Add intelligence to your Power Socket With #4 Best Smart Plugs

Smart plugs can work as an essential step in making your home smart. As using these enable you to control your appliances with no physical presence needed. Yes, it’s true I use my cellphone to switch on or off my lamp, and it empowers me to set a predefined schedule and my light automatically follow that schedule.

The smart plugs enable you to control dumb devices from your mobile. Even it doesn’t require your physical presence near the appliance. I strongly encourage and recommend the use of smart plugs as they help you to control your home efficiently without adding much on your budget. Yup the average price range of smart plugs starts from $30 that you can use with your phone no special requirements.  After studying several smart plugs, I find Koogeek 2 in 1 Wi-Fi smart plug and I Clever Smart Plug best among all available devices in the market.

Best Smart Plug

Koogeek 2 in 1 Smart Plug

It is one of my favourites due to its twin use productivity as it comes with two plugs in one. Which you can use, control or schedule as per your needs. Its compact size (3.7*1.5*1.3) makes it efficient to fit anywhere. You can use on or off each plug separately as per your requirements, or environmental conditions make efficient use of smart appliances at the cost of $23 only.

Best Value Smart Plug

ICLEVER Smart Plug

The ICLEVER smart plug is the most efficient plug which enables you to control your appliances. You can build your customised themes, including lights, temperature, humidity, weather, sunrise, pollution, sunset. Another reason which makes it great is its price $21, which makes it the cheapest among all.

Best Outdoor Smart Plug


TP-Link Kasa Smart Outdoor Plug comes with twin plug settings which you can use separately. It is made up of hard plastic with inbuilt powerful Wi-Fi radio that can connect with your router at a range till 300 feet. The plug is IP64 certified, which means the product is resistant from dust and water so you can use it easily places with heavy wind or rain areas.

The point you need to take care of faces it downward or covered when not in use.  Apart from hardware, the plug comes with an app that makes it different from other sockets. The app makes it pretty simple to connect it with Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, which is suitable for scheduling as it empowers you to on or off your appliances automatically. Its price is on the higher side, but it is worth it as it gives all the control in outdoor places.

Best Surge Protection Smart Plug

Monoprice Wireless Smart Power Strip

Power strip with the highest capacity as compared to switches available in the market. It comes with four outlet’s and two USB ports by using these you can connect six products at a time. It comes at a reasonable price of $32 Only, which is much lower than its many other competitors. By using the Monoprice stitch app, you can schedule or control your smart devices individually.

You can quickly turn on or off your appliances as per environmental needs like time, temperature, humidity, sunrise, sunset set them all as per your requirement. The App also shows its usability as you can set themes without using any virtual assistant and set your mood.

Things to Check When buying a Smart plug?

The market is dumped with a vast number of smart plugs; many of them look great even at a lesser price, but not all plugs are useful enough. Here I will tell some steps which ensure the usability of plug helping you to choose one for yourself.

  • Will it block other outlets available in the plug? Some of the smart plugs don’t have sufficient space due to this when you use one the different plug gets of no use. This problem occurs due to design and known as design fail, so while buying a plug, always take care of this fact for high productivity.
  • Is it compatible with all voice assistants? Generally, the plugs available on Amazon are Alexa compatible, but efficient plugs are compatible with all virtual assistants such as Alexa, Google home etc.
  • The app is efficient enough or not? Several cheaper plugs come with cheap kind of apps that make it hard to set a schedule and other features. So, always check the app first to ensure the usability of app as many uses Chinese app, which makes it frustrating to use afterwards.


Let’s take a step forward and make your life comfortable and your home smart by using smart plugs. I hope you liked the information shared above it is designed to solve your problem and give you knowledge about smart home inventions. Do not forget to mention your thoughts and views about the content what things you like, what you would like to see in future etc. Rush towards the comment box and fill it up now.




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