Playa del Duque is another popular island beach with family-friendly amenities you’ll love.

3. Getting to Tenerife is a Breeze

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Tenerife South has regular flights connecting to over 20 different UK airports, with child-friendly timings that enable you to set a convenient schedule. It takes barely four hours to reach the island from the UK. The island also has good roadway connectivity and it takes less than an hour to reach from one end to the other. That’s a bonus, especially when you are traveling with kids.

4. Excellent Weather All Year Round for Fun-Filled Activities

When you are in Tenerife with your family, you’d expect the weather to be perfect to enjoy a wide range of activities the island has in store for you. Thankfully, Tenerife enjoys salubrious weather year-round, which means it is always sunny, warm and pleasant whether you visit in January or July. The pleasant sea breeze never seems to get out of hand and there is no heavy rain either. So, you can pack your bags and set off on an adventure-packed and fun family vacation.

5. A Haven for Little Explorers

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Tenerife offers some fantastic activities for the little ones to explore and experience. Watch dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. Escape on a hiking trail with your kids, which is easier in Tenerife than you could think of. Visit the famous African market at Santa Cruz de Tenerife or explore the lively playgrounds of Parque Garcia Sanabria.

Take your kids on a guided kayaking trip. Spend time amidst the trees at Forestal Park or have fun at Lago Martianez. And not to forget the white sandy beaches that provide abundant opportunities for fun and frolic.

6. An Ideal Environment to Travel in

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Tenerife has a friendly population and is a very safe place to visit with your family. Tenerife is safer than many major cities in the country. Therefore, you can enjoy the sheer magnificence of this Spanish island to the fullest at any time of the day.

However, traveling with caution can help you enjoy the island more. The biggest threats on the island are thieves and pickpockets. Mandating caution and common sense can save you from the inconvenience of losing your possession.

The residents of the island are friendly and helpful. If you are interested in visiting the hidden gems of the island, the locals can help. You can find show-around locals who are well versed in English and explore the island with them. These residents will know about the island intricately and will help you explore the place like locals of the island!

Tenerife is the ideal location to visit for your vacation to explore a picturesque destination in the comfort of safety and approachable locals!

The Final Words

Undoubtedly, Tenerife is a family-friendly and safe island for perfect holidays with your kids. The tourist attractions and hotels are family-oriented, while the warm weather and abundant activities make it a great spot for children and adults alike.

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