DeSantis announces his support for Trump campaign

US President Ron DeSantis will arrive in the New York Times on Tuesday for the election. But he told reporters on Monday that he would do his job as governor instead of being a Trump criminal on the stump every day of the campaign.

“I do not mean it, I mean, I’ll go to it, and if the president needs me, but like every day, after the news or the news of the Democrats, I mean, I have a job to do that. You, what the president did to help the Floridians, especially one that was needed in Northwest Florida, “said DeSantis.

DeSantis was happy at the start of the 2018 campaign by President Trump and it immediately gave him a frontrunner status.

At every stage of his short career in Republican politics, Ron DeSantis, the new governor of Florida, was very smart. Ron DeSantis said that while the vote of confidence in President Donald Trump is diminishing.  Ron DeSantis spent his first few weeks in office, depending on a strong trumpet dynasty to incite these moderate suburbs.

Do not be surprised if other ambitious Republicans soon follow his example. Selected for the first time in Congress in 2012, DeSantis founded the “Demon of the House of Freedom”, which captured the rebellious mood of conservatives in the small government during the Barack Obama years.

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis has always quickly condemned the out-of-control federal expenditures and indicated the closure of the federal government, instead of simply issuing the omnibus invoices planned by the House of Representatives more than once.

Trump still goes to the border, DeSantis chooses to focus on a more meaningful policy that puts pressure on unscrupulous employers and does so with at least part of the Cuban-American establishment in Florida in his singing Overtime.

Final words

DeSantis may try to establish a position on the case, which is even more beneficial for the balance, more effective use in the workplace. But less fixation on the wall; greater emphasis on qualified immigration, but greater readiness to change amnesty for long-term non-resident immigrant populations, an approach that will seem more and more attractive if Trump’s fate continues to decline and the democrat will be inaugurated as president in 2024. Something tells me that DeSantis is prepared for this eventuality.



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