Smart Light Switch: Must Have Gadget For Your Smart Home?

Several homeowners and renters are replacing the traditional light system by smart light and switches.  A there are several great reasons to do that but some highlighting facts are convenience, comfort, safety, economical etc. Apart from this smart lighting system can help you cut down your electricity bill and time from your daily life.

Commanding the lights by just using your voice gives a feel of having a technologically advanced home. Investing in smart lights is perfect if you like to customise your home for specific needs. Smart lighting solutions like switches, lights etc come in a compact setup that is easy to fit, But for specific variants, you might need a professional to install it. Let’s Move forward and explore what smart light, switches etc suits for you or your home.

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Why go for Smart Lightning System?

The highlighting reasons to go for Smart Lightning are as follows:

Ease of Acess

One of the best things about smart lighting is you can access it from anywhere. Yes, it’s possible you can operate your smart light from your lawn, backyard or from cricket match stadium. In the smart home mechanism, you can access your smart light switch virtually from anywhere and operate it in real.

Dim your light

Bright light may obstruct your vision while enjoying your favourite movie. For relaxing, watching tv, enjoying a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon are the things best enjoyed in dim lights. In daily life its a high time task to dim lights as you have to set the dimmer manually at the correct point. But not any more now just call your Google home or Alexa to dim the lights to 50% and it’s all done. Even if you don’t have a voice assistant just open virtual smart light switch from your mobile app and dim it. It’s so simple and quick.

Choose Your Colours

By using Smart Lights you get access to thousands of colours. Brands like Philips Hue and LIFX has come up with bulbs that can change colour by just choosing from the app. This feature helps you to get rid of installing different lights as you get multiple clour option in a single bulb. Now some bulb contains preset themes by using them you can promote relaxation, happiness etc.

Develop Cool Themes

By using IFTTT your device can communicate with each other. It is a free web-based service anyone can use it. Actually, this can do wonders and you can create customised themes for your home. Things you can do is link up the lights with your doorbell and set it to blink when next time anyone will ring the bell your lights will blink all together. Setting light to turn on as you enter the home and many more. These smart idea will save your electricity that will cut down your bill, on the other hand, safeguard you from any mishappening like short circuit etc.

Control Your home

By using a smart light switch you can get more control of your home. You can control your home lights, smart apparatus by just calling your Alexa or Goole Home. Even if you don’t have a voice assistant you can always access it from virtual switch available in app of your mobile. By a single command, you can illuminate every light of your home or dim it as per your requirement.

What Options You have in Smart Lightning System?

Right now a smart lighting system is in a stage of transformation. Many concepts are changed any many more new things will add to it in future. So, here I will provide you with the basic things available at this point of time.

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Smart Light Bulbs

This can be the first product to start your journey towards building a smart lighting system. By using smart light bulbs you can control your light from your phone. Also, you get a variety of feature includes changing colour, dimming, themes to promote relaxation. Some of the best smart bulbs are LIFX, Philips Hue, TP-Link.

Smart Light Switch

Smart LightSwitch is the most important thing responsible for a smart lighting system. There are two types of Smart Light Switch that are dimmer and on/off. The price is almost similar but functionality differs. The using on-off you can just illuminate or darken the light but dimmer help you to increase or decrease the light effect. Some of the best Smart Light Switch come are known as Insteon, Leviton, Wemo, Devices.

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Now You have a sound understanding of Concept and understand subtle differences in the smart lighting system. So explore more or select yourself and covert your traditional lighting system into advance by using Smart light switch, bulb etc. If you like the article and find it helpful refer it with your near and dear ones. Do not forget to mention your experience if you are already using Smart lightning in your home or office. Fill up the comment box as I would love to cover your request in our upcoming blogs.     




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