Fortnite 9.21 PATCH NOTES : What’s New Coming in Upcoming Update?

Today, Fortnite released 9.21 patch notes for all the upcoming changes in the forthcoming update of Battle Royale game. The released patch notes are released for all the platforms of Fortnite- PS4, Xbox one & others.

Fortnite 9.21 PATCH NOTES: MAP

As most of you might know, with every new update Fortnite do several changes to its maps. Sometimes, these updates do small changes & sometimes it does significant changes to an only Fortnite map. In fact, in some cases, the entire sections of a Map are transformed.

In the latest patch notes, Stone family once again moved across the map. However, if you want to know full details of the stone family movements, then you can check it from

Moreover, in terms of a bigger change, Fortnite 9.21 patch notes bring more significant changes to the Snobby Shores. Here, the only remaining house is thrashed thoroughly. In the past few weeks, the Vikings have taken over the nearby houses.

However, as per several fan theories, the main reason behind this destruction can actually be linked to the dragon that was previously escaped from the ice near the Polar Peak. In fact, some user even spotted the same dragon circling near the ocean around the map.


Proximity Grenade Launcher

  • You can use it to fire a bouncy, explosive rocket. It will explode as soon as it is in the proximity of an opponent.
  • It has Explosion Radius of up to 300 units.
  • The explosion of Proximity Grenade Launcher can give damage of 67 HP to the opponents.
  • Semi-Automatic.
  • Needs Rocket Ammo.
  • It can hold 2 rounds of Explosive at a time.
  • The opponent should be between the Proximity Radius of 250 units. Otherwise, there will not be enough damage to the enemy.
  • It fires ammo at 0.65 shots per second.
  • Find it in the Epic and Legendary Shortages.
  • Available in various supply drops, loot carriers, chests, and Vending Machines.
  • The proximity Grenade launcher has a reload speed of 2.8s/3s
  • Missiles explode automatically after 10 seconds.

Shield Potion

  • The availability of shield potion is increased from 11.3% to 12.09% in the chest loots.

Small Shield Potion

  • Increased the Small shield potion from 16.95% to 18.13% in the chest loots.


  • After listening to the enormous demand of Fortnite fans, the developers have increased the overall chance to find the shotguns from 8.50% to 9.77% in the first-floor loot.
  • Increased the availability of legendary items & Epic rifles in the floor loots (067% to .105%) & chest loots (414% to .645%).
  • Decreased the availability of Heavy Assault Rifles in the floor loot & chest loot.
  • Decreased the availability of Mounted Turret from .59% to .46%.

Bug Fixes

The audio was sounding muffled due to a filter optimisation issue.

Fortnite 9.21 PATCH NOTES: SKINS

Fortnite 9.21 PATCH NOTES
Fortnite 9.21 PATCH NOTES

Although the latest patch updates don’t reveal much about the new skins of Fortnite. However, occasional leaker & content creator of Fortnite, HYPEX revealed some exciting news on his tweeter account related to Fortnite skins. He tweeted a picture of some Sandstorm and Scimitar skins 7 said that “I Think this set will come out tonight or tomorrow because it was teased in today’s patch notes! I’m definitely copping them both! These are my fav skins in season 9”.

That’s all for now! Keep visiting for upcoming Fortnite Related News!

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