8 Reasons Why You Should Not Hire the Cheapest Movers in 2024

A relocation process may occur to be fairly costly, especially when it comes to moving to another state or abroad. Even if you are now left with limited finances and you have to cut corners wherever you can, do not consider hiring the cheapest movers. High-quality moving services and professional assistance during the particularly difficult period of a house move will probably pay themselves off. Years of experience, exceptional reliability, remarkable efficiency, peace of mind, moving day safety, possible cost savings, and stress-free relocation speak for themselves.

Here you have some more reasons why you should choose reputable and trustworthy professionals instead of being frugal in hiring a moving company.

8 reasons why you should not hire the cheapest movers

1. Inaccurate estimate

Source: expatica.com

According to the white glove moving company Fine Art Shippers, a visual survey of your household plays an extremely important role. Movers will need it to assess any possible problems and obstacles that may occur on a moving day, as well as to provide you with a more accurate moving costs estimate. Do not believe unreliable movers that give you a very low verbal estimate that is too good to be true. The price will be hiked up extraordinary in the end because of the countless hidden fees. Always ask to supply you with a written estimate in order to have evidence to fight back. However, keep in mind that not all written estimates are treated as binding contracts. Try to avoid shady companies that secretly lower their overall moving costs.

2. Unregistered and illegal movers

It is not a secret that licensing comes at a cost. Therefore, never hire suspicious, low-priced companies because this may mean they are unregistered and work illegally. The government does not identify, monitor, and subject such movers to inspections and audits. In some states, it is obligatory for moving companies to have an in-state moving license. Check the licensing regulations in your country and whether your potential movers are qualified enough before applying for their services.

3. Never cost-effective

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It is never cost-effective to perform a move using an unreliable moving company. With a reputable one, you will get a good piece of advice on how to lower your overall moving costs and make your relocation as affordable as possible. What is more, some movers offer a generous discount for moving during the off-peak season or for being a first-time customer. Do not risk breaking your favorite piggy bank and draining your savings account on a long-distance move!

4. Stolen belongings

Failing to hire a trustworthy mover may also lead to stolen belongings. Such unfortunate results can explain the unusually low prices offered for moving services, which may be later compensated with your most prized possessions. This may be more likely if you have to put your items into storage before or after the transportation, as you won’t unpack them right away. Thereby, carefully research the companies, check for complaints, and ask for references until it is too late.

5. Lack of experience

Source: updater.com

Extraordinarily low prices of moving companies can also be explained by hiring laborers without proper experience. Always remember that you are going to entrust the movers with your most valuable possessions, which means that they are supposed to be especially qualified, rigorously trained, extremely resourceful, and capable of providing you with professional services. Only reputable moving specialists will take all the needed steps to protect your possessions and conduct your move with the utmost care, remarkable skill, and extreme caution. Besides, experienced movers are creative enough to find the best way out of any difficult situation related to moving.

6. Poor quality packing

Make sure your movers can provide you with moving equipment and high-quality packing supplies (e.g., durable moving boxes in excellent condition, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, moving blankets, markers for labeling, etc.) of the required amount and types. In this way, your belongings will be packed up quickly and safely, and you won’t end up running out of supplies in the middle of the packing process. Apart from that, you do not probably want to waste your valuable time on figuring out which pieces can successfully substitute packing paper and bubble wrap. True professionals will work out all the tiny details of how to safely protect your fragile fine art, delicate family heirlooms, and a precious antique chest of drawers in transit. If you choose to work with expert movers, all of the time-consuming moving tasks will be out of your own winning hands.

7. No insurance

Source: movebuddha.com

You never know what lies around the corner, so you need to protect your household belongings against accidental damage that may occur during the relocation. Your possessions are going to be packed and taken out of your old house, loaded into a truck, put into storage, transported, unloaded, and taken into your new place of living. Literally anything can happen during this highly transitional period. Thereby, buying special moving insurance is a must, and it is what is recommended by all reputable moving companies. In this way, you will get the compensation for the corresponding damage or loss if something unpredictable happens to your priceless belongings. Remember that you cannot control your own fate, but you still can be in full control of your moving adventure.

8. Too much stress

You need to carry out extensive research and find the best movers in your region, as only they can take most of the moving burden off your shoulders. They will force you to be carefree and relaxed throughout the moving process. You will be able to throw away the endless list of tasks from your moving checklist without a doubt. On the other hand, by hiring inexperienced and uncaring movers, you will get the moving stress more than the air you will be breathing when the moving day approaches. Forget about the pressure of planning and executing through the exhausting hours of packing! Choose professional movers and transfer all the hard work to people who know how to handle it properly!

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