#3 Smart Doorbell That Every Smart Home Needs Right Now

In current time crime incidents wait at your doorsteps a Smart doorbell can easily save you. Wondering how? And what is a Smart doorbell Don’t worry as here you will get complete information here? When anybody knocks your door you have to run towards the door to check who’s there. But if you have a smart doorbell, you can make yourself aware without moving. Moreover, smart doorbell comes with various features like live video streaming, access bell by using the app, two-way communication, home automation.

It also ensures your security by recording screen when a door is opened forcefully. For more information how to secure your home, click here

So, Installing a smart doorbell is an excellent idea as it eliminates the risk associated with opening the door for a stranger. If you are interested in installing a smart bell at your home, then read our list for the best doorbells, you can get  

Ring Video Doorbell

This bell is the result of a Kickstarter project and also one of the first smart bells that introduced this range in the market. The ring also introduces a superior model by the name of Ring Video Doorbell Pro that works amazingly with Amazon Alexa, but still, we find the original ring doorbell that is more productive with a lesser price.


  • You can listen and talk with the person standing at your door by its two-way communication feature,
  • Its motion sensor enables it to sense within 180 degrees of range any motion in its range is detected and starts recording the video by sending an alert to Android and iOS mobile.
  • You can store doorbell footage on the cloud for a nominal charge of $30 for a year.
  • Live video recording on the cloud you can replay as well.
  • Its night vision mode enables you to see who’s on the door even at dark.
  • Comes with several colour options to choose which are bronze, polished brass, nickel, Venetian brass.


  • Several customers faced an issue with audio quality and felt it could be made better.
  • The video quality is of 720p as several other devices provide video footage in hi-definition variety.

Skybell HD Wifi Enable Doorbell

One of the most famous bell in its segment due to its extensive offering. It enables you to watch live videos with unlimited access along with a snap of it as well. It doesn’t have cloud storage you can download on a portable sd card or hard disk. The company is quite confident about its product as they replace the entire system for free in case of theft.


  • You can stream the live video anytime you need through your mobile app.
  • The bell is equipped with a motion sensor which sends notification whenever tracks a movement at your door.
  • It allows you to take a snapshot of any live video footage.
  • As it is a wired bell, no need to change your batteries.
  • You can talk to the person standing at the door through its two-way communication feature.
  • No need to renew cloud storage service fee as the bell provides recording on portable storage devices.
  • Night vision mode helps you to see the video even in the dark.
  • It provides hi-definition video footage.
  • You can zoom up to 5x in any video recording or live footage.  


  • You have to purchase an adaptor to install the bell as it doesn’t come in the package.
  • It doesn’t support existing intercom style doorbell wires.
  • You need a professional to install it as it requires to mark connections throughout the hard wire.

Vivint Doorbell Camera

Vivint is a renowned name in the field of home security with several products in the market. You can pick the doorbell as you can trust the company and its work towards safety and security. It permits you to have real-time viewing anytime by your mobile app. Another attractive feature is it gives you a control panel by using it you can customise your doorbell as per your requirement. It comes with auto video storage on the company’s own cloud storage service, which you can access anytime. If you use it with Vivint smart home monitoring package, it offers a large number of security features.


  • You can pair it with several other security devices like a smart lock.
  • It easy to install procedure doesn’t require to take help of a professional.
  • Cloud storage service makes tension free as you have to take care of the space in portable storage devices.
  • You can watch who is on the door, whether it is day or night.  
  • Two-way audio feature helps you to listen or speak with a person on your door.


  • It works with only Vivint monitoring package only so you have to purchase one.
  • The bell is more Vivint centric as a range of features works with Vivint products only.


So, get a smart doorbell for your home as they add on a security feature for you and your loved ones. It also adds comfort as you can check who’s on the door and communicate with from your bedroom, kitchen etc. I hope you liked the article and find it helpful as it is designed to make you aware of home security system, specially smart doorbell. Do not forget to mention what would you like to read in our upcoming blogs. Rush towards the comment and fill it up with your lovely queries and suggestions.

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