House Moves 101: How To Find Reliable Movers Online – 2024 Guide

If you’ve decided to undergo a house move, congratulations! Thanks to a house move, you’ll be able to finally go to the place you’d call your dream home. You can finally enjoy the best meals with your family as well as relax in a cozy and safe environment. Unfortunately, house moves aren’t always easy, especially when you have to consider things such as your inventory, packing your belongings, traveling with them, and settling in your new home. However, just because you’re planning on a house move doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself. In fact, you may just be able to pull off a great house move with the help of moving companies.

Interestingly enough, you don’t necessarily have to scour the yellow pages or visit faraway business centers just to find reliable movers for your needs. In fact, you may be able to find the best movers for your needs using sources you can get online. Here are some tips you should definitely use when finding your house movers:

Cross-check with official documentation.


If you want to ensure the reliability of movers you might want to hire, you should probably double-check whether they’re authorized to operate in the first place. Legitimate moving packing services such as Roadway Moving should be willing to provide the appropriate documentation to confirm their authenticity and validity to operate as a service. You may also want to double-check this information with local authorities just to confirm whether you can trust these services you’ve found online. This is the first step you should always do whenever you find a service you want to consider reliable.

Finalize the kinds of moving services you need.

According to Seka Moving, moving companies may be able to do most kinds of moves, however some of them actually specialize in certain types of moving. For instance, some movers prefer pulling off long distance moves while others can also cater to specific services such as storage and transportation. As such, it’s important for you to identify what kinds of moving services you need in order for you to have a more grounded discussion for when you start shortlisting the movers you’ve found online.

Look for various interest groups in social media networks and forums.


One of the best sources of referrals for moving companies lie in forums and interest groups in social media that tackle housing and indoor decorating. Chances are, moving companies might have their pages or official staff as members of these communities and may therefore be more accessible to you compared to when you search for them in a search engine. This way, you may also use the forum or the community as a means to contact various individuals who may have experience working with particular companies in order to get their impressions.

Check if their website looks credible.

First impressions matter, and moving companies with an attractive and easy-to-navigate website can leave great first impressions to clients and may even motivate them to prefer them as their moving company. While you look for movers to hire, make sure that you check their website to see if it’s regularly updated and if it looks aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use. Websites that have a great take on its design choices likely have allotted enough time to organize a marketing effort, which means they may even have enough resources to provide great services to their viewers.

Call them to have an idea of how their customer service is like.


A great way of identifying a credible moving company is to call them via their hotline and observe how their customer service agents interact with you. This is also the best time for you to clarify certain aspects of your move that you may want them to handle. Moreover, calling with an agent allows you to express the various concerns you may have regarding quotations and the nature of the services you may avail. The better their responses, the likelier that their service is something you should consider availing.

Clarify their quotations and pricing to avoid surprise payments.

A helpful tip when deciding which mover to hire is to make sure that they are giving quotations and pricing that is accurate to what they’ve initially explained in your meeting. If you’re eyeing a particular mover, ask them for a potential quote. Try to avoid moving companies that give you surprise payments that you have to give them that aren’t in the original quotation. Moreover, try to scrutinise the quotation and ask for explanations on things you don’t understand as this will identify whether you’re moving companies actually care enough to explain these concepts in order for you to fully understand the context of their service. This also allows you to determine and compare whether their price ranges are better or worse than other companies you considered.

See if their reviewers are legitimate existing people.


A lot of websites and profiles of businesses often feature a means to leave reviews, which a lot of their clients and customers usually fill up and comment on. It’s recommended that you sift through these comments and identify which aspects of the business that people liked or may not have liked. However, take note that you should avoid comments made by accounts with no profile pictures or questionable activities. Rather, your reliable movers should have reviews from people with existing lives and real profiles, so you know they have an honest assessment of the service.

House Moves For Your Family: Find The Best Movers Online

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to understand that we can actually find the best moving companies for our house moves through various online spaces. Moreover, the right research methods and habits can help us identify the best sources not just for reliable movers but as well as reviews regarding their particular set of services. Hopefully, our tips above will be able to help you zero in as to how you can find the best movers that can meet your needs and help fast-track your move as a success. Good luck and happy moving!

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