6 Most Confusing Facts About Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is special and it holds a special place in our hearts. The day is all about creating memories, and celebrating love. It is about cherishing memories. People buy roses, chocolates, teddy bears, etc in large quantities on this day. For instance, it is believed that chocolates have been a popular valentine gift since centuries. People also consider chocolates to have aphrodisiac properties which makes it a staple gift for valentine’s day. Similarly there are other facts about this day that are way too confusing. Keeping this confusion in mind, there are many notions regarding the origin of valentine’s day. Some believe it to have a Christian origin, while some. Pegan. There are many notions and myths attached to the day of love. We know valentine’s day has a background story that is related to St. Valentine. What we do not know is that the story is said to revolve around two people named Valentine. No one knows the actual person behind the “holiday season”.

There are many traditions and customs associated with valentine’s day. Though the origin and the relevance has been and for time to come shall remain a big mystery. There are many myths and beliefs regarding the day and its celebration that the world still doesn’t know what to believe in. Yes, it is true that today it is all about romantic dates, dinner dates, exchange of gifts, and whatnot! This romantic holiday indeed has many interpretations and societal perspectives involved. Let us continue reading to know more mind-boggling and confusing facts about valentine’s day.

1. Two Valentines

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There were not one but two Valentines for whom the day was named after. It has been believed till date that it was actually St. Valentine, the patron saint after whom the day got its name “Valentine’s Day”. Though there is a prevalent confusion regarding which one of the two Valentines was actually involved in the beginning of this holiday. According to some sources, there are at least two men with the same name who could have actually inspired the holiday. One is St. Valentine and the other is a person named Valentine, a priest in the third century Rome.

The priest is said to have defied Emperor Claudius II’s ban on marriage. He is also said to have conducted illegal marriages of couples just in the “spirit of love”. He eventually got caught and sentenced to death.

Other urban legend suggests that Valentine was actually killed while on his attempts to help Christians escape prison in Rome. In the process, he himself got caught and sent to jail. It is also said that he sent the first “valentine” message from prison. His letter was signed, “From Your Valentine.” It is said that Valentine had fallen in love with the jailor’s blind daughter while being imprisoned. The letter happened to be sent on 14th February itself. The Roman catholic church heralded this day as the Saint Valentine’s day, the day when love must be celebrated.

2. Originated From the Pagan Festival

It is believed by a part of the society that Valentine’s Day originated from a Christian effort to replace a pagan festival. It is believed that somewhere in the 6th century B.C. there was held a pagan fertility festival known as Lupercalia. It was one bloody and drunken festival. The Roman priests would sacrifice goats and dogs. Their blood-soaked hides were then used by naked drunk men to slap women on the streets in hopes to increase fertility.

3. “God of Love”


Yes, all of us have known Cupid to be a cute, chubby God of Love. Though there are some legends and tales that might or might not prove us all wrong. Cupid, the child of Mars and Venus has not always been the Greek God of Love though. Tracing back to 700 B.C., we get to see the Greek god of love named Eros. He was considered a handsome, immortal man with the intimidating power to make anyone fall in love. Though it wasn’t until the 4th century BCE that the Romans adopted Eros into the image of a cute little boy with a bow and arrow, naming him “Cupid.”

4. Greeting Cards

A poem written by Charles the Duke of Orleans to his wife from his prison cell while he was held as a captive in the Tower of London in 1415 after the Battle of Agincourt was the very first card of record. The French poem written by him was titled ‘Farewell to Love”. By the middle of the 18 th century, people of various social stratas started exchanging handwritten valentine notes.

Printed cards became more popular with the modernized printed technology. Today it is the most popular form of showing your love to your valentine. In 1913, Hallmark, the American Company started distributing official Valentine Day cards.

It is also confused by some that Valentine’s day originated from the time Hallmark came into the play. The actual story of origin is actually different.

5. Chocolates

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Chocolates was actually introduced by the Spanish explorers back in the 17th century. It is said to contain aphrodisiac qualities and sweetness. It slowly came to be associated with love, romance and passion. Chocolates are gifts that can easily melt hearts. Eventually it became a popular choice of Valentine gifting.

6. Flowers

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The tradition of giving flowers on Valentine’s Day started from the 17 th century. Of all the flowers, red roses are considered to be the most commonly gifted flower on Valentine’s Day. A reason for the popularity of roses is that it is apparently the favourite flower of Venus, the Goddess of love.

Valentine’s day is the day to celebrate love. It is all about exchanging romantic gifts, teddy bears, roses and whatnot!! It is also true that the history and origin of the day is considered to be both dark and happy at the same time. Well, history is something that will never spare anything or anyone. Though it does not mean that we stop celebrating happiness and love.

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