10 Best Ways to Add More Storage Space In Your Home 2024

Whether you live in a small or big house, having enough storage is very crucial. With the many household items and knick-knacks found in a home, storage can become quite limited. This is why looking for ways to increase your storage space is important.

Here are a few additions for you to consider;

1. Add More Cabinets

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In most households, you’ll find that there are empty unused spaces on the walls that could be put to good use. Constructing cabinets that will be placed in these spaces will go a long way to adding to your storage.

For the best results, ensure that the cabinets are installed by a professional. Also, invest in quality hinges to ensure that your cabinets last longer. A great example is the various cabinet hinges from RMGhardware.com that are sturdy and very reliable.

This is a great consideration for this project to allow for success. Install as many cabinets as your space can allow.

2. Buy Multipurpose Furniture

Having furniture that also doubles down as storage space is a great investment. Get a bench that has space for storing baskets with different items or an ottoman with hidden storage.

These furniture pieces will serve you well especially when you need a place to put your living room throw blankets. If you have kids and have to constantly struggle with the idea of having toys all over, you’ll have space for storing them to avoid such inconveniences. For more details check https://kitchensacramento.com/.

3. Stairwell Storage

What is the space on your staircases being used for? Why not convert it into functional storage space? Looking at your staircase you’ll find that there is a lot of unused space.

Consider having a closet constructed where you can add in cabinets and store anything you want. This is a great way to make sure that you’re being mindful of how functional your home is in accommodating your needs.

You’ll however need to consult with a professional to ensure that you don’t end up destroying the structure.

4. Be Creative With Your Closet Space

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As much as the purpose of your closet space is to hang up your clothes, you can always do more. It is important to consider the different ways you can improve the functionality of the closet to accommodate more storage.

You could add drawers on the side or use space-saving hacks and tools to utilize small spaces. Something like a spinning shoe rack will take up very little space and offer a great storage solution.

5. Install shelves

Having shelves on wall spaces that are otherwise bare and serve no purpose is a great idea. You’ll add more storage to your home and introduce a new look to a previously dull corner in the house.

With such shelves, you’ll need to invest in baskets and storage containers to keep your items safely tucked away. This is mainly because this is an open space and if items are not sorted and stored appropriately, it will become cluttered.

A cluttered space will always take away from the overall vibe of the house. This is why you need to invest in things that will help you stay organized.

6. Add High Storage

These storage spaces will be installed high up past the normal height you are used to. The negative space above your pantry and storage cabinets will come in handy. You can choose to either add shelves or cabinets in this area.

You should however be sure to get a ladder that you can easily use to gain access to your items. Consider an adjustable ladder that you can easily reduce the size and keep it stored with ease.

7. Built-in storage

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Have you ever considered having built-in storage? Well, you should give it some thought because it provides the convenience of added storage. It also eliminates the need to buy bulky storage items that take up too much space.

This storage can be achieved in any room including the bathroom, bedroom, and even the hallways. You just need to be creative and get a good contractor who can easily bring your vision to life.

8. Use Your Doors as Storage Spaces

Consider using some of your doors for storage to help you take advantage of this functionality. Here, you can choose to use your room doors or closet doors. It all depends on what you want and how it translates to the general style of your room.

Install cabinets that are functional and also light enough to be supported by your door. This will help keep your countertops clutter-free and give a place that you can easily see all your products.

9. Make Use of Vertical Storage

There is so much storage space wasted especially in corners that are not in use. For instance, consider having a nightstand beside your bed that extends to the roof. This nightstand can easily be used to keep your books organized or keep items in pretty baskets.

10. Be Creative With Your Kitchen Storage

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Creating more storage space in your kitchen requires you to be a bit more creative and embrace a different way of thinking. For instance, for all your cooking ware and cutlery you could consider using hooks to keep them organized.

Install a sturdy rod that will hold up and add your hooks appropriately. With a secure installation, you can then hang up all your pans and cooking spoons.

You could also install a hideaway spice rack at the bottom of your cabinets. This is a great way to add more storage to your tiny kitchen without having to get rid of your favorite kitchen tools.


Adding storage to your home is a great idea to help you get more organized and prevent the accumulation of clutter. As you look for ways to make use of unused spaces, keep functionality, and safety in mind.

Carefully assess your choices to see if they’ll serve you in the long run. Find inspiration from other people’s creations and see what can be implemented in your home.

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