12 Interesting Facts About Gallstones in 2024

The gallstone problem is very common and is considered to be a disease of modern society. It usually results due to bad dietary habits and lifestyle factors. The person with gallstone could experience pain in the abdomen, nausea, stomach pain, dark colour urine, etc.

Gallstones can range from the small size stone or rocks to as large as pebbles. They can take years to grow and can range from one to manifold. Well!

A gallstone problem may not seem to be interesting. Here are 12 interesting facts that a person should know about gallstones.

1. Gallstones can be reduced with lifestyle changes

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Gallstone mainly arise due to the bad lifestyle of the people that include bad dietary habits, eating junk food, and high-fat diets. The chances of arising gallstone arise and if you want to work on getting rid of these gallstones at an early stage, then it is advisable to eat low-fat diets in your meal, do regular exercise, and maintain a healthy weight.

2. Gallstones are mostly found in women

Research studies have shown women to be at a higher risk of developing gallstones. About one in four women tend to develop gallstones at some step in their life.

3. Gallstones can be produced because of cholesterol

Research says that out of 80\100 reported cases of gallstone problem is due to cholesterol build up in the bile. Cholesterol is a greasy substance that results from the junk or high-fat diets we consume. Doctors are always advised to maintain a healthy weight to lower the cholesterol level to avoid obesity and gallstone-like-problem. Also, it is to be kept in mind that not every person with high cholesterol levels in their bile builds gallstones. So, check your diet of cholesterol levels in case you are at a higher risk of developing gallstones.

4. Gallstones can be see-through on the ultrasound machine

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Ultrasound is a good option to see-through the stones present within the gallbladder. Likewise, pregnant women use ultrasound during their pregnancy to check the growth of the child. Ultrasound machines are available at hospitals or in a clinic.

5. Gallstones do not have side-effects if no treatment is done

If you are diagnosed with gallstones incidentally, then many people are advised to watch the symptoms before choosing any treatment. It is because if there is no pain or something is hurting you till then you should not get worried. Even though waiting for your symptoms to flourish is considered safe, but you should also be watchful and continuously look for symptoms that don’t deteriorate your health. In case, if you observe any sign talk to your General practitioner as early as possible. The General Practitioner will recommend the correct treatment for you before-hand.

6. You can flush out your gallstones with a replacement remedy

The gallbladder flush also referred to as liver cleanse is an alternative treatment available to flush out the gallstones from your gallbladder. The practice involves alternate day fasting or intermittent fasting. Other remedies may include the ingestion of Epsom salts, coffee enemas to be applied, drinking a lot of water, olive oil, and grapefruit juice. In some cases, the substituents can also be replaced with apple cider vinegar, lemon, and others.

7. Gallstones are likely to happen during pregnancy

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It has been observed that gallstones are more likely to happen during pregnancy because during that stage the body release hormones that relax the uterus to prevent the early delivery of the baby. The hormones which promote muscle relaxation may also cause the digestive fluid bile to stay longer inside the gallbladder, thus forming hardened deposits called gallstones.

8. Occurrence of jaundice and pancreatitis

Larger gallstones may block the biliary ducts and prohibit the flow of the digestive fluid called bile into the intestines. Not only these, but it may also block the passage to other organs like the liver and pancreas. The inability of the bile flow to the liver can cause jaundice and when this happens the pancreas gets inflamed resulting in pancreatitis and severe illness.

9. Gallstones can be cured only with surgery

Yes! Gallstones can be removed only with surgery. There is no miracle cure to get rid of them permanently. If any of them was available, then gallbladder removal would not be the most common laparoscopic procedure to be performed. It’s because dissolving the stones with an alternative remedy can only make room for new stones to be formed in the future. The only way out to get rid of them permanently is to undergo cholecystectomy through open or laparoscopic surgery.

10. Weight loss could be dangerous

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Some research says that gallstones can be recovered with regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight but on the other hand, some think that rapid weight loss could be dangerous and more likely to cause gallstones. It is because maintaining a healthy weight is good to keep the gallbladder functioning well but reducing weight all at once has the chance to cause gallstone.

11. Common among the population

Gallstone is very common among the people of Jamaica because they tend to adopt a high-fat western diet. The other persons who suffer from gallstones are those with sickle cell anaemia that could be excreted with bile.

12. Fat intolerance

Another common symptom of gallstones that some people may know is that the gallbladder squeezes to the bile when people had a fatty meal in their diet. This causes severe pain that is high tolerance. One of the methods to know about gallstones is if any person faces severe pain on the right ribs, that means they had a serious issue and need to consult with a doctor on an immediate basis.

A word from Pristyn Care:

Gallstone is a common problem that has a solution if cured at an early stage. So, if you observe any symptoms like abdominal pain, nausea, dark urine or vomiting then consult your general physician immediately. Pristyn Care also offers you a list of doctors to choose from to aid you in gallstone treatment. They also ensure hassle-free insurance claim, conveyance, and follow-up treatment.

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