Quick Hands-On Review- Asus ZenBook Pro Duo Series

Recently Asus has hosted its 30th-anniversary celebration event in Taipei, Taiwan just one day ahead of Computex 2019. The mega celebration event is used to introduce several out of the box products. The products which are announced in the exhibition are Zenbooks, Vivobooks, Zenfone 6 (special and limited edition) and many other cool gadgets.

Asus Zenbook Duo series amazed everyone with its new innovative dual-screen design and became the talk of the town. In the event, two laptops of series introduced which are named as Zenbook duo(base model), Zenbook Pro dual(hi-end model). In the launch event, Asus shared that the Zenbook duo series will be available from the third Quarter of 2019. It means that these powerful laptops will be available to buy from showrooms or make their presence in the local or online market by September or October.

Quick Hands-On Review

At the event, I got an opportunity to spend some time with Asus Zenbook Duo and Asus Zenbook Pro Duo. I am providing a quick review based on that experience only. Both laptops are great when it comes to their design it is sleek, stylish and bold. Each laptop of Zenbook pro series holds the same model. The Asus Zenbook duo series comes with a spun metal finish that is zen inspired along with frameless four-sided nano edge design, ultraslim bezels, compact form factor.

Now coming up to the Unique Selling Point of product that is a dual screen the regular screen is the first screen right after that at the bottom a secondary display is given after that keyboard is given. The proper keyboard space is shared by a secondary display and keyboard together. The best thing about the laptop is despite having Screen Pad and Keyboard it doesn’t miss out the mousepad and feeling Incredible Right! The company sets the mouse pad on the very right of the keyboard. It works effectively to control the main screen of the laptop. Only the secondary display is touch sensitive and can be used just by touching it.

The Asus Zenbook Pro Duo comes up with the latest version of Asus Numberpad that features LED illuminated numeric keypad especially combined with a touchpad. The Asus Zenbook Duo features a dedicated light bar in front of a laptop for Amazon Alexa or any other virtual voice assistant. The illumination of light indicates listening by a virtual voice assistant, making it smart enough.

Screen and Design

Now coming on the screen, The Asus Zenbook Duo in the base model comes with 14 inches paired with 12.6-inch ScreenPad. As compared to Asus Zenbook Pro Duo model got a 15.6-inch main screen paired with 14-inch ScreenPad. Each model is power packed with LED screen, both primary and secondary, which is the brightest and can be viewed easily from different angles.

The touchpad is used to control the initial screen, and secondary display can be used directly through touch as it is touch sensitive. The screenpad holds the task on very left by using taskbar you can complete any task instantly and complete it on time efficiently. Still confused with the concept of dual screens? Why they made it like this? As per Asus officials, they designed the laptop with dual display, especially for multitaskers and creators like the designer, animator, illustrator etc. To provide them with a workplace which is easy to use and create.

Uses of Dual Screen

The dual screen of Asus Zenbook Duo can split to do perform a different task at a time. Even there is no limitation you can do as many jobs as you want. Let’s understand this by an example. You can book flights tickets, check the calendar and we search for a hotel or other things all along at the same time possible on this laptop.

The second best thing which I loved most about this laptop is you have the power to view a picture on more prominent mode. Yes, it is possible now if want to open, and if you’re going to see the world map primarily it will display on the first screen only, but if you’re going to increase viewing experience, you can extend the map till the second screen quickly by using the touchpad.

To enhance the user experience, Asus Zenbook Pro Duo comes along with stylus by using it you can always note down the notes on your secondary screen of the laptop. Even there is a palm rest given enhance Ergo lift. If you don’t know the term, it is an exclusive design which automatically enables the laptop to tilt the laptop keyboard following the screen to give you the most comfortable typing position while operating a computer.

All these together help a creator to increase its productivity with minimum efforts


If you talk about the hardware of Asus Zenbook Pro Duo, it comes with 9th generation Intel Core Processor that is paired with 32GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX2060 GPU. On the other hand, Asus Zenbook Pro Duo comes with 1TB PCle 3.0 x 4 SSD as compared to Asus Zenbook duo which is empowered by Intel Core i7 CPU and GeForce MX250 GPU. The Zenbook Duo Series uses window 10 that is inbuilt with IR camera also provides windows hello support, latest Wifi 6 with Gig+ that makes wireless faster than ever.

The Zenbook Pro Duo has a turbo fan that is efficient to manage system cooling. If compare the weight the standard or base model weighs 1.5 kg and the premium model is slightly more massive weighting 2.5kg. The increased weight can be due to availability of Jumbo screen.


I am in love with the latest concept introduced by Asus in the laptop segment and want to keep this laptop with me as the primary laptop. Even I strongly recommend as they will help you to increase your productivity, on the other hand, high for entertainment like watching movies, playing games etc. How do you find these brand new innovative laptop?

Will you use these shortly? Yes or No. Kindly Express your views in the comment box below also you can mention topics which you want to explore. As our team will try their best to provide you with in-depth information in our upcoming blogs.          



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