Everything You Need To Know About Apple Card

In the end quarter of this year, Apple is going to introduce Apple card which is a new type of credit card service by Apple. In my opinion, the card is an extension of Apple Pay as the physical card is directly linked to Apple’s wallet app. Apple joined hands with Goldman Sachs for their most ambitious project which is known as Apple card.

Now Goldman Sachs owns the responsibility to optimize the entire Apple Pay mechanism as the main idea will be inspired from traditional credit card transaction process. There are several things that have been said and associated with the card which created a simple and enthusiasm on every credit card user and looking forward to Apple Card to use. After a deep analysis, I have made a list that guides and help you in taking your call for Apple card.

How to register for Apple card?

As per Apple officials, the registration procedure for upcoming service will not need too many formalities and documentation like a credit card. Registration or start using the card service by Apple is going to be as simple as opening a mobile wallet app. You just need to follow some activation steps and you are all done.

Once you have successfully signed up for Apple card it will be available for immediate use for making any purchase. But wait it doesn’t stop here as per Apple availability is subject to credit approval. That means you have to qualify first to use the services of Apple card just like any other credit cards. The physical card will be sent by Apple through courier so you have to wait to use till the time it is not delivered at your doorsteps.

How to use Apple card

For Apple Pay?

The Apple card is evolved to work with any other credit or debit by easily storing it in Apple pay wallet. You can choose your default card or choose at the time of paying like while shopping at Apple store or online purchase of iPhone accessories.

For Non-Apple Pay Purchase?

But what will you do where you can not make payments with Apple Pay? You can always use the physical card to pay. The card will be sent by Apple after your successful registration on the App. Apart from Goldman Sachs Apple is collaborating with Mastercard which indicates the possibility that physical card can be powered by Mastercard and accepted all along.

Which is a great decision as Mastercard is undoubtedly available everywhere and accepted across the world. This all give great universal approach as it is also accepted at all the places where Mastercard already exist.

Titanium Apple Card

As you already know Apple card will help you to make virtual/digital payments on Apple Pay. Apple also provides a physical card that will enable you to pay at Non-Apple pay stores. The card is unique among other credit cards as it is designed by Apple itself. The things that make it unique are. it is made up of titanium only it holds your laser engraved name the front side contains a chip and your name only. There is no CVV, signature, expiry date on the card So if your card got misplaced or stolen no one can use for at least online purchase as there is no detail available.

The traditional magnetic strip is still given and you can find the CVV, card number etc details in the App. The activation process of a physical card is straight forward as you just need to tap it on iPhone and you are all done. No need to make a phone call and follow the activation process etc. The physical card will work on swipe as it doesn’t compatible with contactless payments system. But you can always use the app whereas it doesn’t need any contact to pay no fee will be charged for the issue or replace of the card.

Credit Limit

Like every other credit cards, Apple card will also have a predefined limit for its use. The limit will vary from person to person a higher credit score helps you to get a higher spent limit on the Apple service. No need to worry if you have a low credit score as your limit will increase over time.

Highlighted Feature

  • It will give you 3% cash back on money spent.
  • Attractive Daily cashback scheme.
  • No fees charged.
  • Universally accepted throughout the world.
  • Titanium card with laser engraved name.
  • Quick Registration through iPhone.
  • You can track your spending.
  • Efficient transaction labelling.
  • Privacy-centric.


Congratulations, As you are now fully aware of the latest credit service offered by one of the technology giants. The service is really great as it ensures more privacy,  safety and security that helps you to safeguard your card from any type of misuse. I hope you like the information shared above as it is designed to give you make you aware of the topic.

Also to help you by making clear its features, merits, demerits and other necessary points. Feel free to share your thoughts regarding the subject shared today. Also, share the subject choices you would like to explore in our upcoming blogs. Till then keep calm and fill up the comment box below.  





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