Why Florida’s Sports Betting Launch Faces A One-Month Delay

With the expansion of online platforms where people can gamble and a huge increase in popularity of this type of entertainment, many countries decided to bring new laws and regulate this market so they can implement a taxation system and prevent fraud.

While many countries are more progressive and allow plenty of gambling sites to freely operate, it is known that the United States was always stricter when it comes to gambling and that it is limited only to a few places like Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

However, with the global expansion of online platforms, people in the United States also started to pay more attention and ask for new laws where online gambling will become legal. The main problem is that a lot of US citizens started to use VPN and untrusted services, which can lead to serious downsides like stealing money and identity.

That is one of the main reasons why some states already implemented new regulations where certain forms of gambling are now legal.

Some of the states where you can now gamble online on platforms like SlotsUp are Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan, and more. Also, there is a situation in Florida where it should be legal to gamble from October this year. However, certain challenges lead to delays. We are going to analyze more about this issue in the following article.

Issues with the Seminole Tribe

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It was announced that sports betting will become introduced to people in Florida from October 15. However, the Seminole tribe, which owns many casinos and sportsbooks said that they are not prepared to start offering this option to people in Florida. However, the background of this story is that they wanted to promote their betting app. On the other side, there are some legal problems related to this app and the company owned by this tribe.

Moreover, many people are against the monopoly that might be caused by the Seminole. Also, they are demanding only sports betting to be allowed, while other forms of gambling should stay prohibited. With many legal disputes already active in the court, people will probably have to wait until 2024 before they are finally able to enjoy placing bets on their favorite teams. Various problems need to be resolved with the Seminole Tribe before the new regulation can become official.

Furthermore, we have to mention that many people were betting on sports even before this new law was announced. However, they were using some holes in regulations and betting in gray areas. Also, the official app is available even though there are active cases on the court. Therefore, you can freely use the Hard Rock betting platform since the start of November. The main reason why the situation in this state is so complicated is that the new law will allow sports betting only by using platforms owned by the Seminole tribe. Besides that, there will be a couple of fantasy websites available.

Situation in Other States

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We are not sure why so many countries are not interested in allowing people to bet online. In the past, one of the main reasons was to prevent criminal activities and fixed games. However, the modern technology and transparency of these websites can make it clear that there won’t be any similar issues. States like Texas, Utah, Georgia, and some other are openly against new laws that will allow betting. On the other side, there are more progressive states, and there is a big increase in the number of them who are changing or introducing new laws that are now making sports betting legal and available.

We expect that this trend will continue in the future as well because people find it very interesting to place bets on various sports events. The United States is a country popular for many sports and big leagues, especially when it comes to basketball, hockey, baseball, and football.

Benefits of Sports Betting

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As we already mentioned, the main reason why is there a high demand for new regulations is because sports betting can provide a lot of entertainment. The US as a nation is known for having a habit of attending and watching TV streams of various sports events. Adding sports betting to that can make it even more interesting.

There are some downsides as well, and making some bad decisions and not being focused might lead to excessive losses. Also, there are some more serious issues related to gambling addiction.

However, it is important to talk more about this problem and introduce people to the best strategies and ways to enjoy more betting.

Another advantage is that it provides better chances than other forms of gambling. However, you will have to research the teams, games, and various factors if you want to create the right prediction. With the right money management and proper research, there is a way to gain profit over time. On the other side, you can simply place bets on your favorite teams and enjoy watching them even more. If you choose this option, be sure to never spend too much money.


When it comes to Florida, we are waiting to see when the officials will announce that the legal is finally legal. On the other hand, the first online sportsbook is already available from the start of November. Many people are now satisfied with that option. Still, the issue can be that only one company is allowed to operate in this state. It is known that high competition leads to many benefits for players.

When there are several options available, they will compete to get more players by offering various promo features and better odds. Still, even this is an excellent start, and we expect that it is only a beginning that will lead to complete legalization of online sportsbooks in Florida. On the other side, there were some options available for some time, but there is no need to risk getting into troubles before they are legalized as well.

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