Black Summer Season 2: Confirmed and All You Need to Know

Black Summer Season 2 Confirmed…..

All the fans that were keenly expecting for the Black Summer Season 2…..your wait are over as Netflix confirmed the Season 2.

So, we have accumulated all the information that you should know about Black Summer Season 2( Release date, Characters, Story of Season 2).

Black Summer

Black Summer is an American Zombie drama series, created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams. The Asylum produces this series.

This Zombie drama series is well known for its great-action sequences, many unexpected turns, and diversion, which will bind you with the sequence. But some of the viewers find few of the scenes of the series unrealistic and also some errors in the series. 

 Still, it is kind watching series if you want to see high-pace drama Zombie, then you must give it a try.

Black Summer Season 1

The first season of the series was released on April 11, 2019. The length of the season 1 series was not so long as the season 1 only contains 8 episodes. Although it has only eight episodes, still episodes were able to develop the interest of the viewers. It released on Netflix.

So, if you haven’t gone through the series yet – its the best time to do so 

As it will definitely relish you in the present situation.

Black Summer Season 2:

Netflix has announced the return of Season 2. According to the officials, there will be again eight episodes in season 2. Netflix also declared the same, so it is a piece of gusto message for all the followers.

Currently, Netflix has suspended all the production of its Netflix original shows, and Black summer is also one of them.

Release Date of Season 2

Karl Schaefer(showrunner) disclosed that they had already started the production of Season 2, but the creation is suspended due to the present situation, and they are not sure when making will be resumed. 

Earlier, the show was scheduled in summer 2024, but due to the halt in creation, it is excepted to return in early 2024 or in summer 2024. There is no official information regarding the release date yet. But we will update you as soon as we get the information.

Season 2 Characters

No series is exciting if you are not familiar with the characters. So, here is the list of characters that are excepted in season 2 

  • Sal Velez Jr. as William Velez
  • Kelsey Flower in the role of Lance
  • Erika Hau performing the character of Carmen
  • Zoe Marlett as Anna
  • Jaime King in the character of Rose
  • Justin Chu Cary performing as Spears
  • Christine Lee in the role Kyungsunv

The premise of Season 2

No official information regarding the same has been disclosed, but since the last season, it ended on a happy note. So, we are not excepting any follow-up story for the second season but yes……season will follow the same pattern of the Walking Dead or Zombieland series. Most probably, the main characters will fight(as the previous pattern) but with a new storyline. 

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Like you, everyone is waiting for Season 2. Hope for the best. Publishers will soon release the date as they had already declared the number of episodes. But, surely, it will be there to relish you. As soon as we get the report regarding the same, we will share it with you till then; if you have any queries, let us know in the comment section.

If you are looking for some other updation regarding any other series, let us know we will definitely provide you the same.  

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