How to Beat All the Deadlines and Still Have a Vibrant Life at College

Many people think that college life is all about parties and having fun, thanks to pop culture. However, it is not always the case.

Mostly, college years are about you struggling with deadlines and trying to fit all deadlines in one schedule.

Academic overload is huge today, and many students don’t have the necessary skills to get things done on time. It is especially complicated for those who have a job and want to enjoy a vibrant social life.

Yet, there is a way to meet all the deadlines and have a life. It is all about time management, and this guide will help to get better at it.

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Prioritization Is Key

The first thing about time management is the smart prioritizing of tasks. After all, it is impossible to do everything at once. That’s why it is essential to figure out what you have to do.

It starts with the academic load – choosing classes and extracurricular activities for a semester. Remember that it should be manageable.

Consider what you can accomplish without draining yourself. If it is your first semester in college, it is better to go light on yourself as you don’t know yet how you will be coping.

The second part is prioritizing tasks when you have them on the plate. Write down all assignments with their deadlines as well as other things you need to do.

Simply put everything that is to be done and categorize by priority. It can be urgent, necessary, postponed, etc.

Start with the urgent and necessary tasks. If there is still too much to handle, note that you can always rely on essaypro and their professional help when it comes to academic assignments. Make a Schedule (And Stick to It)

Now that you have priorities and deadlines, it’s time to make a schedule. The secret is that it has to include everything, not only academic assignments.

Write in doctor appointments, chores, or social gatherings. All of these things take time, so they need to be scheduled as well.

Put all the deadlines on the calendar. The best idea is to use an online or digital planner that has a pending feature. It can be Google Calendar, Trello, or any other app you like.

Set reminders for all crucial tasks – not only on the day of the deadline. Leave some spare time beforehand. This way, even if you forget something, you’ll get a reminder and opportunity to complete it in time.

Start Early

It might sound dull and not fun, but the earlier you start, the better. Do not postpone assignments – especially if you don’t know how long it will take you to complete it.

As soon as you’ve got the assignment, put it in the schedule, analyze the approximate execution time, and determine when you will start working on it.

Set Goals and Rewards

Another vital thing is college life is motivation; it is extremely complicated to get through without it. One of the major things to keep inspiration and motivation up is getting the feeling of accomplishment — set rewards for each achievement, whether it is big or small.

Rewards directly influence students’ motivation. Thus, plan the goals for a month, semester, and a year. They don’t have to be very ambitious; getting everything done in time is a great one in itself.

Clearly identified goals will help you focus on what you are working for and future benefits that come from education.

Set rewards for each task completed on time. Depending on the complexity of the task, it can be something small, like going for a walk or playing a video game.

Big ones can get rewards like going out, movies, buying a new item or anything else that speaks to you.

Combat Procrastination

This might be the hardest thing on the list, but it is essential for success. Try not to get distracted when you study in order not to lose concentration.

Several things can help one achieve this aim:

  • Have a designated study area where you only concentrate on learning. Do not do homework on your bed; it reduces concentration;
  • Turn off the sound on the smartphone and do not check notifications while you are busy;
  • Do not put on music or TV on the background, if it is not helping;
  • Make 10 minutes break every hour – relaxation matters.

The best rule is to do only academic-related tasks when you are at your working table. All other things, like scrolling Instagram, cannot take place there.

In Summary

The secret to successful time management is in figuring out necessary tasks, setting deadlines, and starting early. This way, you have buffer time in case something goes wrong.

You can also use lots of helping software, from Pomodoro to Grammarly. Remember to keep yourself motivated and focused when studying.

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