Everything you need to know about the conjuring universe before watching “Annabelle Comes Home”

Get ready for fear, because Annabelle will be back soon! Annabelle Comes Home, another supernatural American horror film about Annabelle, will go to theaters on June 28 in India.

The film is a continuation of the 2014 hit film, Annabelle and the 2017 film, Annabelle: Creation. Actually, it’s a measure of the Conjuring Universe series.

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, who played the roles of real-life paranormal investigators, Ed, and Lorraine Warren, returned to film and take the doll to the museum of their home.

Yet another horror encounter on cards

Bringing them to their website, Warner Bros has revealed more about the film and wrote: “Determined to prevent Annabelle from devastating more, I, the demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, bring the doll into the room of objects stuck in their house, placing it” safe “behind the sacred the glass and enlist the holy blessing of a priest.

but one night of horror the participants to be seen while Annabelle awakens the evil spirits in the room, who have all set their sights on a new target: the daughter of ten years of Warrens, Judy, and her friends “.

Before deciding to see Annabelle Comes Home, here is what you need to understand about the Conjuring Universe


The Universe of Conjuration is composed of two main stories: The Conjuring (2013) and The Conjuring 2 (2016). Both versions revolve around the actual cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

They were two researchers and authors of paranormal phenomena that were associated with outstanding and controversial cases of obsessions, including the murders of Amytiville.

The franchise also includes Annabelle (2014), a prequel who unveiled the events of the doll of the same name before Warrens found it at the beginning of the first film. Annabelle also directed a prequel to the film Annabelle: Creation, which unveiled events related to the origins of the demon-manipulated doll.

Before Annabel returned home in 2018

Nun’s version of Farquel was based on the character in Conjuring 2. The story focused on the source of the demonic nun and Elak before turning to Warren.

The independent film “The Curse of La Llorony” was released in April 2019. For those wondering how the film works in the inviting universe. When Anna (Linda Kardellini) realizes that the crying woman wants to drown her children and recognize them as hers, she seeks the advice of a local priest who is the same father as Anabel, Father Perez.

Hollywood is hitting us with a strange duo, with the latest chapter in one of the industry’s most successful franchises, and the latest from an Oscar-winning director. Get ready for Annabelle Comes Home and Yesterday.

Final Words

Look, if you have a bunch of possessed toys and objects and decide to just store all of them in your home, then you are kind of just asking for the events that go down in Annabelle Comes Home. It’s hard to summon much more than “I told ya so” for these characters in peril, right? This in mind, I’m not expecting much from the film

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