7 of The Best Places to Buy Property in Singapore 2024

If you have already planned to purchase any property in Singapore, you must find a suitable place where you can make the investment. You need a place where you can access schools, markets, hospitals, railway stations, airports, and other amenities. Another thing that matters is the price of the property.

Before you enter the real estate sector, you must confirm the perfect places for property investment, like Terra Hill. You can hire an agent to do this job and help you get the right deal. You can explore the places online and look for the available options through online portals.

By reading this write-up, you can determine all the best places for property purchase in Singapore. It is worth investing in them. Many new projects are still developing, but you can book your apartment in advance. Explore all the best places and find available properties.

1. 15th District

Source: property.singaporeexpats.com

If you dreamt of living on an island in a water-facing apartment, then you must get a property on this coastline. This District is a popular recreational outdoor park from where you can access the Changi airport along with the CBD. These areas can be accessed via the parkway of the east coast.

No MRT station is currently available, but residents want to have nine stations on the coastline of Thompson-east. The project starts in 2019 and will complete in 2024. People who live near the coastline can benefit from these stations. You can explore the residencies and invest in them to get all the amenities and have a comfortable stay.

2. 11th District

Many Singapore travelers are fond of visiting this District, which is also known as Newton by its Hawker center. The best thing about this place is the local fare. Two MRT station lines make traveling convenient for citizens and tourists. You can travel to any place in Singapore and enjoy your vacation through these stations.

A massive healthcare complex building is in progress, and this project will be completed by 2030. There will be excellent medical facilities, including schools, public and private hospitals, etc. You can easily access healthcare facilities in the coming years with connectivity and other amenities.

3. 12th District

Source: latestprojectlaunch.com

If you desire to buy any property in the old place of Singapore, then the 12th District must be your choice. There is no issue with amenities as you will get everything here. Many excellent schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants, etc., are available in this place. Anyone who does not want to travel far for basic facilities must get a property here and reside peacefully.

You can also prefer to live in rented properties because you need to spend less money on rent. When it comes to district infrastructure and charm, this place needs more. Before investing in any apartment, you can take a tour of this place and decide.

4. 9th District

You must prefer this place if you desire to stay in a posh and luxurious shopping destination. It is an excellent residential place with many connecting stations. You can go to any place through the coastline stations.

You can consider the River valley as many developments are running there. Available condos in this place are luxurious, and residents can get all the amenities. You can expect to get many benefits if you choose this District for property investment.

5. 10th District

Source: propertyguru.com.sg

It is a posh and luxurious place, and you will get expensive houses and apartments in this location. Previously, it was an army barracks, and after years, it was converted to a high-class lifestyle residential area along with high-end restaurants and bars. Many tourists come here to experience Singapore’s luxurious life and prefer to hang out.

When the Thompson-east project of the coastline completes, you can easily access Tanglin. This District is also famous among the locals as it has its MRT station. The perfect ambiance and charm of this place come from Holland village. The new extension is also developing adjacent to this village, adding vibrancy to this District. It is a fantastic place to live.

6. 20th District

It is another famous district in Singapore for property investment. Many new real estate projects are developing here, and it is an excellent opportunity for you to invest your money in a suitable property. You can purchase a luxurious apartment with more than three rooms. It is easy to access schools, healthcare centers, markets, etc.

You can choose this place if you have enough time to wait and relocate to Singapore. It will take time to complete several projects, but you can purchase any property at a reasonable price. You cannot expect to get such a benefit in any other district. Soon, this place will become a million-dollar in the coming years, and you will regret it later. As per the survey, people with high incomes are paying attention to this corner.

7. 3rd District

Source: huttonsgroup.com

Many prime locations for housing are available in the 3rd District. It is also the oldest place in Singapore, so you can get all the amenities here. The property price is also increasing yearly, and you must consider it a good option for future investment.

You can purchase apartments in different buildings. If you want to save money, you must find the building projects that are still going on. Many people give top priority to this place, and hence, you can also consider it a good option.

The Bottom Line

In Singapore, there are many places where you can purchase any property and make a profitable future investment. You must explore all the listed districts and check your budget before investing in any property. It is better to consider new projects as they can save money.

You must check whether all the amenities are available in these districts and confirm whether you can stay there or not. The decision is not easy, but you must take your time to explore the right property in a perfect location.

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