8 Fashionable Ways to Style a Half Wig – 2024 Guide

Women whose hair is difficult to handle or simply does not have enough volume for styling, often turn to use different hairpieces such as wigs and half wigs. Wigs are artificial hair made from various materials like human hair, animal hair, synthetic hair and traditionally used to cover up boldness caused by different factors, but also as a “short-cut” to quickly changing your hairstyle without having a haircut or going to the hair salon. You will love the fact that wearing a wig will save you some money.

Lately, different versions of wigs are growing in popularity, such as half wigs. The name ”half wig” actually explains itself – a wig only covering a part of your hairstyle or head. A partial wig. Though wigs camouflage your whole head, half wigs spread only a part of the head and are available in an assortment of styles such as ponytails, braids, headband wigs, and many others.

They are adjustable to any part of your hair. Half wigs you usually add on the back of your head, are probably the most popular because they remain well hidden in your natural hair while giving your complete look more volume and shape. They offer a more realistic look. Apart from them, “topper” half wigs are also growing in popularity, covering the front part of your hair. They are an excellent solution for a wild, messy, untamable hair. Adding a layer of style hair on top of your natural one gives it a neat look. Half wigs are designed to have special add-ons to prevent the extension to fall of. Each has an inner cap with the color that matches the hair and a small comb, so it can be secured when attached to your hair. Some even come attached to the hat, making their usage way more practical.

In the further text we will try to give you some ideas about the most fashionable ways to style a half wig in 2024:

1. The Headband

Source: youtube.com

A perfectly practical accessory for hiding the half wig. Every woman has at least one in their home. Using the headband will give your hair a complete look. Excellent for out and about, headbands will keep the hair out of your face during a long city walk. You can buy good headband wigs at unice.com.

2. The ponytail half wig

The most natural way to style a half wig for a variety of occasions. Ponytail half wigs as most of them contribute to the volume of your hair, but their best advantage is the possibility to try out the longer length of the hair.

3. The all-natural look

Source: ebonyline.com

Whether your half wig is matching your natural hairstyle or not (having a curly hair and a straight half wig), with hair appliances you can adjust the half wig to your natural style. Before doing this, make sure that the material half wig is made of is heat resistant, since many of the appliances work on heat. You can use your hair straightener to straighten the hair, or curler to curler it. This is to be used only on half wigs made of natural hair. The all-natural look will also be perfect for any occasion, what more, your half wig will blend in perfectly, like your own hair.

4. The Top Knot Bun

We have already mentioned hoe half wigs are useful for adding volume and length to your hair, especially on formal occasions (wedding parties and such). Working your half wig into a top knot bun is a quick way to get an elegant look when you’re rushing from work to a wedding party.

5. The Half-Up Do

Source: luxyhair.com

Searching for an in-between solution when having second thought about whether to go with your hair up or down. Bring the hair from the top to the back and ad a half wig for extra thickness. Secure the hair with some clips, avoiding the tightening, and you have yourself a half-updo. To give it a more nonchalant look, pull a couple of locks of hair and curl them.

6. The braid

If you want to add something more to your ponytail to transform it, then try turning it into a braid. To achieve more of a boho, laid-back look, try to make the braid wider and messier by pulling it to the side, part by part, starting from the top. If a laid-back look is not something you want to achieve, then simply tie your braid with a colorful ribbon.

7.  The low ponytail

Source: sogoodbb.com

If your half wig gave you a nice volume, and you are fed up with the ponytail, try bringing it lower into a low ponytail. This is a quick fix for a glamorous look. You can get creative with it, diving your hair to the sides, and pulling the tail left or right to cover your shoulders.

8. The low bun

Just as its higher version, the high bun, with the help of a volume added by the half wig, the low bun can transform your appearance from casual to glamourous. Following just a couple of simple steps of fixing your hair low and tying it into a bun.

In the end, it is important to mention that wearing a half wig is also protecting your hair. While we are exposed to countless hair appliances and treatments, our hair gets very tired and damaged it. Some say that wigs not only protect your hair but also helps it grow. By wearing a wig, you are giving your hair a well-deserved break, allowing it to regain its natural strength.

Just as regular wigs they come in all shapes and colors. If it is a natural look you are after, then choosing the color, texture, and style which blends naturally to your hair is the key. The biggest advantage of half wigs is that they offer you countless choices when choosing a hairstyle for work, an evening walk, clubbing, or occasions that require a more formal look. Going from one hairstyle to another has never been easier.

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