10 Reasons to Study in Singapore

There are many countries and regions for studying abroad, among which Singapore is one of the most popular destinations for international students from all over the world. Singapore is one of the leading countries in economic and educational development, and it is one of the few places where the cost of studying and living is quite low, when compared to UK, US, Australia, Canada and more. This is also a vital factor that many international students take into consideration when choosing where to study. Additionally, there’re many more reasons why so many students prefer to study in this lion city.

1. Excellent education system

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Many international students share the feeling that “I choose to study in Singapore because the cost is much lower than that in Europe and America and Singapore still ensures the quality of education”. Singapore’s education system is formed from the different backgrounds of education such as the UK and Australia. It can be said that Singapore’s education is a combination of the best and most modern education system in the world. It is increasingly developed in a more flexible and diversified direction, in order to provide students with more choices suitable to their interests and learning methods. The educational institutions in this nation are equipped with international standards, lecturers with in-depth knowledge and dedication to teaching.

Singapore is very focused on education and always gives top priority to human development. When it comes to Singapore, everyone knows it is a prosperous country with advanced education. Two prestigious universities in Singapore are ranked in the top 20 in the world according to QS World University Rankings 2024. Go to CatEight.com to search for all universities located in Singapore.

2. Reasonable Tuition fees

Universities, private institutes, vocational colleges in Singapore have many disciplines to choose from: Business, Accounting, Banking and Finance, Commerce, Communication, Hotel Tourism Management… with reasonable tuition fees.

Additionally, you can study in Singapore and get Bachelor and Postgraduate degrees from top schools in the UK, Australia and the US. The degree you get is exactly the same as if you were studying in the UK, Australia or the US. This is considered a plus point for Singapore and is an ideal place to fulfill your dreams.

3. Shorter study time

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In Singapore, it only takes you about 2-2.5 years to get a bachelor’s degree, and 12-15 months for a master’s course. Why is the study time so short? There is simply no summer and winter break in Singapore, students will study 3 terms per year. The total amount of knowledge that students receive is not different from other countries, but the time you learn will be shorter, graduate sooner, go to work earlier.

4. Improve English Language Skills

In Singapore, English is used as one of the official languages in communication, administration, and education. When studying in Singapore, you will confidently communicate in English, using the knowledge you have learned to work at multinational companies in English – which is very essential in today’s globalized environment. This helps you to be completely confident in your English ability after studying in Singapore. It is possible that after graduation, you will be fluent in English as it were your native language.

5. No need for financial proof

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A Financial guarantee is one of the requirements if you want to study in European and American countries. Therefore, financial proof is one of the obstacles for many international students when studying abroad in developed countries. However, when you study in Singapore, you will not have to do financial proof procedures, no interview to apply for a student visa.

6. The procedure is simple and easy

Unlike Australia, the US, or UK, getting a visa in Singapore is much easier. You do not have to wait for 3 to 8 months, worrying about difficult interviews or complicated documents, Singapore quickly and simply issues visas. In just 4 weeks you can receive your visa and do not need to worry about documents and interviews.

7. The crime rate is quite low

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Singapore is ranked as one of the safest countries, politically stable and voted as the cleanest city on the planet. Singapore’s law is extremely strict so the crime rate is very low (especially drug abuse). Singapore’s health care system and all kind of services are very quality. Therefore, parents can feel secure when students study in Singapore.

8. Opportunity to work after graduation

The first reason is that in Singapore, students will focus entirely on their studies because Singapore does not allow students to work part-time while studying here. Second, while studying in Singapore, students are trained in labor discipline and social discipline, which is a good foundation to contribute to business development. This will be of great help to you after graduating and applying for a job.

In addition, the Singapore government attaches great importance to high-quality labor, with the government’s policy of attracting talent, if you are really capable, you still have the opportunity to find a suitable job in Singapore after graduation.

9. Open and multicultural

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Singapore is a country made up of a diverse immigration system with the majority of Chinese (74%), a minority of Malaysian (13%) and India (9%). The harmonious coexistence between ethnic groups has woven into a colorful cultural picture and formed a more diverse and richer Singapore society with a vibrant cultural heritage.

Singapore is a multicultural country but it’s a diversity of respect and openness. Singapore is open to all people from around the world to come to study and work, creating a colorful and civilized community because the government respects differences and encourages people to preserve their own identities.

10. One of the most livable countries in the world

When it comes to Singapore, we will immediately think of the Asian Dragon, the cleanest city in the world, and a vibrant global commercial center. Although Singapore’s area is only larger than the Hanoi city, the population is only approximately Ho Chi Minh City. Singapore is now one of the counties with the highest per capita income in the world.

Singapore is one of the countries with the largest number of international students in Asia. It is a favorite destination for international students from all over the world in recent years. If you plan to study abroad, Singapore is not a bad choice.

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