#5 On-Demand Smart Power Strips That Can Save Your Money

Yes, You can do this as Amazon has dropped the prices on power strips that work with Alexa or Google Home. These power strips are more convenient and more budget-friendly than installing several plugs places where you need to connect various smart devices.

Some of these locations are kitchen, Living room, home office etc. as these places have various appliances for a different purpose. Most of You will love to configure your smart devices with Alexa or Google Home to control by using your voice. Today the power strips you get to know in the list will have USB ports in it that will help you to save the space and clutter while charging the mobile at the same time.

I have made a list consisting of all the best working power strip along with significant discounts. It will also help you to convert your place into a smart home or if you have a congested area not allowing you to add the plugs you need, but this can work for you in the same area. So, save your money while adding more technology to your home.


The KASA SMART WIFI POWER STRIP BY TP-LINK has six smart power plugs along with three USB ports that can be used for charging your mobile. It is ETL certified for its efficient surge protection, and it is compatible with Alexa, Google Home and other virtual voice assistants. The Kasa App allows you to monitor energy consumption for every device plugged in the power strip.

You can schedule the power switch turn off automatically when not in use you can also set themes like holiday lighting etc. on your own.


Teckin smart power strip wi-fi plug multiple outlet surge protector comes up with four smart power switch and four USB charging ports. The power strip is compatible with Alexa, and Google Home allows configuration of each power switch with your home network and controls it by your voice only.

It is made with ABS flame protective polymer and has automatic overload protection with push to reset the circuit breaker. The power strip is If This Then That compatible if not using IFTTT you can use it with Teckin smart life app by using this you can schedule it even it allows you to keep an eye on energy consumption.


APC is a well-known name in the industry for its several great products for power backup and surge protectors. The power strip is packed with 2160 joules of surge protection, which is powerful enough. It consists of six power switch, and three of them can be controlled by using Alexa voice commands.

The APC HOME App helps you to access smart switch and USB ports easily from your mobile. It is a steal deal for anyone who is looking to add on some technology at their home or workplace. Most recommended for its exceptional use and optimum protection against fire and short circuits.


The lefun smart power strip wifi surge protector is available with a significant discount but to avail that you must get coupon first. The power strip consists of four power switches that can be controlled separately configure it with your Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT or any other voice-controlled virtual assistant. Entirely safe and secure as it comes with surge protection, this is best enough in making your life smart and efficient.


The Anker power port power strip is one of the most potent pieces as it comes with 12 power outlets. It is an exception as none of them is compatible with Alex or Google Home, but on the other hand, its USB port is hi-speed power strip.

You can use it with the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablets this will also save your time as it takes much less than compared to the time taken by the standard device that comes with the phone. It comes with 4,000 joules of surge protection. I loved this for its power-packed performance and optimum safety.

Why must you use Smart Power Strips?

There are several reasons why? You must use Smart power strips here. We will give you an excellent idea to help you take your call on smart strips.

To Avoid Vampire Power Drain

If you are not aware of what is a Vampire power drain, then you must understand the term first. All of you are using electrical appliances, and most of them are always plugged in as you switch it off and think that the power supply is stopped, but this is not true. The appliance draws power even on being switched off even on standby by mode.

If the device is plugged in, it will regularly draw the power this condition is called vampire power drain. To calculate the power consumption, you must switch off all things in your house but keep them plugged. After 24 hours check the unit consumption on your electricity meter, you will be cleared. By using smart power strips, you can take it down effectively the energy consumed on stand by mode.

Optimum safety and security

The electricity is a necessary thing as we all need to use appliances that need the power to run. And any time when we use which extensions there is always a risk of short circuit that can cause an anonymous fire.

Conditions like this can lead to fire accidents, which are a significant threat to your home as well as your dear ones. But now you can avoid these situations by using smart power strips as these strips come with surge protection. To ensure safety and security must use a surge protected intelligent power strips.


Make your step forward and get a smart power strip for your home, office or any other place. As these will ensure the safety of your loved ones from any kind of electricity accidents at the same time save’s your money by conserving electricity. In my opinion, the money invested on these strips are well spent and may be recovered back in the long term. I hope you like the article and would refer this article to your friends and family. Do not forget to show your love, support and valuable suggestion in the comment box below. 

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