The official start to 2024 reelection Campaign by Donald Trump

“We are going to keep making America great again and then we will indeed keep America great,” Trump said as he attacked his opponents and the media.  “We are going to keep it better than ever before and that is why I stand before you tonight to officially launch my campaign for a second term as president of the United States,” Trump told the crowd at an arena in Orlando.

US President Donald Trump officially launched the campaign in 2024

Tuesday, in front of a large audience in Orlando, Florida.

On Tuesday, Trump’s attacks on socialism and his takeover of conservative positions on nationalism, abortion, family, legal system and weapons were positively received by a loyal audience that often exploded in the US and the songs.

The announcement was made in the midst of requests for legal action, ongoing Congressional inquiries into his presidency and administration, and deepening disputes over extremist immigration policy. But Trump’s speech also comes as the economy is still growing, and the Republican president maintains deep support for his base. Although Tuesday’s speech is dedicated to the official launch of the Trump proposal for 2024, the businessman and politician officially announced their proposal a few hours after the inauguration on January 20, 2017. Since then, he has organized rallies all over the country.

Mr. Trump is incessantly inclined to a Tuesday event at a dramatic moment on his journey to a second term

The official start to 2024 reelection Campaign by Donald Trump

In the end, it was not much different from the dozens of demonstrations he carried out in the past two years. Standing in front of a sea of ​​people wearing a red hat “Made America Great Again”, Trump released a stream of attacks, fakes, exaggerations, and traumas, which were the hallmark of his first campaign and were shown almost daily during his stay at the White House. His warning to his voters: The establishment will not stop anything robbing you in the next four years.

Orlando, Florida – President Trump launched an acute complaint to the media, the political establishment and those who called on his radical opponents on Tuesday to launch a re-election campaign against a huge crowd of noisy supporters for news and personal complaints are animated in his victory in 2016. Almost four years later, he announced his first escape, which was impossible, to public offices in the Trump Tower basement in Manhattan. Trump chuckled and lost the Democrats by calling them the leaders of the “angry leftist crowd” and declaring that in the 2024 elections there would be a “verdict”.

Final Words

The anti-American behavior of those who tried to undermine our great democracy by undermining it. ” He expressed his recognition as president – growing in the economy, tax cuts, and expropriation – but did not propose a new coherent policy or agenda for a second term, which could prolong his political appeal. Officially, noting that he intends to take off again, he publicly said that his new slogan will be “Save America Big”, commits itself to a continuing struggle for his supporters.


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