6 Most Fascinating Facts About Formula 1 Drivers 2024

The world’s largest racing series wouldn’t be what they are today, if it wasn’t for their fantastic drivers and the story they’ve been successfully creating since 1950 and the first ever Formula One World Championship.

The favorite sport of so many is what keeps men (and women!) around the world entertained, with multiple races a day and held in numerous countries around the world, but based in Europe, it really is an International phenomenon that’s widely popular and highly respected.

Autofun defines race lovers as extremely passionate people when it comes to Formula 1, the love for cars, speed, their favorite drivers and of course, sport itself. All combined, it’s a perfect hobby for all its fans and it keeps people’s attention, which might be the reason Formula 1 attracts new fans every season. You may be surprised if you find out there are plenty of interesting facts about both drivers and the Formula, and that the number of facts and interesting details is growing more every day. However, it’s what makes it so special.

1. An Italian won the first-ever Formula 1

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Italian driver Giuseppe Nino Farina won the first racing World Championship in 1950 in Silverstone. He was driving his Alfa Romeo when he became the World champion. Before that, he drove private Alfa Romeos and Maseratis until he impressed his mentor who coached him into what he later became. In 1938 and the next year, he became a national italian champion twice, and fought his way through the competitive racing world, and had used the tragic destiny of other Italian driving stars — Wimille and Achille varzi died in accidents, Count Trossi had cancer, to enter the first-ever championship. Fangio was his biggest competitor, but later on, he was also outshined by a rising star called Ascari. He had been racing for Ferrari, passing Fangio and winning but after a couple of years and heavy crashes, he had an accident that cost him his life.

2. A Driver Loses 4 kg After One Race

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Why do they lose their weight? They are driving at extremely hot temperatures in the cockpit and they lose a lot of water during a race, so the actual weight loss while driving is caused by sweating. That is the reason why they are drinking plenty of water beforehand, to be able to avoid dehydration and exhaustion. It’s widely known that the temperature inside their cars averages more than 122 degrees Fahrenheit! The only way to survive the heat in the cockpit is to wear two suits while driving, including a fire suit, boots and gloves. Other than that, racing is very exhausting, both physically and mentally, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they lose a couple of pounds every time.

3. Lewis Hamilton was meant to be a Formula 1 Champion

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He developed his love for racing when he was only 6 years old. He started his journey with karting and a couple of years later, he had already won several karting championships and managed to put a spotlight on himself as well as made his future sponsors notice him in the crowd. The rest is history. At the age of 13, he had been contacted by McLaren-Mercedes which made him the youngest driver ever to get contacted by professionals in this field. The highest-paid British sportsman he is today, seems to be born to become one of the greatest racing champions of all time.

4. Almost all drivers are superstitious

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Michael Schumacher was carrying a toy hairbrush that his daughter gave him, a charm given by his wife and a cross, for luck. He was also very careful with numbers and even requested new race numbers, explaining that he loves odd numbers. On the other hand, Sebastian Vettel wears two coins in his socks, since he believes it brings him good luck. Besides that, starting every new season, he always reveals a name for his car, claiming that it builds some kind of connection with his car. Other examples of this are putting on the right boot and the right glove as well as stepping into the car from the right side, a lucky pair of underwear, avoiding black cats and many more. If it really works for them, then why not!

5. Peeing in their pants

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We’ve already mentioned the incredible heat in the cockpit. But have you ever thought about the number of water drivers drink before and during the races? Where does this water go, apart from sweating? Some drivers wear diapers so that they don’t get distracted while driving. On the other hand, some of them such as Lewis Hamilton can hold it in no matter the amount of fluids they drink, while others just let nature take its cause. There’s rumors that Michael Schumacher is one of them. They are even instructed by their team to feel free to urinate in the car if they have to, so that they’re able to completely focus on the race.

6. How rich are Formula 1 drivers?

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The highest-paid Formula driver ever is undoubtedly Lewis Hamilton with the net worth of $54 million in earnings, in 2024! The next highest-paid racer is Sebastian Vettel, who has earned $36 millions this year. And the third one is Daniel Ricciardo with approximately $29 million, with $27 million in terms of just his salary and the rest from endorsements. Not bad huh? The only name before all the others on top of the list is Roger Federer. But who knows, maybe next year it will be Lewis! Not bad for a lot of adrenaline, speed and a game-like job?

Although being a professional racer and driver can be extremely dangerous, and sometimes even cost them their life, or cause serious injuries, it’s something they live for and something they carry in their blood. The world’s champions are ready to sacrifice everything, just to continue their journey and become the number one. And they’re not the only passionate ones about this sport. Fans all over the world live, celebrate and cry with their favorite kings on the road.

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