Everything You Need To Know About Universal Remote

Do you have a Smart home? Well, then I bet, you will have several smart devices in your Home. If you have a lot of smart devices, it will be quite difficult for you to operate each one of them using their remotes. If you still don’t understand then let me give you an example, you can use it to turn on/off several smart gadgets of your smart home & the list includes fire alarm of your house, Golf Simulator, Television, air-conditioner and many more.

When I Purchased My First Universal Remote

For those of you, who think that ….. why do I care?  Well, the only valid reason is even I faced the same problem in my smart home. Now, you might be wondering how I solved my problem? Well, my neighbour told me about a universal remote and how he uses it to make his life much more comfortable. So, straightaway after this I went to the nearest shopping mall and purchased it.

In the beginning, I had some problems, but later I got used to it. Since, then, I am living my life carefree. Now, instead of having multiple remotes, all I need is a single Universal Remote. However, one day, a thought came in my mind, “if I am facing this problem, then there might be several others like me”. So, I decided to help you by providing all the necessary information that you need to know. So, let’s begin-

Which One To Choose: Cheap vs Expensive

Everyone loves to save some bucks when going shopping. The same goes for you when you go in the market to purchase a smart gadget like a universal remote. For all those who live in the United Kingdom, you can easily buy “One for All Essence Universal Remote” in the market. To use these smart remotes, all you have to do is set several pre-defined patterns using the right instructions for your smart devices.

Two renowned brands like Panasonic and Sony have used a limited number of patterns from instructions over the past decade. It means you can continue the process of finding the right patterns until you find the right set of instructions.

Now, before proceeding, answer my only question- Can you up to your budget a little bit? If yes, then you can purchase several mid-range universal remotes as they include an extensive collection of apps and databases. So, as a result, you can use it to select the TV or receiver with your mobile device easily. Besides, who doesn’t want to do complicated things like adding a new device quickly? It’s quicker, more comfortable and less of a hassle to add new tools, in case your AV setup ever changes.

Moreover, if you want a universal remote that allows you to control most of your smart gadgets than let me warn you, the price will increase too. Besides, Harmony Elite model by Logitech is compatible with up to 15 devices. So, it means you can use only one remote to operate most of your gadgets at your smart home.

Which One to Use- Smartphone Universal Remote

Most of you don’t know that they can use their smartphone as a universal remote. If you didn’t know, then at this moment you might be confused and wondering, “how it is possible”. Well, to use your smartphone as a universal remote for Television, Air Conditioner or any other smart gadget, you will need a smartphone with an IR Blaster.  This feature allows you to transmit the same signals as a standard remote control. Several phones in the market have IR blaster, but if you are looking for a budget smartphone, then Xiomi is your best bet.

Top 3 Universal Remotes for You

Logitech Harmony Elite

Although at $270 Logical Harmony elite is the most expensive universal remote. However, if you can afford it, then it will turn out to be the best smart gadget for you. It allows you to connect up to 15 devices like LED lightening, consoles and many more. Besides, it has built-in Amazon Alexa support. So, you can use it to access any of your smart home gadgets without getting into the sight of it. All you have to do is speak. Except the pricing, if you are looking for a universal remote that is full of features than Logitech Harmony Elite is the best bet for you.

GE 33709

Don’t have enough budget to even think about these expensive products? Well, don’t worry, as I introduce you to one of the cheapest universal remotes you might have ever seen at just $9 at Amazon.com. Two AAA batteries power it. Although, it supports only four devices, still, you can use it to control your TV, Blu-Ray, and DVD Players.

Logitech Harmony 700

If you want to purchase a universal remote that has much more features than HE 33709 but less costly than Logical harmony. Well, then I would recommend you to buy Logical Harmony 700 as it will cost you around $70 and has multiple features.

This universal remote uses AA batteries for easy night-time remote navigation. It supports more than 225,000 devices of 5,000 plus brands and can work with six different devices simultaneously. Additionally, you can purchase this remote without breaking your bank.

Wrap Up

On a concluding note, I would say that if you want to purchase universal remote for your smart home, then do it now to make your life more comfortable than ever before. Decide your budget & purchase accordingly. Besides, if you have any questions regarding Universal Remote, then do let us know via the comments section. We will answer your queries at the earliest.


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