WYZE CAMERA: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Do you know WYZE Camera is the new need for home security? In this current time, There is a race between companies to provide a more unique or cheaper way than their competitors. The Product WYZE camera is from the company which is founded by Ex Amazon Employees. Its very innovative first product already highlights the company.

It is a DIY non-monitored camera that can be used for security; it provides almost everything that other expensive security devices have. As many of you are pretty excited to use a Camera in home security, but Installing Wyze cameras in the whole house can be expensive. But if you use IFTTT along with WYZE camera due to its cost efficiency and its integration is exciting too.


The camera comes with a sleek and compact design along with similar capabilities that most of expensive security camera’s have in the category. It records video at 1080p along with motion and sound detection, night vision and two-way communication through audio. Yes, it is true you get all this technology in an efficiently small  2.20-by-1.97-by-1.97-inch white cube design.

It comes mounted on a magnetic stand that can be placed on metallic surfaces easily. The position helps you to move and rotate the camera in your desired location; it comes with a stick on tape by using this, you can stick it to any surface you want. You can use the Google Home voice command to turn on or off several features of the camera.

Unlike other camera’s available in the segment the Wyze camera offers you fourteen days free trial of cloud storage service and the camera comes for $20 only. The competitive price make’s it best among other options available in the market. Like many other non monitored DIY cameras, the Wyzecam comes with a mobile app that can be used to control it.

The installation process of the camera is short and simple even the app comes with a user-friendly interface too. You can also connect it with the wifi network of your home or office that makes it one of the most useful security camera. The app allows you to customise the camera by allowing or disallowing functions as per your need. Yes, it gives power to you as you can turn on or off motion detector or sound detector. It will empower the camera to record the video after detecting motion or sound. Wyzecam is set to record for 12 seconds only but there is an issue as half of the time is taken by buffering of prerecording.

This issue needs to be resolved by Wyze by adding a Micro-SD card which can allow continuous recording than just 6 seconds. But it adds the risk of losing all the video footage by just removing the SD card. This a significant reason why cloud-based storage services are popular and widely used as it is more reliable than traditional forms of storage devices. I think that giving complimentary backup of cloud storage service is for fourteen days is given to promote their cloud service.

But they must provide a recording of more than just six seconds as it will help to get a good glimpse to understand the person on the door having criminal intends or not.

Things to Learn about WyzeCam

As you equipped with Wyzecam all around in your home, I help you to understand how you can arm or disarm several features like motion sensing, sound sense. How to manage your alerts and video recording by doing this, you can ensure video recording where you need and at what time you need. Without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Motion Detector

Several of you may do service, business or a profession for your livelihood, and these tasks generally have an operational time. These periods make your schedule the same for several days to weeks and finally for years. If you talk about mine, I leave for work for 8 AM and get back home by 6 PM and goes to sleep around 11 PM daily. So you must schedule your motion sensor as per your schedule like:

  • Turn on Motion detection at the same time every weekday.
  • Turn off Motion detection at the same time every weekday.
  • Enable Motion detection when I leave home.
  • Disable Motion detection when I am home.


The most important thing as it can become your headache if not managed carefully. As I bought a kitten to home last week, do you know these super cute innocent are too curious? Due to their curiosity, they love to roam here and there to explore the house. But you may be stamped with the notifications while being home due to motion detection of the kitten. To avoid this type of situations, you must manage your information carefully. like

  • Turn off Push Notifications when I am home.
  • Turn on Push Notifications when I leave home.
  • Text me When Notification is detected.
  • Mail me When Notification is detected.
  • Make your home Safe

Yes, WyzeCam enables you to do several tasks like alerting the fire department by saving a video and save it on Cloud you can access that video from your device. This can help you to keep an eye at your home with the least possible efforts. Like

  • Upload a short video to cloud every hour.
  • When Wyze detect a CO alarm, it will begin recording a video.
  • When Wyze detect a Smoke alarm, it will begin recording a video clip.
  • Get help when WyzeCam detects your smoke alarm.

These tips can help you in increasing the productivity of your WyzeCam you can also experiment and explore new methods to make it more user-friendly.


So, Make your move towards the cheaper home security option and make your home a safe place for your near and dear one or in your absence. Wyze Camera is a product that allows you to make this happen in the real world. I would love to hear your lovely view in the comment box below regarding the information shared today. Rush up and fill the comment box up Right now.   



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