National Comic Book Day 25 September; Facts and Comic-con

Yehhhhh. The day has arrived for what you waiting for. The Day National Comic Book Day honors the art, artists, and comic book stories each year on September 25th. Fans, collectors, readers, and artists are coming together to celebrate the day with national events.

If you’re a comics fan then you know but to the newcomers in the world of comics, National comic book Day and free comic day both are comics book days but different dates as USA people like to celebrate it on 25 of September and the other people form world wide celebrate it on 2 May.

FunFacts on National Comic Book Day

You must know more facts than me about comic books and stories. I will try to put some of the known facts below

  • People who collect comic books are known as Pannapictagraphist
  • The Incredible Hulk was originally meant to be gray
  • There was a real superhero of the comic book called the Green Lama. He was a Buddhist with reincarnation powers.
  • Stan Lee got his start by writing obituaries for celebrities in New York
  • Obadiah Oldbuck was considered to be the first comic. But, in 1933 the publication known as Famous Funnies is considered to be the first actual comic book
  • In 1938, Superman was invented
  • In the 1960s, Marvel create some of its major superheroes included Fantastic Four and spiderman

Comic book throwback

In 1896, in the United States, a comic book magazine featuring The Yellow Kid was published in a sequence called “McFadden’s Row of Flats.” The 196-page book printed in black and white which used to sell in 50 cents.

National Comic Book Day
National Comic Book Day

National Comic Book Day dates for next 5 years

Year Date  Day

2019 September 25 Wednesday

2020 September 25 Friday

2021 September 25 Saturday

2022 September 25 Sunday

2023 September 25 Monday

Why We Love National Comic Book Day?

Do you remember those bobble boxes on the heads of characters that gave us the content about what they are saying! The type of art weaves complex designs. For instance, part of a storyline has been created by text, dialog, characters, color, and imagery. These stories differentiate eras, artists, genres, and topics with a change in time.

National Comic Book Day
National Comic Book Day

What to Do on National Comic Book Day?

  • To start with, you can grab some of your favorite comic books and start reading them.
  • There is one thing more to do, pick up a comic book to read and use #NationalComicBookDay to post on your social media groups and pages.
  • It is not possible for everyone to make it to San Diego for the internationally renowned Comic-Con. So, make your own comic-con with friends and tell some of your favorite comic stories.
  • Since you have been reading comics and you already know how it works. So, grab a pen and paper to write something that you always wanted to pen down, who knows maybe you will be the next stan lee waiter for the chance to come out.

Last Words

That is all, and have a wonderful National comic book day. Get dressed up as cosplay and gather your friends. Whole America gonna took like the avenger for sure. That is pretty amazing to see soo many people dressed up as their favorite comic character.

You may grow up reading comics but you actually knew what is there between those pages that you embraced since childhood. For now, you can straight head towards the comic store and Remember or discover the stunning stories between comic book pages.

And tell us who your favorite comic book artist or Character or storyteller is in the comment section below

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