Cristo Redentor: 12 Fascinating Facts To Grasp About The Third World’s Tallest Christ’s Monument in 2024

With no hesitation, Christ the Redeemer is one of the most remarkable monuments at the top of Rio de Janeiro’s Corcovado Mountain. The world extensively recognized its popularity. Most people aim to personally see the artwork as they know some unbelievable facts about it.

The statue is rich with a fascinating history that is worth exploring; no wonder why it captivates people’s attention. We have gathered these top Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) exciting facts that will surely change your entire perspective about the artwork.

1. The Statue’s Design differ from The Original Sketch


The Christ the Redeemer statue we see today differs greatly from the original sketch. The initial design by Da Silva Costa was a statue of Christ carrying a large cross and a globe in His both arms, and this statue should face the rising sun.

The initial sketch triumphed over the project’s organizers and was named “Christ with a ball.” However, after evaluating Corcovado’s various points and consulting Carlos Oswald, a Brazilian artist, Da Silva Costa, made up with a new design: a statue of Christ with wide-open arms.

2. One Of The World’s Seven New Wonders

This is one of the most compelling Christ the Redeemer facts you should know. There are over 100 million participants who voted for the New Seven Wonders of the World. There are 21 spots on the list, and Christ the Redeemer statue cut along with the Machu Picchu, Roman Colosseum, and the Great Wall of China.

3. Many ways to reach it

The foot of the monument can be reached in several ways. Once upon a time, this was only possible on foot through the famous Brazilian park, Tijuca. However, today it is possible to get there in a much easier way, by escalator, elevator, bus, and even by train.

4. Illuminated by the flags of different countries


Covid-19 spread around the world at the speed of light and few countries did not feel its presence in society. As a sign of solidarity and support to all affected countries, the statue of Christ the Redeemer was illuminated with the flags of these countries. In addition to flags, the words “pray together” were written in various languages.

5. Once Became A Response To Godlessness

Christ’s followers feared that the nation would increase their “godlessness” after World War I. To minimize this possible outcome, they chose the statue of Christ designed by engineer Heitor da Silva Costa that would be situated at the top of Mount Corcovado. This would overlook the entire city, reminding people about the presence of Christ.

6. It Took 9 Years To Finish The Construction

To turn his masterpiece into divine reality, Da Silva Costa journeyed to France to search for the world-class sculptor. Eventually, he worked with a renowned French-Polish sculptor, Paul Landowski.

The sculptor further sharpened Da Silva Costa’s Art Deco design, and for the next few years, Landowski conceptualized a 98-foot tall sculpture made in clay pieces. The sculpture weighs about 635 tons. This Landowski’s masterpiece was then transported to Brazil, where experts remade the statue by reinforcing concrete.

7. There Is a Small Chapel At The Statue’s Base

Authorities constructed a small chapel at the statue’s base to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Christ the Redeemer monument in 2006. If it is included in your bucket list is to get married at a historical spot, the statue is the ideal place to check that list. However, the space inside is limited for a full wedding theme. Thus, you can only invite intimate relatives or friends, which is an excellent choice for most engaged couples.

8. People Have Different Interpretations About The Statue


Without a doubt, Christ the Redeemer is one of the iconic monuments worldwide. However, people debate what the monument symbolizes. According to The Washington Post, most people who saw the art symbolizes cross because of Christ’s widely open arms.

However, there are also a majority of people who argue the idea. According to them, the statue symbolizes a loving and caring Christ, and the arms call for a hug. Millions of people worldwide depict that Christ the Redeemer is a perfect sign for peace and harmony.

9. The Future Will Probably Make It Look Different

As discussed above, the statue differs from its original concept, and the artwork we have now will probably look different in the next generations. Most people believe that we will notice some changes to its attributes throughout time. In fact, 2024 is the year of significant renovation, and the stature will more than likely look darker.

10. The Statue Has Undergone Few Restorations

Completed in 1931, the statue has undergone a few restoration processes to maintain or improve its appearance. One of the first significant restorations happened in 1980 when Pope John Paul II visited Brazil. This served as a considerable preparation for the Pope’s arrival. Thirty years after the Pope’s visitation, the statue was restored after the violent electrical storm that caused great damage.

11. Lightning strikes, but also vandals

Bearing in mind that it is located on a hill and has a view of the whole of Rio, the statue is struck by lightning and thunder, so on one occasion, in 2008, there was damage to the head, eyebrows, and fingers. In 2010, the statue was streaked on the arms, chest, and head of a group of graffiti artists. However, the damage was quickly settled in both cases.

12. Christ’s Third Tallest Statue

After Christ the King, a famous statue from Poland, and Cristo de la Concordia of Bolivia, Christ the Redeemer is the third tallest monument of Jesus Christ in the entire world. No hesitations why it becomes part of the World’s New Seven Wonders and captivates attention from millions of people.


The facts mentioned above will surely give you a few more reasons the Christ the Redeemer statue should be part of every travel enthusiasts’ list. There are compelling factors why it becomes widespread, and when you visit it personally, you will surely be stunned with its superiority in appearance and its historical groundwork.

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