America’s Cup: Unknown Reasons Behind The Delay!

Good News! Finally, this year Terry Hutchinson the skipper of new york yacht club, it is also challenging for the upcoming 36th America’s Cup is patient. The goal of American Magic was to launch its first AC75  by latest as possible. There is so much to look upon the bird-like foil arms are going to be supplied by Defender and Challenger of record to all teams. A number of one design parts for its 36th edition and foil system is part of it. But several issues delayed the delivery the Scuttlebutt editor Craig Leweck checks for an update with Terry.

Providing One design parts is done to save time and money it is a great effort to do that. The control system is developed to control the foil arm or actual arm itself this will help in equalizing the gear and cutting up the cost. The equipment is consist of a different connected part which is enough and providing it means deducting a thing that needs focus.

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What is causing this Frustrating Delay?

During the test made in early fall, the arm didn’t meet the safety requirements in other words they failed. The process is done and we know the complications, not everything tested is unsafe. It is like the glass is half full what they are doing is just for our safety Yes, they are just taking care of our care. What they do is not frustrating but an essential step for safety and stopped the production and altogether is working to find the solution.

Plan A is not going to work and delay America’s Cup?

It was September 2018, when the news came it gives a shock but the time played on. The things were being in a process of design and production the foil arms were developing. Real production and base engineering is going to start are complex & complicated. As per team Silvio Arrivabene and Kurt Jordan who was responsible for that type of design and construction for Alinghi. They assumed the pitfalls of what is going to made but thought of being aggressive and leaving the conservative approach.

However, As per them, the design is not their responsibility they just provide their feedback on One design. Actually, no one wanted the delay and they do it from their own perspective but the fact is it caused the delay. It is all about thrill, excitement, screaming, yelling, going up and down do you need to bother for it. It is just like class rules you never make involvement when rules were written or developed.

So, you just have a document stating rules so have a positive attitude and proceed to do the best job because all the teams are in the same spot. I think that all will avail the benefit from the delay as no one is sitting still. Spending energy towards being methodical with structure and systems.

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So, the situation wasn’t worse that will cause delay America’s Cup?

Obviously not, But there are some outsiders talking about this possibility. Those were like non trusted sources or not the right person to take concern about their opinion. Even as per insider sources the base model is 50% successful that means the decision only steps to provide optimum safety. I talk about making it safe never mean’s that people are not going to hurt. The risk of hurting people is even worst in the tested model. Anyone who is say’s it is delayed have no idea what they are talking about and indirectly procuring the agenda of anonymous. For sure the delay is frustrating we are all dying to experience America’s Cup.

You can take your big boats out but finally, you have encouraged the Challenger of Record for whom has taken the task. Persico the builder make it efficiently and ensure its safety when it’s delivered. The delays are unfortunate but in other words, it is an opportunity to get it right and extra time to learn how to sailboats. All the credit goes to persico as they never showed any hurry our tempted to fasten the process. These peoples are the best in this business and allowed the time needed to develop it. As we can’t put the fleet in the condition where this equipment will fail. There must be no fail equipment in final products.


I Hope you like the information shared above as it is designed to make you understand and help the issue’s caused a delay in America’s Cup. Kindly share your views about the content in the comment box below. Also, make us aware of what topics you would like to see in our upcoming blogs. A Part from this all important dates of Key America’s Cup date in the end.

28 September 2017 – 36th America’s Cup Protocol released

30 November 2017 – AC75 Class concepts released to key stakeholders

1 January 2018 – Entries for Challengers open

31 March 2018 – AC75 Class Rule published

30 June 2018 – Entries for Challengers close

31 August 2018 – Location of America’s Cup Match and The PRADA Cup confirmed

31 August 2018 – Specific race course area confirmed

30 November 2018 -Late entries deadline

31 March 2019 – Boat 1 can be launched (DELAYED)

2nd half of 2019 – 2 x America’s Cup World Series Preliminary Events (CANCELLED)

February/2020 – Boat 2 can be launched

The year 2024 – 3 x America’s Cup World Series Preliminary Events

December/2020 – America’s Cup Christmas Race

January/February/2024 – The PRADA Cup Challenger Selection Series

March/2024 – America’s Cup Match


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