ClickFunnels For JVZoo 2024

There’s a question that often gets asked when it comes to one of the hottest sales funnel builders on the market: Does ClickFunnels work for JVZoo? The answer is yes, and in fact, ClickFunnels works very well for JVZoo.

Let’s continue on and talk about some of the best ways to combine these two platforms.

ClickFunnels And JVZoo: How They Work Together


Let’s first take some time to clarify what each of these is.

  • JVZoo is a platform for selling and promoting offers mostly related to internet marketing.
  • ClickFunnels is a sales funnel software used for creating and launching landing pages and funnels.

JVZoo is a platform that is free to join, and you can either sell your own products or promote other products as an affiliate. In case you’re wondering how JVZoo makes its money, it’s through every sale that is made, and they take a small percentage. It’s similar to how PayPal and Stripe work.

While ClickFunnels comes with a free 14-day trial, they start at $97 per month and can even be more expensive. To learn more about the ClickFunnels pricing options, navigate here.

Now here are some of the best ways that you can use both ClickFunnels and JVZoo together.

Use ClickFunnels To Grow Your List

There are many reasons why customers use ClickFunnels, but the two biggest have to be generating leads and making sales. So if you want to sell on JVZoo, you’ll most likely also want to generate leads to send emails to them.

ClickFunnels makes collecting leads to an easy process. All you need are two landing pages, one will be for collecting the leads, and the other will be for sending them to a thank you page. On the thank you page, these leads will collect the free gift or download that you originally offered them. Plus, you’ll have a landing page meaning that there are multiple spots for monetization as well.

Whether you want to collect leads to promote your product or someone else’s product, it’s going to be completely up to you. We’ll talk a little more about promoting other offers very soon, but let’s first talk about the big use of JVZoo and ClickFunnels together.

Use ClickFunnels For Your Sales Letter


If you’re looking to sell one of your products on JVZoo, then why not use one of the ClickFunnels landing pages for it? After all, depending on the ClickFunnels plan that you choose, ClickFunnels can handle an unlimited amount of traffic.

This is very beneficial, especially when it comes to doing any large product launch. You won’t have to worry about getting too much traffic, and you won’t have to worry about your server crashing.

Plus, you won’t have to lose any sleep at night knowing that someone could send hundreds of thousands of bot traffic to your sales letter too. Yes, there are people who do this.

This often comes up when you use your own website and hosting, and can potentially cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars. With ClickFunnels, the least it will cost you is $97 per month, and that still comes with the ability to use their software and many of its features.

Use ClickFunnels For Your Affiliate Landing Pages

The beauty of JVZoo is that they feature hundreds and even thousands of offers that you can promote as an affiliate. When it comes to affiliate marketing though, you’ll want to have some type of affiliate marketing landing page in order to increase your conversions. Once again, this is where ClickFunnels comes in.

Review the affiliate product, add some bonuses, and turn it into an affiliate offer. That’s one of the best ways to make more sales as an affiliate marketer, as it separates you from many of the other competitors out there.

You can quickly create your affiliate landing pages, thanks to many helpful templates. If you want the shortcut, you can always get a shared funnel from someone else and get all of the hard work done for you with a click of the mouse.

Host Your JVZoo Products With ClickFunnels Membership Sites


The chances are high that if you create a product that you love, then you’re not going to want non-customers to access your content. This is where ClickFunnels and their membership sites come into place.

ClickFunnels allows you to create simple membership sites that not only hold your valuable information but also keep it locked out from those who haven’t purchased. Plus, ClickFunnels also comes with the ability to drip your content and offer upsells within the product section itself.

Maximize Your JVzoo Launch With A ClickFunnels Webinar

If you’re planning on launching a product, then it’s important to know that most of your profit will be made on the backend. Once again, this is where ClickFunnels and their webinar feature comes into play.

After customers purchase their product and end up on the download page, this is where you’ll want to link to your webinar. What’s also great about ClickFunnels is that you won’t need to purchase any separate webinar software.

ClickFunnels allows you to create webinar registration pages, thank you pages, webinar broadcasts rooms, checkout pages, and membership pages as we previously mentioned.

ClickFunnels and JVZoo can do just about anything together, here’s how.

ClickFunnels JVZoo Integration

These two platforms even integrate together, which is officially a match made in heaven. With JVZoo, you will need an account with your secret key. With ClickFunnels you will need your account and to just simply add in your secret key.

So those are just a few of the ways that you can combine the power of both ClickFunnels and JVZoo. That’s just scratching the surface too, as you can always leverage the power of upsell pages and downsell pages, applications that lead to Skype calls, and Skype calls that ultimately lead to mid-ticket and high-ticket sales.

It’s a very simple setup, and can ultimately allow you to significantly grow your business when both of these platforms are successfully integrated and combined. So if you’ve been thinking about selling or promoting any product on JVZoo, do consider that you combine your efforts with the powerful sales funnel builder known as ClickFunnels.

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