10 Ways to Style Your Jeans This Winter

Jeans are a staple of the winter wardrobe, and jeans are always appropriate whether you’re on your way to class or going out with friends. However, that doesn’t mean you can wear the same pair of jeans every day.

The best way to keep your look fresh is to change how you wear your jeans by giving them different looks by styling them in different ways. Here are the simple ways to style your jeans from Jeanswest this winter!

1. With a Turtleneck

If you don’t want to go too crazy with layering, try adding a turtleneck under your jeans. Turtlenecks are great for winter because they’re not too bulky and can make anything look chic. Plus, this pairing is perfect for bundling up!

Tuck in your shirt and put on a turtleneck underneath your jeans. Roll up the sleeves of the turtleneck so they’re peeking out of the bottom of your jeans or even right underneath them. Finish off with a scarf and some boots. If it’s really cold out, add a jacket over top!

2. With a Blazer

You can pull off any look with a good blazer. If you’re feeling a little blah or just want to step up your outfit, adding on a blazer is the perfect way to do it. I love pairing my jeans with a blazer, especially this time of year when I need something that’s going to keep me warm. A little layering never hurt anyone!

3. With a Leather Jacket

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A leather jacket is a classic and timeless piece of clothing that can be worn with many different looks. It’s one of those wardrobe pieces that never go out of style and can be used year-round. You can easily wear a leather jacket in the winter by pairing it with jeans, leggings, tights, or thick wool socks.

Wear your favorite skinny jeans with a sweater dress and tall boots for an extra pop of color! Layer your denim over a pair of knit leggings with black knee-high boots for an easy fall look. Try wearing distressed denim with black booties and off-the-shoulder tops for a trendy take on this season’s trends.

4. With a Sweater

With a Sweater One of the best ways to style your jeans this winter is. It’s an easy way to add warmth and avoid over-dressing. Plus, there are so many gorgeous sweaters out there that you’ll be able to find one that perfectly complements your jeans. You can wear them as they are or layer them under something else for extra warmth.

5. With a Button-Down Shirt

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Layer a button-down shirt over your jeans. Button the shirt up, or leave it open with a contrasting color underneath. Tuck in the shirt and wear it with boots for a more casual look. Wear an oversized button-down shirt, then tuck it into your jeans and roll up the sleeves for a preppy look.

Wear a cropped button-down shirt with your jeans rolled up at the hem for an offbeat mix of styles. Wear denim shorts over your jeans and top with a button-down. Dress down jeans with tennis shoes and layer on a bulky cardigan sweater for a street style that’s still functional if you’re headed out into winter weather.

6. With a T-Shirt

Wear a T-shirt underneath your jeans and wear it as a dress. Tie the bottom of your jeans into a knot, then tuck in your shirt and wear it as an asymmetrical top. Layer an oversized knit over your jeans and wear them as pajama bottoms.

Roll up the hem of your jeans into cuffs, with layers of tights or leggings underneath for added warmth, then add high-heeled boots for extra height! Pair distressed denim with a brightly colored T-shirt for an edgy look that’s still comfortable enough to lounge around in all day long.

7. With a Tank Top

It’s not always easy to find the perfect jeans. They’re either too short, too long, or they don’t feel like the right fit. But we found the perfect pair for you! With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to wear your favorite jeans all winter long.

8. With a Crop Top

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Throw on a tank top or tee and pair it with a denim jacket for an edgy look. Crop tops are still going strong this season, so why not add them to your denim bottoms? Roll up the bottoms of your jeans and pair them with booties for a chic winter look. Add a scarf for warmth and throw on a blazer for that cool girl vibe, too!

Throw on your favorite boots and jeans: you can’t go wrong with this timeless combo! Wear light-wash jeans with black booties or white sneakers for an easy weekend ensemble that’s effortlessly chic Wear ripped jeans with a long sweater to give off the most comfortable yet stylish vibe possible.

9. With a Chambray Shirt

The most versatile way to wear your jeans is with a chambray shirt. You can dress it up with heels and jewelry, or dress it down with flats and a cardigan. It’s the perfect way to give your outfit that laid-back-cool vibe this winter!

10. With a Flannel Shirt

Pair your denim with a flannel shirt and you’ll be set for winter. Flannel shirts come in various lengths, so find one that will work best with your jeans. For extra warmth, wear them together unbuttoned or button the shirt up to the top.

Wear a faded denim jacket over your shirt for an edgier look, pair it with dark jeans for a more classic look, or keep it casual with boyfriend jeans and a tee. Take advantage of oversized plaids this fall season!

You can layer it over your top or wear it as a dress layered under leggings and boots if you feel brave enough to try something new this year!

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Jeanswest offers a variety of jeans for all your styling needs. From distressed boyfriend jeans to wide-leg flares, there is something for everyone. With this post, you can have a guide on how to style your jeans this winter. Happy shopping!

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