4 Craziest Episodes of Expedition Unknown TV Series

Exploring the craziest locations & investigating the mysteries of the world, Expedition Unknown is a TV Series that is running since 2015. Now, it’s 2024 & 7 seasons of the show have concluded. As a regular to the Travel based reality TV show, I have discovered several amazing moments.

Now, when it comes down to this post, here I will list out #4 of the craziest & my personal favorite episodes of the TV show. You can find the detail of these episodes from below:

Corsica’s Nazi Treasure (Season 3)

Have you seen the TV series before? Well, if you did then you would be familiar with the fact that the host Josh has spent some time in finding the buried secrets of Nazi.

Now, you might be like, “What’s so unique about this episode of Season 3?” Well, in this episode, he has visited some seriously threatening spots. In his quest, he has made some underwater discoveries.

Captain Morgan’s Lost Gold (Season 1)

Captain Morgan’s lost gold episode in Season 1 of the show was nothing but a classic in the history of the show. In this episode, you’ll get to see a cartoon-Esque pirate. You might recognize it from a bottle of liquor. Well, if you dive deep into the history then you ‘ll find the cartoon to be of Sir Henry Morgan.

Do you’ve any idea about him?

Who is he?

Well, he’s one of the most successful pirates in history. Besides, he is popular all over the world for his controversial lost treasure.

So, in this episode, josh along with his crew searched for the hidden mystery in the seafloor off the coast of Panama for the captain’s sunken vessel. The fascinating thing in this episode was when they met the local villagers who revealed how their ancestors fought against the real Captain Morgan.

The Ark of the Covenant (Season 3)

As a series regular, I was waiting for Josh Gates to find his inner Indiana Jones.

Finally, in this episode of Expedition Unknown Season 3, he did everything that fans of the show wanted to see. Now, when it comes to this episode, it explored the Ark of the Covenant.

Do you know what this is? Well, it’s one of the most iconic archaeological relics in the history of humankind. In fact, several movies on the box office follow its storyline. Throughout this episode, Josh traveled Ethiopia & Israel to find the current whereabouts of the Ark of Covenant.

Resurrecting the Woolly Mammoth (Season 3)

After reading the heading, you might already be updated with the fact the episode is all about the biggest mystery of all time – Woolly mammoths.

Well, they are species of Mammoth who extinction in the early of the Holocene epoch. They dominated the entire world during the Pleistocene but suddenly vanished during the ICE AGE. In fact, these days some scientists are looking for the reasons behind their mysterious disappearance. They believe that the discovery might lead to saving our own species from extinction in the future.

So, to find more about the Wooly Mammoth, he along with his crew, traveled Korea. In his meeting, he asked several questions, discussed the possible comeback of Wooly Mammoth. Moreover, later in the episode, he headed towards north of the Arctic Circle with the intention of finding the DNA of Mammoth.

Frequently Asked Questions | Expedition Unknown

Q- How can I stream all the episodes of Expedition Unknown on the go?

A- Well, you can watch the entire series on the official website of Discovery or using the Hulu Subscription on your smartphone.

Q- How many episodes are there in the Expedition Unknown TV series

A- Till date, there’re 78 episodes of the show that are telecast during the 7 seasons.

Q- Can I watch this show with my Amazon Prime subscription.

A- Yes, you can watch all the seven seasons of the show on Prime Video.

Final Words

That’s all for now. If you’re curious to uncover some mysterious & amazing things about the world where you live then I recommend you to watch every episode of this TV show. With this show, you’ll gain some valuable knowledge & insights into the mysterious world.

Now, I’ll end the post by asking you to mention some of your favorite mysterious moments of the show. Besides, if you haven’t watched an episode of the show, you can straight away see these #4 favorite episodes of mine.

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