5 Top Unconventional and Adventurous Summer Vacation Ideas

The summer is almost here, and people are ready to get out more than ever. Summer is a season all about outdoor activities and funfilled trips to far-off sunny destinations. It’s time to hit the waters under the open blue sky and get a little sunbath work done.

But not all trips of summer have to be to the oceans, rivers or pools. You can spruce it up this summer and see other – more intriguing – places that haven’t been ventured before. Go to a faraway island, experience all in fishing charters, a balloon ride, delicious and exquisite food tasting spree, and much more!

If you want to make the best out of your unconventional vacation, then you should reconsider your accommodation patterns. You’ve probably used to book a hotel with all inclusive service, to thing as less as possible, but have you ever rented a villa? It comes with much more advantages than being in a hotel, with a bunch of people. Browse through exceptionalvillas.com exquisite offer of the luxurious, private accommodation and give yourself some TLC.

The land of the USA is vast and has much more to offer than the crowded beaches and Disneyland. There are rare sites waiting out there to be ventured by you, so why wait? Let’s go on a virtual trip to them right now!

Nantucket Port Museum

The city of Nantucket has some of the most vibrant histories in the US revolving its waters. There is constant sailing in the ocean, and staying in one of the hotels, you can see the boats come in and leave the port with all their water activities.

There is a museum you can visit in the city where artifacts of the past times can be seen that include whale hunting weapons and actual whale skeletons. Aside from whaling, if you have interest in history, it offers a very rich art gallery with more than one thousand pieces of art and treasures. The paintings on display tell an interesting story about the first settlers of the island.

There is a museum you can visit in the city where artifacts of the past times can be seen that include whale hunting weapons and actual whale skeletons. This is a great place to take children and enjoy cooling breezes from the waters with sailing opportunities and fantastic and historic hotels to view and stay in.

Fishing Charter Key West

Key West is a low-key vacation destination with the best fish charter experiences. It is home to several marine life that are easy to catch and delicious to consume. Fishing is known to be an activity where you send time contemplating about things, while you wait for the fish to grab the bait. In Key West fishing, not exactly. Prepare to be amused and entertained, and above all active all day.

On a fishing charter trip, you can provide education as well as fun to yourself and your family with fishing tips and sailing adventures. Remember to book a charter in advance. And look for one that has a friendly crew and reliable captain such as that of the FKF Fishing charters.

Vail Food Tours

You might have journeyed to the ski resort side of the Vail Valley but not the green hiking areas of it. This summer, you can plan a trip to do hiking activities in addition to food tasting in the colorful land of Vail.

There are free festivals held during the season in this place, while for food and exquisite beers, you can hit the tasting areas. In addition to all that, you can enjoy rafting over clear waters with companions and family.

Rhode Island Mansions

Why not spoil yourself a bit from the daily exhausting life of work and home and travel to the lavish homes of Rhode Islands, Newport? The extravagant mansions named The Elms, and The Breakers can be viewed in this area, among many.

Not just the villas, but most of the buildings provide whimsical English and old-erections vibes. You will also find an ocean there and fresh seafood to devour the entire trip.

Napa Valley Balloons

This may be the best getaway on our list, Napa Valley hot air balloons. Aside from lavish wineries and restaurants on the valley and tours, the air balloons are a separate venture not to miss once there. The ride comes with mesmerizing heights and top-class brunch and sparkling wine serving. A summer trip could not be more delightful than this.

Visiting Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show in Pigeon Forge

Are you looking for something extraordinary to do this summer? We got you covered by the unique Vacations Made Easy offer that will give you an unforgettable experience of exploring different pirate adventures you can enjoy.

Final Words

That’s all for now. If you’re planning to go on a trip to the USA, these are the 5 top destinations that you must visit this summer season. In true sense, these are some of the most unconventional and adventurous locations you’ll ever visit.

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