Why are Chain Wallets Coming Back in Style in 2024

Wallets are something that every adult person carries with them. When we were kids, we used to carry some of the pocket change we had in our hand, or in our pockets that often had a hole in them. We didn’t have a care in the world, and money wasn’t so important to us, although it was quite frustrating when we lost the few dollars we had somewhere on the street.

But, things change as we grow up, and it’s just impractical to carry money in your pockets, alongside all the IDs, driving licenses, passports, and all the things that an adult is required to have with them at all time.

We cannot deny the fact that a wallet is a very useful item, but when it comes to choosing one, things get a bit difficult. There are so many different types out there that it’s overwhelming to look at all of them at the same time, or impossible might be the right word.

Brands focus on creating different models to attract customers with specific tastes, and slowly but surely we have more than a million different variations to choose from. But, there’s one certain style that was very popular in the past, and it’s making a comeback in 2024. Let’s talk about chain wallets.

Practicality and convenience

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Now it might sound silly, but imagine being able to pull your wallet towards you from a range that’s further from what your hands allow you to reach. It’s quite practical to be able to do that. Also, when you’re walking down the street and your wallet drops, it’s so much easier to get it back to you if it is attached to a chain. These are just some of the extras that you get for having a great-looking wallet, we’re not even started on the subject of the look.

According to a lot of people, once you try a chain wallet, you hardly want to switch back to regular ones. It’s still a personal preference, and we’re not trying to convince anyone that these are better than what you like, but our job is to explain why they’re making a comeback. Let’s talk a bit about looks and style.

Stylish look with accessories

One of the main reasons why these wallets saw the light of the market and got accepted by so many people is because they simply look stylish. Some would say that the chain makes no sense and it’s of no practical use, but that’s the case with rings, necklaces, and earrings. Fashion is fashion, and people love to customize their styles. If it looks good in their eyes, it makes more than enough sense.

Now when it comes to the chain, there are multiple different types that you can get, and that’s what gives you the most room for customizing. Also, you can replace the chain but not your wallet, which is a great thing if it has significant sentimental value to you. Switching only the chain to better fit a certain

Better safety due to the chain

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Let’s face it, one of the main items being stolen in the outside world are wallets. Whether someone will pick it up from your pocket or you’ll end up dropping it on the ground, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that now you’ve lost your funds, but most importantly, your documents such as ID and driver’s license.

As much as we dislike telling you “we told you so”, we really did tell you so. Chain wallets are a lot more secure, and if you don’t believe us, you can check this collection. Do you see how sturdy and durable those chains look? It’s going to take an entire brawl with the thief if they want to get this separated from your clothes. Even then, you have a lot more chance to get it back by grabbing the chain, which is not the case with regular models.

Luxurious models available

A lot of people associate chain wallets with “cheaper” biker or alternative styles, but that’s simply a myth and we don’t support that opinion even the slightest bit. There are luxurious wallets of this type that cost a lot more than regular ones, especially if you want the chain to be made out of silver, gold, or something even more expensive than that.

All the popular musicians right now are implementing these in their style, and that’s a good enough reason for these things to make a comeback in the world of fashion. Once again, we’re not telling you what’s good and what’s not, only why they got such a huge rise in popularity in 2024.

Multiple ways to complete a style

Source: joojoobs.com

The reason why people love these is that they can be incorporated in many different styles. Styles, connected to subcultures, styles based on music, or purely for aesthetic purposes. For example, bikers who only listen to rock and heavier music use these, but so do popular rap artists such as Travis Scott for example.

These wallets are very versatile and they’re not limiting you at all. We’re not saying that they can fit in absolutely any style, but they can in most. After all, it depends on how you wear them and what the rest of your style looks like.

Affordable brands

Last but not least, the budget is a very important factor when you’re purchasing clothing accessories. You cannot just enter a store and grab what looks best to you because that will most likely break your economy. After all, we are not all billionaires, so we have to be careful with the prices.

But, chain wallets in 2024 are affordable, and that’s something we’re very happy about. Of course, the price will depend on the brand and how famous their products are, but that’s basically how it is with all the other products on the market. Thankfully, you can get some seriously quality chain wallets for a price that’s perfectly fine. Do your research and check your local stores, you might even get a discount if you are patient enough. When something is cheap, people love it.

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