2024 Guide to Choosing Your Best Bam Violin Storage Case

Your violin is one of your valuables that require proper care and attention. The best way to care for your instrument is to store it in a high-quality case. One of the famous violin containers in the market today is BAM. However, there are still lots of BAM violin cases out there that can make your decision-making even harder. So, to cut down your options and simplify the process, we’ve listed some factors you need to consider when choosing a BAM violin case.

Here are the factors you must consider before heading to the shop.

Size and Fit

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Size and fit are critical factors that you need to consider before anything else. You do not want a too small or too big fiddle box for your instrument because it can hinder the level of protection. The good thing is that bam offers various cases designed to fit a wide range of sizes, such as the following.

  • Full size
  • ¾ size
  • ½ size
  • ¼ size

You do not have to guess which option is right for you because there are sizes given. Additionally, when selecting a bam violin case at Fiddlershop, you need to consider your instrument’s shape. There are models that offer a specific shape of models.

Protection and Durability

All bam violin cases can offer protection, but you need to choose a particular model that can meet your expectations. Note that bam has a collection of violin containers, each designed with varying levels of protection.

For instance, some cases are lightweight and made up of flexible materials. However, there are also cases with more durable hard-shell construction. You might want to choose a case that is appropriate for your needs and can give the level of protection your instrument requires. This includes assessing the interior of the case and seeing if it has padding or cushions.

Style and Aesthetics

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You can find bam violin cases in different colors and designs. That means you’re free to choose what style or look you want to achieve. If you want neutral colors, then select a case with a classic black or brown exterior. But if you want a bolder look, then opt for some bright colors and patterns. Always consider your style and preferences when deciding about style and aesthetics. This way, you can decide much easier.

Additional Features Such as Storage Compartments or Backpack Straps

If you aim for a more convenient and functional violin case, you need to look for something with an add-on. It includes additional storage compartments where you can store your accessories, straps for more secure storage, and a type of closure mechanism. All these additional features can affect how easy it is to use and transport your instrument.

Types of Violin Storage Cases

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When choosing the best violin storage case for your instrument, it is important to consider the type of case that will best accommodate the type of violin you play. There are several options available for protecting and storing your prized instrument. Some of these commonly used cases are:

Hard Cases made with a durable outer shell and interior padding provide maximum protection from impacts and shocks. These are usually heavy duty cases with an extra layer of foam or other padding material to keep the violin safe. They also offer additional storage compartments for accessories, such as shoulder rests, bows, and extra strings.

Cloth Cases are much lighter than their hardshell counterparts but can still provide fairly good protection against damage. They tend to be more affordable than hard fiddle boxes, but their lighter weight makes them more prone to wear over time. Additionally, they typically don’t offer as much in terms of storage space as hard containers do.

Shaped cases offer a unique design which precisely fits a certain type or size of violin, providing excellent protection and ensuring that no part of the instrument is left exposed or unprotected. These often include various compartments for accessories as well as enough room to store additional items needed during performances — such as music sheets or tuners — allowing musicians to easily transport all essential supplies without having to carry multiple bags around at once.

Tips for Storing Your Violin

When you’ve found the perfect bam violin storage case for your beloved instrument, there are a few tips to follow in order to maintain the best possible conditions for keeping your violin safe and in good condition.

First, regular check-ups are essential. At least once per season, open up your case and check for signs of wear and tear or damage that could compromise the quality of your instrument. A light dusting is also recommended if you have a wooden case since dust can accumulate and have a negative effect on wood over time. If you notice any signs of issues at all, take your case to an expert to get it serviced immediately.

Second, if the humidity level of your playing environment is too low or high this can also have a negative effect on the strings and body of your violin. Consider using a humidifier or dehumidifier in areas where this might be an issue while transporting or storing instruments so they always maintain optimal humidity levels.

Finally, it is important not to forget routine maintenance and care for all brass hardware components such as tuners, tailpieces, bridge pins, etc., as these need regular cleaning to maintain their best possible condition over time. Having the correct cleaning supplies handy will help make sure all components remain functional after long periods in storage inside their bam cases!


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There is no single best bam violin case that exists. It’s because every instrument is different, and you need to consider factors to see the cases that fit your preferences, style, and budget. Although you can also ask others for recommendations if you want something tailored to your needs and expectations, you must learn to consider the factors we mentioned above. There is no single best answer to the best bam violin case, but through research and careful consideration, you’ll surely get the case your instrument deserves!

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