#4 Unknown Stats About 2019 Stanley Cup Winner!

Finally!!! The wait is Over. St. Louis Blues have won their first ever Stanley Cup. In addition to this, St. Louis Blues have taken the revenge 1970’s defeat historically by defeating the Eastern Conference Champion 4-1 at the TD Garden. 50 years ago, when both the teams were facing each other in the Stanley Cup final, Boston Bruins defeated St. Louis Blues & swept away their victory. Although, it took 50 long years for them to get revenge, but for the fans, it was better late than never moment.

Previously, Bruins won the sixth final of Stanley cup 2019 by scoring 5 back to back goals against rookie goalie Jordan Binnington. So, it was evident for them to start with the upper hand. However, at this Thursday’s showdown, St. Louis Blues began an early offence which leads them to get a 2-0 lead at the half-time. From this point onwards, all the Boston Bruins fans were silenced. In the end, St. Louis put on a clinic display of the game. St. Louis Blues played the entire game with the perfect balance of transitional defence. By doing the 3rd goal, they concluded the final match with a pleasing victory ever in the history of the franchise.

Wild Stats of 2019 Stanley Cup Winner

32 years Long Game 7 Lead Change

Yes, you read it right. In fact, it’s the first time in 32 years; there is a lead change in Game 7 of Stanley Cup. The same happened in Stanley cup that was held in 1987. In that match, Edmonton Oilers defeated the Philadelphia Flyers & became Stanley cup 1987 winner. Since then at 8 different occasions, Game 7 was held & till date the streak continues.

In addition to this, it’s been more than 48 years & still no other has overcome a two-goal deficit in Game 7 of Stanley Cup. In the history of Stanley Cup, this year’s Stanley Cup was the first one after 2011 & it was the 17the game 7 that took place in its history.

Longest streak without a Stanley Cup Broken

St. Louis Blues had joined the league way back in 1967 & since, then their fans were waiting for Stanley cup win from the last 50 years.

Jordan Binnington is a beast

The main difference between the big win for St. Louis Blues was Jordan Binnington. You won’t believe that he made 32 saves on total 33 shots. In fact, the only goal the opposition scored was in the final two minutes of the game. Isn’t it amazing?

The 25 years old goalie finished the series with 90.1 save % & overall 91.1 save% in the playoffs. In facts, he’s the only goalie on the history of NHL who has the record of winning 16 matches.

Terrible odds of winning the 2019 Stanley Cup

Six months ago, who would have believed that St. Louis will win this year. I didn’t as prior to this; they had a rough season. A few months ago, their team wasn’t even above .500o & they started the year with the worst record of 15-18-4.

In fact, before the beginning of Stanley cup, the odds were not in their favour. Out of the 8 teams they had the worst odds of 250-to-1 of winning the cup. At that point, they were the last team in the league. However, things started to change for them in January & they went on for an unbeatable streak of 11- game win. So, after this, they eventually ended the regular season with a 45-28-9 record.


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