Bitdefender Box: A Perfect IOT Solution for Smart Home Cypersecurity?

Bitdefender Box protects all devices which use a home network, also provides Wifi connectivity if required. It is an essential element for your smart home as it keeps your home network and internet-connected devices like a Smart Thermostat, Tv etc. safe. You can also set up a dedicated wireless router through wifi in longer distance easily. The box monitor internet traffic, keeping an eye on the data entering your network, saving sensitive information from getting out from your device.

This process safeguards your home network from brutal attacks on your passcode from external sources. But for every great thing, you have to pay something the same thing goes in this case as well. As box slow down our network speed even if you are using a hi-end router, but it also ensures the safety of devices using the home network. Even the second generation boxes are improved vastly over the previous boxes with a price of $200 Only, which is worth investing for a Smart home.

How does a Bitdefender box work?

You can easily connect the box with existing wifi router using Internet Service Provider gateway or by using a Wifi router itself. It is advised to use the first type of configuration if possible but if you are using Internet Service Provider supplied gateway device that means using a combo of modem and Wifi router. If Yes, then set it to act as a modem only as the box will become your router.

The Last option is you can replace your wireless router with a box that means you have to set it up like a router. But you have to take care of the fact that Bitdefender will work, but you can not compare its performance with a hi-end router as it is not designed for that work.

What does comes with Bitdefender on what cost?

It comes for $199.99, and its annual subscription fee costs only $99, which comes complimentary for the first year. The subscription includes Bitdefender Total Security antivirus software which you can use with several devices like Pc, Mac, mobile, tablet etc. for free. Moreover, the official yearly subscription of the software will cost you roughly around $120. It has also added Virtual Private Network service that allows you 200MB of free data daily. The box is a complete package in which you can also add unlimited VPN services by just paying $7 per month and $40 for a year. The packaged software works with Pc, Mac, Android, iOS devices along with servers available in different countries.

Device Specifications

  • Wi-Fi Specification – AC1900
  • Ports – 1 WAN/1LAN gigabit per second
  • No of Antena – 6 (Non-removable)
  • Processor – Dual-core 1.2GHz
  • Memory – 1GB
  • Storage – 4GB
  • Wi-Fi Chip – MediaTek MT7615
  • Peak 802.11ac performance – 488.5 Mbps
  • Range – 90 Feet
  • Size – 7.0*4.5*4.5 inches


The latest Bitdefender box looks like a tower shape with a roughly triangular cross section. The combination of black and white makes it decent enough to be placed anywhere in the home, but you can’t mount it. It doesn’t have any fan in it. Don’t worry about cooling as the circular top grill is given from which you can see its interior are empty enough. The new box comes with LED display front which displays network status all is okay till the time display is green, but when it turns red, it means no contact with Bitdefender services.  

Safety and Security Services

The latest Bitdefender box combines the function of a regular wifi router with a network security device. Do not underestimate it as the newest box has taken a big leap from the last one now it has developed itself in a robust bulky duty security device. The box not only saves your passcode from brutal attacks but also works as a firewall for protection of every gadget connected on a home network.

Its advanced exploit protection feature helps you to protect against attacks like SQL injection, path traversal, local file inclusion. As the box detects an unusual behaviour automatically, it shutdowns the traffic. Availability of data exfiltration detector keeps your data like social security, credit card, bank account number etc. from leaving the computer. You can also take a network-wide device vulnerability assessment test anytime you need.


Go and grab this great opportunity as second generation Bitdefender box is a complete package for your smart home. It provides you security with excellent antivirus software that adds on several enterprise tested security features. It is true that using it can slow your network, but that doesn’t matter as it provides safety and security to your home network. I hope you like the information given as it is designed to help you and equip with essential knowledge about Bitdefender box. I would like to know about the topic which you want to read in our upcoming blogs. So, rush towards the comment box and fill it up.         




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