Study in Brisbane: What You Should Consider!

Studying abroad is a great way to live new experiences, see different places and improve your English. Among the study abroad options most chosen by international students across the world is studying in Brisbane.

This city, which is the third largest in Australia, has all the advantages of that country – safety, natural beauty and several leisure options – in addition to offering many opportunities for international students who wish to study abroad. To help you learn more about all the benefits of spending a season in Brisbane, in this post we’ll present everything you need to know about this destination. Check out!

City history


Before the colonization of Australia by Europeans, the country was occupied by aboriginal peoples. The tribes that lived in the region that would become Brisbane were the Turrbal and the Jagera, who accompanied the arrival of settlers in the 19th century.

During its colonization period, the city brought together people from different cultures, habits and histories, such as the English, New Zealanders, Chinese, Indians and those who came from Southeast Asia.

For these reasons, there you’ll find a place with a rich and mixed culture, which is reflected in cuisine, citizens’ habits, cultural expressions like the Brisbane Festival, and architecture, like the Anglican Cathedral of St. John, built in neo-gothic style.

Cultural events and main attractions

Brisbane is a city with many opportunities to live new experiences and relax amidst beautiful and different places. One of the most amazing neighborhoods you’ll find there is the South Bank, which is on the south bank of the Brisbane River and has many parks and attractions, such as the 60 meter high Ferris wheel, which offers an incredible view.

Among the most beautiful parks in the city is the South Bank Parkland, which has a fantastic artificial beach, as well as beautiful gardens and plenty of places to relax and have fun alone or with friends.

If you like to observe nature and enjoy the calm of peaceful places, you must also visit the City Botanic Gardens, a botanical garden full of natural beauty and green areas for picnics.

For those interested in culture, it is possible to delve a little deeper into the history and customs of this part of Australia. For this, it is worth visiting the Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art and Brisbane City Hall.

In addition, a tip for the weekend trip is to visit the fairs and markets that open during this period, such as Little Stanley Street and Young Designers Market, where you can get in touch with native people, practice English and still shopping.

Advantages of living and studying in Brisbane

Living, studying and working in Brisbane brings numerous benefits. In this city, you will find a cozy and well-structured environment, with a mild climate and many options for having fun. See below some of its main advantages:

Good location


The location of Brisbane is very privileged because, being in the central region of the country, it allows you to quickly go to other destinations. Heading north, for example, you can visit the wonderful city of Cairns and Stradbroke Island, an island with majestic beaches and splendid nature. Brisbane also facilitates a quick trip to the Gold Coast beaches, which are accessible in less than two hours by train.


One of the great advantages of Brisbane is the large number of study possibilities it offers foreigners. You can take English courses tailored to your needs and interests, like studying General English to improve your fluency in the language, English for Professional to enhance your English in your professional field, or even English for Academic Purposes to prepare to start a program at a university or technical school.

Furthermore, studying in Australia offers you the chance to go to high school, pursue an undergraduate, technical course, postgraduate or Ph.D. unique experiences and acquire new knowledge. For those interested in passing the dreaded proficiency exam, an excellent recommendation is to take the IELTS and Cambridge preparation courses, which are accepted by several universities. On, you can find Education institutions in Brisbane and the courses provided, to help you choose the right one to apply for.

Efficient public transport


Brisbane’s public transport is efficient, safe and convenient, allowing you to get to all places in the region quickly and without major disruption. It is possible to get around by bus, train and ferry (ferry), using the Translink Go card, which can be purchased at stations and recharged over the internet.

In addition, some services are available for free, such as the tourist bus that runs from downtown to Spring Hill, and the CityHopper ferry, which runs along the North Quay River.

Cost of living

One of Brisbane’s biggest advantages is its low cost of living, which is much lower than larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Among the cheapest neighborhoods to live in are Auchenflower and Toowong, which are great value for money.

The local currency is the Australian dollar, and you can easily dine at a mid-range restaurant for AU$13 or about AU$7 at fast food options.

Food products are also cheap in the region, allowing you to shop at the market without spending too much and have a healthy and balanced diet during the exchange.


Brisbane’s cuisine is another highlight of the city. There, you will find several stylish cafes and charming restaurants serving dishes from all origins. For example, you can try Asian cuisine in Chinatown, as well as Mediterranean dishes on Park Road. To buy food, it is worth visiting the Farmers Markets, small markets where local producers sell fresh and tasty food.

Sport and leisure activities


If you like to play sports, Brisbane could be the right destination. After all, the city has an infrastructure that encourages activities such as races, football, cricket, rugby, golf, bicycle tours, among others.

In addition, it is rich in places to stroll during breaks from work or study, such as its charming central region, which has cafes, restaurants and shops, and it is still possible to take pleasant walks.

The city also has a lively nightlife, which takes place in its casinos, jazz clubs and clubs, and attracts mainly young people. The Brunswick Street area has many pubs and nightclubs, which are a great way to have fun and meet new people.

Studying in Brisbane is a unique experience, full of opportunities for study, work, leisure and learning that will certainly change your way of seeing the world and allow you to live unforgettable moments. Furthermore, after this period, you will definitely improve your professional and academic profile, and become a more satisfied and successful person.

Are you interested in this possibility of studying in Brisbane? So be sure to read this information about Brisbane to learn even more about this destination!

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