12 Amazing Vacation Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues

Even though “peak travel season” usually refers to the hot summer months of June to September in the northern hemisphere, there are still many places to visit when the weather cools and the sun goes down early. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love to sit around a good fire? These picturesque locations make it simple to embrace the cold weather and have a fun time with your loved ones. So, put on your warmest sweater, light a log in the fireplace, and get yourself ready to start planning the perfect winter vacation with Almosafer. These are some of the best locations to travel to during the winter.

1. Hallstatt, Austria

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Hallstatt, Austria, a little Alpine hamlet sandwiched between Salzburg and Vienna, is perhaps most known for having supposedly served as the inspiration for the environments in Disney’s Frozen films. Its picturesque lake vistas and attractive Old Town make it a popular destination for day trips in addition to being a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

2. St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis has a thriving and reasonably priced dining scene that will attract foodies, but this Midwestern city has plenty to offer everyone. It’s up to you whether that means taking a few photos of yourself in the vicinity of the Gateway Arch or going to a game to cheer on the local hockey club, the St. Louis Blues.

3. Seoul, South Korea

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Netflix has been largely responsible for the current rise in recognition of South Korean television shows like Squid Game. Winter in Seoul is the perfect time to visit a palace museum and warm yourself with a bowl of spicy budae jjigae while daydreaming about the Joseon dynasty. This is true even if you haven’t been building a list of must-see TV locations.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

This charming port city is home to one of the most renowned mermaids in the world, as well as some of the greatest dining establishments and museums on the planet, including the Thorvaldsens Museum, which happens to be stylist Colin King’s particular favourite. Toast to the cold while sipping a glass and admiring some of the greatest examples of Nordic design.

5. St. Moritz, Switzerland

Source: time.com

Not only is this posh mountain town a great place to hit the slopes, but it also has plenty of other attractions. The region’s old-world charm stems from its lengthy history as the home of Alpine tourism, and the town’s ongoing development makes it the ideal starting point for an enchanting getaway. Imagine a world where you can play polo on frozen lakes, ski until dark, and enjoy outstanding apres-ski facilities.

6. Mt. Cayambe, Ecuador

Since Mt. Cayambe, the perpetually snow-capped volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes is the only place on Earth where snowfall occurs on the equator, it is an enchanting winter vacation ideal for those seeking adventure. There is a good chance that a leisurely trek around a lake or up a hill may lead to stunning vistas of the snow-covered Alps.

7. Condon, Montana

Source: crownofthecontinent.net

Even if you begin and conclude your vacation in Holland Peak Ranch, going all the way to Condon, Montana is still a great endeavour. Featuring three opulent mansions and more than 1,000 acres of picturesque prairies, this idyllic getaway is a top destination all year round. The unincorporated village of Condon is a peaceful haven that is ideal for getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in order to enjoy some time off in a calming environment that is warm and inviting.

8. Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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The name of Steamboat’s most famous trademarked product is Champagne Powder. Skiers who have been around the block know that the West Coast is notorious for its damp, heavy snow. (Apologies, but that is true!) The powder in Steamboat, on the other hand, is airy, bouncy, and actually fluffy. However, don’t count on rubbing shoulders with famous Hollywood people. Rather, you’ll probably see Olympians at the real ski town, which means there aren’t any makeshift cabins. After three days on the slopes, your quadriceps might be on fire. To recover, try a morning of fly fishing on the Yampa River.

9. Lake Tahoe, California

It’s a surreal sensation to fly into sunny San Francisco, have an In ‘n Out burger in the warm sunshine, and then drive straight into a snowstorm. But that’s what makes this place, which is just four hours away from San Francisco, so beautiful. There’s something quite understated about Tahoe; maybe it’s the calming, unpretentious atmosphere of the enormous lake that bears the same name in the mountains.

10. Saariselka, Finland

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The Arctic Resort is the main draw in this little town in northern Finland, where guests can spend the night in one of the hundreds of glass igloos and enjoy spectacular views of the Northern Lights. Those looking for a more conventional homey experience may stay in one of the log cabins, while those wanting to go all out Olaf can stay in one of the snow igloos.

11. Quebec City, Canada

Source: unsplash.com

Quebec City is the epitome of a winter postcard getaway, with picturesque vistas of the Montmorency Falls, the historic Château Frontenac Hotel, and the Citadelle of Quebec. Guests of the Hôtel de Glace, a hotel constructed completely of snow and glass, can warm themselves with a drink by the fireplace or spend the night at the hotel.

12. Sugarbush, Vermont

Source: expedia.com

Sugarbush, Vermont is an excellent area to spend a few winter days if you want fresh snow and maple syrup. Ski or snowboard down its almost 500 acres of terrain throughout the day and then conclude the day with dinner and drinks around the Mad River Valley.

We tend to fantasise about two very different kinds of winter vacations—snowy wonderlands and tropical beaches—when the weather turns chilly. We may fantasise about a ski trip or a journey to a snow-covered hamlet one day, and then the following day we may start arranging our next beach holiday while criticising the sub-zero weather. We hope that these locations will provide you with the ideal setting to enjoy yourself and beat the winter blues.

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